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  1. The air skirts are an interesting idea...reducing the amount of cold air blowing beneath the camper over the course of a cold winters night can’t be a bad thing..
  2. Whoa!! now THAT is a truck cap....
  3. Well.... we don’t have the Camp Chef that bakes..we do have our old trusty Camp Chef Everest campstove however.. so in terms of biscuit baking, we opted for the convection oven in the new camper. Hopefully it works out well. We will be in David Crockett St Pk for Thanksgiving, and I’m tempted to try to jam a turkey ( ok, maybe just a chicken) into it...
  4. We have a Leer cap on our Tundra with the side windows that are hinged on top so they flip up to open.. easy access to the full length of the truck bed, which has been handy as it spends most of the year loaded with tools related to work...The flip up windows are the way to go, the ones that slide don’t ( I’m pretty sure) allow full access.. I’m in the midst of designing and building a storage system for the truck bed in anticipation of the November pick up of our new Oliver.... and hitting the road... It’s a good distraction as I try not to count the days..🙂
  5. Our original production date was 10/6.. they moved it to 9/15... same pick up date..11/24. It will be a 2020... we, like DCdude opted for the Lithium package..so I guess that’s a kind of a mix, being a 2020 with 2021 options..
  6. Patriot, I’m curious about your long pre delivery check list, as I’ve started wondering what to expect when we pick up our camper this fall. I’m hoping they will do a run through with us as to how things work. This isn’t our first camper so we have a general idea. I would like a tour of the guts where they are accessible to gain some general knowledge of where to look for various issues should they come up. What other things should we keep in mind? I assume I don’t need to grab a ladder and make sure the solar panels are bolted on the roof.. or should I? Do they have the plumbing system charge
  7. Thanks Mainiac, looks like pretty standard stuff.. blowing out the lines is part of my routine as well, dealing with the water heater etc.. I don’t take any chances.. hadn’t thought about having anti freeze on hand while traveling to flush with though.. Good idea! i noticed in the owners manual for the toilet that they recommend disconnecting the waterline from the water valve.. ever do that? Thanks for the offer of coming for a visit and to check out your Oliver.. May take you up on that.. I’m looking for some floor dimensions, Deb is a rug hooker and wants to get started on
  8. I’m hoping some of my Oliver owning “ neighbors” will weigh in on this.. As ridiculous as it seems, it being the end of July and really hot, I find myself wondering if there are any extra precautions or advice when it comes to winterizing for a Maine winter beyond the process recommended by Oliver.. of course the best precaution against having a freezing issue would be traveling where it’s warm during the winter..... thanks for any input!
  9. We pick our Elite II in November, and have been trying decide about the Lithium Pro package as well, and like you, after “a lot of back and forth “ decided to go with it.. We priced out other options, doing it ourselves and decided to bite the bullet and go with the Oliver system. The tax credit helped a great deal in the decision making process.. Part of it was that we are completely unfamiliar with guts of an Oliver trailer at this point so it makes sense for us to get it set up and ready to go from the factory, instead of showing up with a different set of batteries and assorted other stuff
  10. Sure.. The Oliver that we “toured” as part of our decision making process lives in that neck of the woods..
  11. We are all in on the solar..that choice is easy. good advice about where to stock pile Oliver related gear.. too bad we don’t have a garage.. but we do have a barn😄
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