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  1. Mine have been breaking since we bought ours used a couple years ago. 2016 LE II, hull 138. On my todo list to repair.
  2. John, Haven't opened mine yet. Is that egress window hinged at the top? I assumed it would fall away when opened. Neil
  3. Bill, Thank You. I will download the 2019 plumbing schematic. Neil
  4. Mike Where are the plumbing schematics located? I cannot find any schematics in my manual. Thanks Neil
  5. Found the issue using a multimeter. It would really help having a set of wiring schematics for the RV. After we purchased the trailer this past winter I asked OTT several times for a complete set of schematics for the wiring they produce and was never successful in obtaining them. They replied that all the info is in their manual . It isn't . We did the factory tour and I spent extra time in their electrical production area and assumed their employees were using schematics to produce the coach electrical harness so it should be available.
  6. Overland, Thanks for the offer but not sure if I want to go that far yet. Did you remove the black tank through the dinette seat? Did it come out in one piece?
  7. Thanks Sherry. I read through that post and couldn't tell if John did the install or the factory. In that post John has a picture of a clear plug in the top of the black tank. I am hoping to get the detail on that plug so I can purchase for my retrofit. Also looking for detail on the composting toilet vent hose tie in to the Oliver vent so I can pre-purchase the needed material. Thanks for the help Neil
  8. 2016 Legacy Elite II During our travels I noticed the battery charge controller IPN remote was not powered. Checked the Blue Sky controller and it was not powered either. Troubleshooting revealed a failed terminal crimp at the negative shunt on the negative cable from the Blue Sky Controller to the negative shunt. Inspection determined that the wire had not been stripped enough to bottom in the terminal end and had pulled out. The failure was hidden within the heat shrink tube See attached annotated pictures. Luckily I had a new terminal end to make a repair as we have been on an extended boon docking adventure.
  9. Hello, Have searched the forum but cannot find where anyone has removed their standard commode and retrofitted a composting toilet. Just ordered a Natures Head composting toilet and will be installing it. Saw the pictures John posted underneath a factory installed Natures Head which have been helpful but have a couple of questions- 1. How did you block off the opening in the black tank? 2. How is the composting toilet vent tied into the existing tank vent stack? 3. Do you have a link to a forum post where someone detailed their composting toilet retrofit? Thank You, Neil
  10. Unfortunately we had to cancel our rally reservation. Hope to meet everyone next year. Neil & Diana
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