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  1. It is not on the university but on the knowledge base. That can be found going through the Sales and Service site. Here is the link (I hope it works). https://support.olivertraveltrailers.com/portal/en/kb/articles/lithionics-battery Please PM me if you want any of the information I have on the Lithionics batteries. Mike
  2. Our 2021 trailer has the lithionics lithium battery package which I believe is all Oliver offers now. Each battery has a computer of its own on board and mostly takes care of itself as far as charging. The red switch in the upper cabinet does just switch off the solar panels so they won’t charge the batteries. The batteries themselves each have an on off switch right on top of the battery itself so you can completely shut the battery off without disconnecting cables if you want. If your going to store for a month or so you can charge the batteries to 100 percent then shut the batteries off at the battery itself. If your going to store for 3 month you should discharge the batteries down to about 50% then shut off the batteries at the battery switch. Keep in mind though that there are temperature parameters for storage that you need to stay within. I can’t remember exactly what they are but it is in the Oliver site knowledge base under lithioncs. At least once every 3 months you should discharge the batteries all the way to where the onboard BMS computer shuts the batteries off and then charge them back to 100%. All of these recommendations are in the lithioncs section of the Oliver knowledge base. hope this helps and if you want to contact me directly to compare notes feel free. Mike
  3. We saw an LE2 going west on WA Hwy 14 between Stevenson and Washougal WA. The LE2 had blue and maybe a grey decals. pam
  4. This is one of those stories that I thought hard about sharing because it was such a great example of a classic "stupid attack". In the end though I decided if I can save someone else from themselves it was worth being forever thought of as "the guy who did that". Our 2021 elite 2 has a composting toilet partly to extend how long we can stay off grid but also because I hate dealing with black water tanks. Since my trailer still has a black water tank even though it is not used I thought it would be great if I could use it for grey water storage to even further extend times between dumps. NCEagle had developed a system to pump grey water to the black water tank through the black water flush port and I shamelessly stole his idea and put together a little kit I use to move grey water to the black tank. I have been using this system since last summer and it works great to give us a couple extra days between dumps. Last week we had just returned from a 10 day trip and as the grey water tank was starting to smell not so good I decided to do a good flush of both the black and grey since I had been using the black for grey storage. I was using the black water flush port to fill the black tank carefully watching the level indicator to make sure I didn't over fill and run water up the black water tank vent to the roof. The first flush went fine. On the second flush however in the middle of filling the black tank my wife Pam decided it was a good time to strike up a conversation and I bercame distracted untilI I looked over and noticed water pouring out of the weep holes in the bottom of the trailer suspiciously near the bathroom area. I quickly turned off the water to the black tank and muttered "Oh my God" and some other words not worthy of this audience. I ran into the trailer and into the bathroom and to my horror could see yucky water gushing out of the composting toilet. How on earth could this be! This just can't be happening! Its a composting toilet! It has no connection to the pluming system! Slowly the gushing stopped though and gave me time to scratch my little bald head long enough to reason through what had happened. What had happened was this. The composting toilet uses a vent fan and a plastic tube to vent that air out of the trailer. What I didn't realize until then was that Oliver had connected the composting toilet vent piping to the black water tank vent that goes to the roof. When I overfilled the black water tank the water had obviously backed up into the vent and found its way into the composting toilet vent piping where it ran downhill into the composting toilet until it overflowed into the bathroom. The toilet had 10 days worth of use in it at the time although at least the urine tank was empty and clean. Ten days worth of use in the solids container though mixed with a lot of water and blowing out the top like a volcano made the mother of all messes in the bathroom. After about a day and a half which included complete disassemble of the toilet and a detailed cleaning to the bathroom and venting systems it looks like all is well again. I will continue to use NCEagles great system going forward but will never again be distracted while cleaning the tanks out. Mike
  5. I had a similar thing happen where my pump was sputtering air and water mix and I could see that the filter bowl was only maybe half full. In my case I had taken the pump and filter apart trying to troubleshoot a problem and had inadvertently pinched the gasket in the filter bowl to where it could not seal properly. I was able to unscrew the filter bowl and correct the alignment of the gasket and all was well again. One of many self inflicted gunshot wounds I have caused myself. let me know if you want to talk this through more. Mike
  6. The variable you need to change in the Xantrex is P28. I have similar size generator and I have set p28 to 13.0 amps. This seems to work well and keeps the generator out of overload. Programming the Xantrex using the phone app is the easiest way to access the parameters. Let me know if I can help guide you on using the app. Mike
  7. Thanks everyone we will use polar white. Polar white looks like a great match. Pam
  8. We are getting ready to order EZE Gutter for our new LE2. We have been looking over this thread for guidance on the installation and color. So far we have seen Ollie owners use Ultra White and Bright White with good color matches. Right now none of those whites are currently available. However Polar white can be ordered. Has anyone used Polar white or know if the color matches the hull? thanks everyone Pam
  9. We picked up hull 836 LE2 on June 30. We received a paper copy of the Owners manual and a paper copy of the components manual. Pam
  10. I was incorrect, sorry to lead with bad information about turning the remote off. We will test out different ways to keep the Xantrex fan off during our next couple trips when we have shore power and a load. Pam
  11. Susan We have an LE2 hull 836 with the Lithium Pro Package (lithionic batteries). On our panel, the Xantrex can be turned off quite easily by the button on the remote panel. Please note, there is a switch underneath the street side bed that needs to be turned to the off position for the remote to be able to turn the system off. We usually dry camp but have turned the Xantrex off while on shore power during the night. The fan noise bugs me too but not my husband. pam
  12. We picked up our LE2 this summer and have camped 20 days thus far. We have the twin beds and no lagun table. I too was worried about the meal prep space, 2 burner stove and no oven. We purchased a Weber Q2000 series to use outside when it’s not raining and frigid (we live in Vancouver WA). I have been happily surprised how functional the kitchen has been to use. The counter space for prep is better than the larger trailer we rented in the past. I utilize the covered area on the stove and the dinette table to place items when I’m doing the prep. (I do protect the stove cover from scratching with a cloth). Personally, I prefer the cooktop orientation sideways but that’s a personal opinion. Pam
  13. We picked up hull 836 this last June and experienced something like what you are describing. Jason did a 2021 walkthrough video that seems to be relevant on this subject. There is a quirk to how the AC works and Jason explained it this way. If you have the fan in auto with the AC on it will run the fan on high until getting close to set point and then switches the fan to low. As it makes this transition the fan shuts off for a short period of time before coming back on. This appears to be a short cycling condition but is actually not. I believe Jason suggested that you run the fan in manual low when running the AC . We mostly dry camp so don’t run the AC that much so haven’t had a chance to test this out. Mike
  14. I believe that Oliver should deliver the xantrex inverter with the setting #5 set to OFF. Xantrex told me that the shutdown timer that defaults to 25 hours is really there for if the inverter is used say at some research station where there are long periods where no one may be around. It shuts itself off to conserve battery power until someone wakes it up. This has no real value in an Rv in most cases. What I still am working on is understanding how to revive the inverter without plugging into shore power. The only reason plugging in works is it activates the charger section of the Xantrex and that wakes up the whole unit. I tried every switch and breaker to revive it and nothing happened. This is a flaw either in the Xantrex itself or how Oliver has it wired. If I come up with an answer on this I will share but if you turn setting 5 to off you should never run into it. Mike
  15. Hi there. We picked up hull 836 on June 21st and ran into the same Xantrex issue where it just shut down and we couldn’t seem to revive it. We to had been dry camping and not using any significant 120vac loads. I finally plugged my generator in and it miraculously brought everything back on line. It was a mystery until it happened again while we were home and the trailer was just sitting there again with minimal ac loads. I called Xantrex and found out that there is a setting in the Xantrex (setting #5) that is set default to 25 hours. This is called a power save setting and it shuts down the inverter after 25 hours if it does not detect any significant 120vac load. It does not detect a load as small as the microwave front panel display but if you ran the microwave it would detect that and cancel the 25 hour countdown to shutdown. The Xantrex guy told me to change setting # 5 to OFF. This disables the shutdown timer. I did that and it has been trouble free ever since. Also make sure if you were pushing on/off buttons on the inverter under the bed and the inverter remote that you go back and check that the inverter power button under the bed is in the off position and the on/off button on the remote is in the on position. This gives full control to the remote and will save you from having to go under the bed if you ever need to turn on or off the inverter. There is instructions in the manual on how to change settings but it’s much easier if you put the Xantrex app on your phone and connect by Bluetooth. let me know if I can help more. Mike
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