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  1. Geez, no need for an apology.. it’s been a great truck, about 150,000 miles and still going..
  2. Sure.. I had a 2011 Tundra which I put an after market brake controller in, as at the time Tundras didn’t come with them. The 2016 Tundra which I currently drive came with the stock version, I believe it was the first or second year Tundras were equipped with them. The problem with it was it was very inconsistent, sometimes it worked, most times not. It was a common, well documented issue. I was able to get mine fixed a couple of years ago, by a service guy at a Toyota place that owned a Tundra and knew what the issue was. Not sure what he did but It’s worked fine since.
  3. Yes it will, hopefully better than their first go around with electric brake controllers… It’ll be fun watching as things unfold, being longtime Tundra owners and fans.. We will be looking for a new TV in 2022 or 23, and it seems like there are some pretty good choices out there for 1/2 ton trucks. It’s the cargo capacity that is going to be a big factor this time around, and 1940 lbs would be great… but I suspect that applies to the 2x4 models, not the 4x4….probably not the crew cab either. I do look forward to giving one a test drive… maybe giving that new fangled back up system a try in a crowded parking lot full of brand spanking new trucks🙂 We will be looking hard at 3/4 ton trucks this time around…
  4. Bob, do you think that things will have slowed down at Lilly Bay to the point that there might be open sites midweek in the next couple of weeks?
  5. As I mentioned the other day.. NCeagle figured this out… this was part of the thread from this past June…. It would be worth reviewing for anyone annoyed by their inverter fan noise or who, like me, wants to have a simple way of not charging their lithium batteries every time they are plugged into shore power….There is more info in that thread.. it works in Hull #685… maybe it’ll work in yours too..
  6. There was a thread started in June called “How do I change shore power or generator demand priority?”.. I don’t know how to get it so you could access it directly from here, but that’s what it was called. You’ll find more info about using this setting on the inverter written by folks who know more about it than me. I don’t know what OTT thinks about this strategy.. but Xantrex seems ok with it, and it works…. And it sure beats either feeling around under the street side bed for the cut off switch between the inverter and batteries or unplugging the cord from the camper..
  7. Do you have the Bluetooth app for the inverter? If so, by turning the “Charger Ignition Control” switch on (#26), you can disconnect the charger from the batteries… it’ll take care of the inverter noise as it stops it from constantly trying to charge the batteries. There was a thread a while back in which NCEagle brought this strategy to light. I’ve been doing it ever since and it works great.
  8. Good thing you had a third camera to document the event…. You really do haul around everything imaginable in triplicate in that big ol truck of yours🙂
  9. We’ve used metal pans, and aluminum foil…never had an issue. One of our favorite things to do with the convection oven is to cook things like chicken pot pies, or lasagna, or other wonderful things like that from farmers markets or the like while on the road…. No prep work, not much clean up.. Sometimes the best cooking is someone else’s cooking….
  10. Teri, the inside dimensions of the oven are 12”x 12” I think. We have a glass square pan that fits in there and spins around with no problem…nothing fancy, just something that doesn’t mind if the oven suddenly needs to get used as a microwave..
  11. We have the curbside awning with wind sensor on our 2020 E2. The sensitivity can be adjusted, so as to keep the awning from “ over reacting” to light breezes of you desire. There have been occasions when I’ve disabled it, and we’ve deployed poles and lines to anchor down the leading edge of the awning. I do wish the awning had the legs built in to it like the older ones do. We tend to have the awning out often unless the wind is, or will become an issue. I’d consider adding a street side awning to our trailer if I could find a manual one with the legs and optional anchor points located on the side of the trailer, seems like a good source of shade for the windows on that side.
  12. That’s a pretty amazing list of accomplishments..big and small.
  13. Once schools starts up in Sept things quiet down a little, but then of course the leaf peepers start to arrive in October. I think that September through to Thanksgiving is the best time of year in Northern New England. It’s quieter, cooler, fewer bugs.. and absolutely beautiful. The trouble is a lot of campgrounds shut down by mid October. Spring can be pretty amazing too, again, fewer folks around, but the weather can be pretty iffy.. and at some point the Blackflies make their presence known with an obnoxious degree of intensity…… if it were me driving here all the way from Texas, I’d aim to be around here between mid Sept and the beginning of Nov. and Id focus on Western Maine, NH, and VT… it’s a pretty time of year in the hills and mountains of that neck of the woods.
  14. Lol, it took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about…yup, I like hammers. Depending on what I was doing with it, any of the four with wooden handles in the upper left were my favorite.. They were made by an outfit named Douglas Hammers… I’m not sure they are still around.. somewhere on this forum there was a thread about stakes for tying down awnings (I think) and one of the suggested products came with a really cool looking hammer which I may need to pick up sometime… I bet Overland got one… or maybe two..
  15. Well the project I’m working on isn’t quite as cool as yours that’s for sure, and is just getting underway.. but I thought I’d share.. All the potential storage space around the propane tanks has been nagging me for some attention… It just seems like a perfect place for things I don’t need very often but need a dedicated place to be stowed in Dearie. So I installed 1/2” hardware cloth in the bottom to keep stuff from falling out, and have got a couple of plastic “tubes” set up.. one for the grease gun and related stuff, the other for the winterization pump and the like. I’ll stash extra lengths of pex in a 3” capped PVC pipe that will be lashed to the hardware cloth behind the gas bottles, probably along with emergency short term winterization gear. I already have a garden hose that I use to flush the black water tank that lives in front of the gas bottle, and there is a fair amount of space in there for “something”… just gotta figure out what that something might be.. Judging by some of the older posts on this thread you have a very cool shop John, resulting in a small pang of jealousy on my part, though I’m not complaining about my workspace…. Dearie in the dooryard.. working out some storage solutions…
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