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  1. Good evening everyone, I've been a member of the forum for little over a year now and have just been reading and trying to educate myself from everyone else's experiences. Just traveled to Hohenwald and took the tour with Jason (915 mile round trip, a new personal record driving in a single day). The Olivers I saw were more impressive than the pictures and literature I've seen. There is no doubt I will get one but I'm not certain as to which one (I or II) I will choose. I'm single and will be traveling the majority of the time by myself. While the Elite I would be ample for me, I'm really much more impressed with the II mostly due to shower head room and sleeping accommodations (I prefer the twin bed configuration in the II as opposed to leaving the dinette made into a bed all the time in the I) and in this price range it's not that much of a stretch from the I to the II. I presently own a 2019 Tacoma Limited 4X4 with a towing capacity of 6400 lbs. It is paid for and I really don't want to spring for a larger TV at this time. I live in Ga. and the drive from Hohenwald is a relatively flat drive. Where I will initially be using the Oliver is local lake parks and the general southeast (no mountains) until I'm comfortable with everything involved. Once I'm retired ( 16 months) I will want to travel the country extensively and not have any limitations with my tow vehicle. Having said all this, I would appreciate comments/opinions on whether I should : 1.) choose the Elite I, keep the Tacoma, travel limitlessly, and live with the shower and sleeping configurations. 2.) choose Elite II, keep Tacoma and limit myself to "flat lands". 3.) choose Elite II, keep Tacoma and travel locally until I can upgrade TV and then travel limitlessly. Or any other suggestions on the trailer/TV combinations. Thanks, looking forward to any/all responses. Steve
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