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  1. My 2018 F150 with internal tailgate step does not clear the Oliver Elite II when hitched.
  2. HI Mike, I like your magnets to hold the bathroom door open. I ordered the same item. It came with holes to attach with screws but I don’t want to put holes in my Oliver. You mentioned that you attached with 3M tape. Did you use a special kind of 3M tape and is it remaining secure after using for awhile?
  3. You are so talented and your work is beautiful and practical as well. I would love a cutting board for my new 2018 Oliver Legacy Elite 11. Just picked it up May 15,2018. If you start to make these again please let me know. Contact: rpwlww@yahoo.com Thanks Linda (Nana)
  4. I had a factory installed shower curtain in front of my toilet in my 2018 Oliver Elite 11. I hung a curtain on the tract but it falls down. There's nothing installed to prevent the entire curtain from sliding down the track. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions are appreciated.
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