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  1. “Though I'm also mostly recalling it from the elevated highway days” In those days that would have been a terrifying route choice. Today it’s just a bold route choice.
  2. Hi to the couple from Maine, Oliver owners, who greeted me in slowly moving traffic Saturday. BTW, cool Oliver thermos.
  3. Had a bit of a delay coordinating with a friend to use his drill press. With the aid of John’s detailed instructions, here was my installation. First a couple of pics of the receiver, showing how the steel channel sides are not strictly parallel and the top is slightly bent or shallowly “U” shaped. Another pic shows the weld at the rear of the reinforcement steel tube. That weld prevents the Oliver aluminum tongue from sliding forward to directly contact the steel tube within the receiver hitch. If you force the receiver onto the aluminum tongue the forward section of the receiver is raised by the height of the weld. Good luck getting accurate measurements for drilling if that occurs. To measure for drilling I set the receiver onto the tongue in a stable manner then scribed lines onto the aluminum tongue along the bottom and rear edges of the receiver. Measurements to center of the bolt holes were then made and recorded. After a friend drilled the receiver holes with a drill press, I found that the rearward holes lined up well but the forward holes were ~2 mm off on street side and ~1 mm off on curbside. Then it was a matter of enlarging the holes for a proper fit. Once aligned there was priming, final paint coats and installation. Thank you, John Davies for this two year old valuable thread.
  4. Ordered. TYVM. Glad you happened to be hanging out on the forum when I posted.
  5. Already got a reply from John. Whew! That guy is efficient. Thank you, Sir.
  6. Forgot to mention that I have a 2017 LE II, hull #244.
  7. I’m upgrading and have chosen the 2 5/16” ball, as recommended in John Davies very well written post from a couple of years ago. The upgrade to the newer hitch is still offered by Anderson for $100. I received the hitch today. I now need to order the correct 2 5/16” bulldog coupler. John’s instructions are explicit and thorough. I’m certain that I’ll be able to do the installation. I just need to be sure that I have the correct 2 5/16” bulldog coupler. John, can you supply information or a link that directs me to the correct 2 5/16” bulldog coupler? Help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hi John I am in the process of upgrading to the newer Anderson hitch, which I ordered with the 2 5/16” ball. The upgrade is still offered for $100 by Anderson. I now have to get the 2 5/16” bulldog coupler and use your detailed post to guide me through the installation. Can you supply a link or description of where I can order the correct bulldog coupler. I have a 2017 LE II. Thanks
  9. Can someone kindly post the link to Oliver’s service posting about this jack. I read it this past winter but can’t recall where it was located, nor can I find it in the Service Bulletins section. Thanks.
  10. Hi Beyond The dry weight of the current LE II is listed at 4900 lbs on the Oliver website. I just looked through my 2017 manual but couldn’t find the unloaded dry weight of my trailer. I travel with the fresh water tank low and carry some of my gear and supplies in the back of the SUV, which usually has 2 adults and one ~70 lb dog. I had the Cayenne on a scale at a waste disposal site once. With me onboard and nearly a full tank of gas but no cargo the weight was 5.040 lbs. I have the Anderson hitch. I’ve often wondered how effective it is but have never towed without it. I’ve not had any problems with the tail wagging my SUV, though my Golden Doodle often wags me. You’re spot on with the statement that, with 28000 miles towed, I’m more than happy.
  11. Here’s another data point: 2012 Porsche Cayenne V6 gas, 300 hp and the same number for torque, towing capacity 7700 lbs. LE II loaded to approximately 5500 lbs; trailer tire pressure ~60 psi. I’ve towed my 2017 LEII approximately 28,000 miles which included three trips to Oregon from Boston. I generally cruise near 70 mph. Ave 13 mpg.
  12. I just left Joseph yesterday after spending a couple of nights at the Walawa Lake State Park campground. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate but I drove up to Hell’s Canyon Overlook. Beautiful spot and there were a few breaks in the clouds but no panorama views suitable for framing. On the way there, at Pendleton Mills, Pendleton, Oregon, I saw this in the parking lot. Florida plates. Didn’t see the owners.
  13. Spotted at the back of long term parking in Oakridge, Oregon, just prior to the start of the Cycle Oregon Classic ride (CycleOregon.com). ........ A classy, high quality, well built RV ...... parked next to an Airstream.
  14. I just installed mine an hour ago. Thanks for this suggestion.
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