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  1. I’m not sure the sensors on the tanks are all that accurate.. or consistent for that matter. Usually our gray tank will get to zero, but sometimes it reads 6%... even though it’s empty. Next time yours is “stuck” on 15%, raise the front of the camper.. see if more water comes out.. if not, 15% is actually zero. Try lowering the front end as well.. as counter intuitive as that may sound, it may help “burp” the system....
  2. Blackwater River State Park in Holt (east of Pensacola) is nice.. So is Camp Venice Retreat in Venice.
  3. I received the firmware yesterday but won’t be able to install it for a week or so. Like you, I’ve been disconnecting the inverter from the batteries to prevent it from charging them all the time. It’s a real nuisance .. That switch needs to be more accessible.... a project for this summer for sure.
  4. We picked up our new OTT in November. It’s our second camper, but our first new one. It was also a pretty big purchase for us. Like you, I got pretty spooked by reading about folks having issues with their new campers. Part of the problem for me was having 5 months of waiting til we took delivery during which I could obsess about OTT on this platform... which I did (still do.. )... which lead to worries some times, second guessing at other times. In the end I realized that buying an Oliver is much like anything else.. you just have to hope you get “a good one”.. A camper that was built by folk
  5. Wowie Bill, that is an amazing list! Thanks so much, I’m going to enjoy going thorough it and checking all the places out. Even if we don’t use any of them this trip, we have lots of East/West runs in our future ( grandkids on both coasts ) so this kind of intel is invaluable... thanks again, mark
  6. Good thought.. it could certainly impact our final trajectory as we get further East.. Maine is home, so we will make a run for it once we are close enough.... we are prepared to winterize the camper en route if needed.. the closer we get to New England the greater the number of folks we know who will put up with us there driveway for the night🙂.
  7. Thanks Bill, yup.. two votes for I-70. I think that’ll be our first choice, we’ll keep an eye on the weather. A list of campgrounds would be great, or, if it’s easier, just a couple that you liked would be great. Actually, any that you didn’t like would be great too.. Mark
  8. Thanks Mike, very helpful information, really appreciate it. We have two days reserved at South Llano State Park, which we are excited about. We will have a look at the other places as well...Karchner Caverns in particular.. Mark
  9. We never been through that area and are pretty excited about it.. do you have any favorite campgrounds along the way?
  10. Im hoping to benefit from the wisdom and experience of those of you that have zigzagged around this country with your OTT in tow... We are headed from the Bay Area in California back to Maine sometime close to the end of March.. The hope is to move along at a pretty good clip, but taking a day off here and there . while I’m comfortable calculating weather related risks East of the Mississippi, I’ve no experience with traveling in the West during that time of year. Would it be prudent to loop south on Rt10 until we can pick up Rt20 to Dallas, and just keep easing to the Northeast thr
  11. Man oh man there sure are some cool pickup trucks out there.. As a very long time Tundra owner, and a very happy one at that, it does make me wonder when Toyota is going to at least make it look like they are trying to be innovative in their Truck design.... I’ve read a bit about some changes coming in 2022 but it sure seems like they are lagging behind. I suspect we will be shopping for a new TV in the next couple of years.. can’t wait... looks like it’ll be a lot of fun with lots to think about. our Tundras have been incredibly reliable work trucks, but maybe it’s time to move on..
  12. Camp Venice Retreat... Venice FL...
  13. Congrats to you #354 ! Count us (#685) in on a Maine get together this summer..
  14. Interesting. Did you have the warm duct air running into the basement at the same time as the fans? Do you think that the moist air in the basement can be “drier” if the temperature is increased by the air from the ductwork? if the object is to keep pipes from freezing using electricity, it might be worth trying running an extension cord with a clamp light equipped with a 150w bulb into the basement.. There are crawl spaces under old houses throughout Maine that use that technique to prevent pipes from freezing.. might help an Ollie in NC🙂
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