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  1. Yup.... it’s 603-332-6398... call or text..
  2. Driving on Route 202 through East Rochester NH today I saw a 2017 Elite 2 parked near a car wash with a for sale sign on the door ... $46,500 or BO.. figured I’d pass it along..
  3. The angle that the “pin” in your photo is cocked at the angle that the camper was at in relationship to you TV when you unhooked it.... you can either back up to the trailer so the front of the Camper is “square” in relationship to that pin, or remove the pin, insert something ( I think the handle that can be used to lower the jacks if the fuse blows can work) in that hole and spin it til it’s back parallel with your tailgate... then back into hitch up as straight as possible.
  4. Kind of a long shot here... but could it be related to the wind sensor? The wind sensor does have the capability to prevent the awning from opening for a short time after it has caused it to close.. perhaps the batteries need replacing? Or it needs to be replaced? Of course you need to get the awning open in order to fiddle with it....
  5. While your checking out what’s going on under the curbside bed per Hobo’s advice, turn the water back on to see if you can make it leak again.. check out these connections, there are a bunch of them... if they are leaking, try pushing the tube hard back into the T... if it’s not seated right it will sort of click back into place..
  6. Hearing hissing and the pump not shutting off lead us to a leak... one on the lines had worked itself loose from its T fitting.. it needed to be firmly pushed back into place and has been fine since...
  7. Now John, perhaps you’re jumping the gun just a little bit.. clearly it’s a work in progress, I mean, what do you suppose that appendage nailed to the exterior curb side will be for? And as for it feeling just a little light in the steering? Easy fix! Just add another heavy steel veranda to the front bumper! Which will lead to the obvious next step of a porch that wraps around the whole rig, which of course will contribute to the tires sinking into the mud and out of sight... resulting in it being listed as a weekly rental..an artist retreat during the summer, deer hunting camp come November..
  8. We have found plenty of places to stay using HH that are not related to alcohol.. It’s been well worth it.
  9. It’s on my radar as well. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with..
  10. Congrats! We had a Casita (17’) before picking up our E2 last fall... We loved that old camper but are so happy to have switched to Oliver.. the extra roominess makes a big difference for sure..
  11. A current copy of the electrical diagrams is not available for the asking.. at least not for me.. I’ve asked several times.. The answer has always been the same..... No....
  12. While we weren’t near Naples, while in Fl we stored our E2 at an IStorage place.. we checked out the place and felt the security was good, so we went with it. We swung by every now and checked in..we were happy with how things went. We will be rolling back home to Maine tomorrow having been out and about since November.. Great experiences with HH, everything from Dairy Farms to Diner parking lots. There are places out there with power and water, usually for a fee.. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for town, city, or county parks offering overnight camping...We had good experienc
  13. My black water tank is the same as yours.. I’ve wondered about the other 3.5 gallons of “of capacity “ as well.. I don’t think there is that much volume between the tank and black water valve...
  14. We’ve got a pair of these.. because of the storage system I built into the back of the truck they stow easily and can be quickly deployed as needed.. comfy and we like rocking chairs.. 🙂
  15. I’ve asked Oliver for the electrical plans for our 2020 E2 several times... the answer has been no... simple as that.. the reason I was given was they are worried about competitors getting a hold of them ...
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