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  1. We will be joining you in Feb/March. We already have our Oliver. We are moving to Ft. Collins from Arkansas. We have grand kids in Lafayette outside of Boulder. Hoping for a eventual Oliver western rally.
  2. I have not tried this with my Oliver yet. But I did with my Casita, when traveling through Colorado with air temps were in the 20's and we had a 3 to 4 hour trip. Drain the hot water heater. Run the water pump till it has no water for a few seconds. Use an air compressor set to blow out the water lines paying attention to get the outside shower. My air compressor was set to 45 PSI, never more than 50 PSI. Did not worry about freshwater tank. As long as the tank is not filled to capacity you are not likely to hurt anything even if it freezes slightly. But I would pour antifreeze in the P-Traps
  3. Tow hitch is just that, a hitch and probably a 7 and or 4 pin connector. Tow package varies by manufacturer and they may have levels of tow packages. It usually means a bigger alternator, upgraded transmission, larger radiator,bigger gas tank 🙂 etc. . Sales people do not always know. So you have to dig into the details on the sticker and on the manufacturer's website to see what is included the package.
  4. Anyone have experience camping with a 50a to 30 adapter? Booked a site a couple of weeks out and it only has a 50 amp hookup. I have an adapter that I have use in the past with another camper. I am guessing it only configures the contacts. But wondering about the Ollie's Progressive Industries surge protector. I know the progressive is finicky about low voltage and flux in the current. Will it throw an error code? Or will it be just fine plug into 50 amps? Thanks in advance for any insights.
  5. I usually try to keep it under 8 hours. I will push to 10, but only if not traveling or doing a short two to three hours on the next day.
  6. https://retrax.com/retraxone-xr Susan, The cover would be difficult to remove but it could be done. Better choice would be to have a device that allows you to use the tailgate as part of the bed. Also I have a regular one up rack on the back of my wife's Subaru. The roof racks are similar to the trays on hitch rack. But when I checked 1up does not have a kit to convert them for that use.
  7. Retrax and one other manufacturer makes a tonneau cover with T-slots built-in. Makes it easy to install a roof rack from any manufacturer. I have Yakima towers and bars with 1UP roof trays. At least one other member of this forum has the same type of set up. This puts the bike rack above the bed of the pickup. My towers just click off making the rack easy to remove when it is not needed. Advantages: Bikes are up away from road grime and spray, better protected. Easy to moditor as they are not hidden behind trailer. Will not affect towing and tongue weight with the trailer. Disadvantage:
  8. 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 6.8L gas engine. 10.1 (rolling hills 20-25 mph headwinds) to 13.8 (calm flat interstate cruising) Avg just under 12 MPG under all conditions over 3000 miles of towing.
  9. Thanks everyone for the input. The Tow Ready is on order. Seems like a quick cheap fix if it works. I already use the dielectric grease as a brake light short preventive. And thanks for the encouragement I may take another run at GM going around the dealer. Oliver is not the only trailer manufacturer who has gone to LED lights. I can't be the only owner complaining.
  10. Hope to see you on the road one day. If all goes well, we will be in Ft. Collins by the first of the year.
  11. I have a new 2020 Chevy HD 2500 Silverado with one of those fancy computer trailering aps. From day one it kept telling me that the reverse lights and turn signals didn't work when they do. Today it didn't even recognize the trailer was connected. But the brake controller light was on and the brakes and lights all worked. It would be a minor annoyance but we also had a $300 TPMS added. Since the thing didn't know the trailer was there, it will not give a read out on tire pressure and temp. Went I asked Chevy dealer about all the error messages before, they blamed the trailer and said the lig
  12. The hatch opening is 13 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches height in our 2019.
  13. I believe what 1UP is talking about is the carrying capacity of the bike rack itself. The rack is rated to 150 pounds. When using an adapter or extender that capacity is reduced by 50%. E-trailer or other rack brands will have the same disclaimer regarding the use of adapters and extenders. Same idea though, the adapter itself becomes the weak link and the center of weight or fulcrum point moves farther away from the mouth of the receiver. For used at the back of a trailer, I would heed their guidance.
  14. Have a new truck. Need a new ball mount. Anyone with a Chevy or GMC 2500, what is the drop on you ball mount to keep you Ollie level?
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