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  1. John - I’ve always read that tongue weight should be at least 10% of total trailer weight. The Oliver spec states the dry tongue weight at 10%. The lighter the tongue weight, the more likely the trailer is to sway. At 8.3% I’d be concerned. If I’m wrong, please point me to a resource that says otherwise. Thanks.
  2. Towing will be less than on the same truck without the package. But still more than plenty capable for an Oliver. Also the video says 6 3/4’ bed and the article says “short bed” Anyway, I want one!
  3. I have a 17’ LG MiniMax. I’m also wanting a larger trailer and also concerned about driving with it. I’d love an Airstream but they’re SO wide. That’s what appeals to me about an Oliver. I also like the quality. I have some issues with the Oliver’s but that’s another story.
  4. Do these problems remain after the coat on the road is dry or only prior to it setting?
  5. Thanks. Imma read your how-to threads. What type of hand pump do you mean for the antifreeze? How do you like the toilet? I currently have a LG Mini Max and since I’ve never had a trailer before I think a couple years with a 17’er will be a good way to get the experience I need for something like the Ollie EII.
  6. im thinking to buy an F-150 as a TV and want it to be (very) capable of towing an Oliver (in the future). It seems their 2.7L EcoBoost would be more than able. Any reason you would strongly recommend the 3.5L instead? Open attached picture for capacities.
  7. Thanks. Haven’t been in Philly lately (five week trip). Going back Monday. Going to winterize my MiniMax on Tuesday because four nights in the 20’s. You Ollie’s don’t have to do that as long as you keep the heat on, is that right? If so, about what temperature would you have to maintain inside on a night expected to be below freezing for say 6 hours and go down to a low of say 25°? This is just a hypothetical example, but I’m trying to get an idea, as the “insulated” properties are very appealing to me. Thanks.
  8. Steven from Philly. Thinking about an Ollie.
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