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  1. Take a bike ride on the carriage trails at Acadia. Lots of hiking with great views. One hike is on the trails above Nature Center at Acadia. Go out on the sand bar at Bar Harbor during low tide. Have pop overs at Jordan Pond. Make reservations well in advance. Take the shuttle bus from Blackwoods or get there early to get a parking space. You can swim at Sand Beach. Also some nice hikes above the beach that have views over the beach as well at towards your next stop. Ranger programs in evenings can be informative. Start everything at visitors center for lots of info.
  2. Brakes for 7 pin connectors use a common wire (blue) for left and right brakes (returned through ground). It would be interesting to see if an 8th wire for independent control of the brakes to staighten the trailer out in a sway situation would be much better than simultaneously applying brakes on both sides.
  3. Thanks! Picking ours up next month. I’ll look to make sure the easy-start is installed. I think the other options will be more obvious but we’ll check just the same.
  4. I always remember this graphic picture of what a propane tank can do. I suspect the tank was not carried vertically. Noting like a picture to make it stick in your head. Be safe. -Randy http://www.thebaynet.com/articles/0610/man-injured-as-propane-tank-explodes.html
  5. I imagine ours is still inside, but if anyone is there and would take a few pictures it would be much appreciated. Hull #365. Thanks, Randy
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