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  1. We’ve got the new Lithium batteries and heat pad set up. As we’ve spent several nights in areas where temperatures have been mid to low 30s I’ve been watching our battery temps on the Lifeblue App with interest. Despite the low night time temps, as well as days in the 40s, low 50s, the batteries say they are quite warm... mid 50s to 60s. In fact, when I opened the battery box one morning it was quite warm in there.. Dont know where the heat is coming from.. much warmer in that compartment than the basement..
  2. The absolutely magical couple of weeks in the north woods of Maine before black fly season.....Trout fishing is at its best and not many folks around yet...
  3. Robin at Banana Banners was who we worked with as well... while our logo was something we brought to her, judging by the look of some of her other projects, she comes up with some amazing designs on her own when asked to.
  4. So the truck is loaded... We head south tomorrow, pick up # 685 Tuesday. As I’ve been jamming stuff into the Tundra, a strange mix of what worked with the Casita, great ideas I’ve picked up from this forum, some probably not so great ideas I’ve picked up from this forum, and a large number of items that fall into the “better to have them and not need them than not have them and need them” category, I can’t help but reflect upon the last 6 months following this forum... Sure are a great group of folks on here, and it’s been wonderful eavesdropping on your discussions, debates, and pontification
  5. John, thanks for sharing... I’m sitting here laughing and laughing.. what a wonderful way to start the day!
  6. The Anderson set up requires one.. it comes with an 1 1/4” socket, but I’ve got the wrench...so I figured I’d bring it along...
  7. Yup, got a torque wrench.. oh and sockets, grease gun, grease, fuses, wire nuts, 1 1/4” wrench, pex cutter, sharkbite couplings, couple short lengths of pex, cable ties, electrical tape, duct tape, misc screws and some other stuff that will live in the basement of the camper so as not to get mixed in with “the other tools”...... ended up “mocking up” the space of the basement on a work bench, so as to figure out how to get all the stuff into it.. ended up building a box of sort for the above mentioned items.. should fit to the left of the opening.. and if not? I will have what’s necessary to m
  8. Haven’t fully loaded the truck yet.. partially a couple times though for sure.. it’s going to be a crowded place for the run to TN for sure. We are staging everything in the barn however.... makin’ a list, checkin’ it twice kind of stuff. Despite our best intentions we are unable to heed all the great advice given here about” not needing to bring everything you could possibly need when you pick up your new Oliver”... Blaming it on the virus and wanting to stay out of stores... but we’d be doing the same thing Covid or not.. can’t help ourselves.. it’s just fun. Whitefield has really chang
  9. Hmmmm. Quilt shops.. maybe that explains why you were here in the Mills a few weeks ago? A visit to Alewife Fabrics perhaps? 🙂
  10. Here’s a couple of pictures of the bikes loaded
  11. We’ve got a few blue potatoes from the garden and we’ll pick the last of the Brussels sprouts to bring with us before we push off. Grab some Turkey someplace, rotisserie chicken, something like that.. Thanksgiving at David Crockett in a new Oliver with plenty to be thankful for...sounds kind of perfect to me..
  12. Sure, it’ll be a few days. One advantage of removing the wheels is being able to turn the handlebars, which means the bikes are occupying a much narrower footprint.
  13. Sure does.. but I’ve been listening to the humming, whining, and whistling of ladders, planks and various other gear lashed on top of trucks for years and while I’ve no experience with bikes on the front of the truck, it seems like a potential noise maker.. besides, designing and building stuff like this is way more fun, and a far better distraction... 20 more days til delivery day...
  14. The front tires are removed, forks turned sideways. The bikes are beaters, so being lashed in fine.. not worried about scratches, just don’t want shifting gear in transit. The generator is easily accessed with the bikes and one chair removed, which would most likely be the case if I need it anyway, as we’d have camp set up. I can crawl up in there and haul it out without issue. We plan on using the generator far less than we did with our Casita and it’s single group 27 battery. I have the option to put the generator behind the cooler where it would be easy to rig up a way to slide it i
  15. I know I know, this thread ended quite some time ago. But it was quite interesting to me, so I figured I’d add one more thing . Our TV is a Tundra, Leer cap with the flip up side windows. Plenty of room for our gear in the past.. But we decided we wanted to lug a couple of bikes around, and working out a bike rack without the trailer in hand was unsuccessful.... so the bikes go into the back of the truck.. So I built a storage system into the back of the truck, with space for the bikes, and everything else. There are vertical slots for a folding table and 2 chairs. Street side has a
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