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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Oliver! We picked up ours April of 2019 and have enjoyed every minute! New places, new friends and lots of adventures!
  2. Sounds like a plan! Great suggestion John! (Or wife of John). We’d certainly be willing to pay a fee as neither of us has had the opportunity to see an eclipse.
  3. We’re currently at Lake Pleasant Regional Park. It’s one of the parks in the Maricopa County system. It’s quite lovely although a bit pricey at $32/night. Has water and power and nice shower/bathroom facilities. It’s near Phoenix and has allowed us to visit numerous friends in the area. As a bonus it has free roaming burros! Heading towards Tucson then eastward into New Mexico and Texas.
  4. Thanks, looking forward to it!
  5. We’re newbies to Quartzite but are excited to be able to squeeze in a couple of days. We’ll probably arrive on Feb 3 and pull out on Feb 6th. Other obligations in Tucson. Since this is all new, do we just head for Dome Rock and find an open area? Maybe an Oliver or two? Looking forward to 2020 adventures!
  6. Jalama Beach is in our backyard (kinda-about 100 miles away) Now that we have our Oliver, we’ll be making a visit! Your pictures are beautiful!
  7. Great fun! Thanks for staying the extra day!
  8. Well, we finally retired and took ownership of our Oliver - The Pearl on April 15th! We love it! After three pleasant days at the pristine David Crockett State Park, we moved down the Natchez Trace to Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi. Our experience was enhanced by all the great advice and suggestions we received on The Forum - from hitches to drawer dividers! Thank you to all and we’re looking forward to meeting y’all at the rally.
  9. Thank you! The images are great and very helpful!
  10. We picking up our Oliver on March 26th, very exciting!! Can you message me that spec sheet that you got from Oliver? Much appreciate it. Kathi
  11. Congratulations on hull 412 delivery! We’re 413 and are getting even more excited now. Any pick up tips or suggestions would be welcome, although the forum provides lots of insight. Great job with the decorating- love the red!
  12. Hello everyone, we very much enjoy reading the forum. There sure are a lot of Alpha Dogs out there - I am reaching out for opinions on mud flaps. I have been online studying the many options. I was thinking that I could get only quality mud flaps OR spray the front of our Oliver II with bed liner material. Do I need both? Our tow vehicle is a 2018 2500HD GMC Duramax 4x4. Looking forward to picking up our Oliver II (The Pearl) in January and attending the rally in May.
  13. We ordered it and got the lower price! Thanks. One more item to add to our stash - we’re getting ready to pick up Hull 413 in January!
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