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  1. is there a bypass valve for outdoor shower ? I was most certain a four season camper would have one in order to avoid freezing ? thank you
  2. from what I'm reading here on the forum they need to be concentrating on Quality Control instead of leap fogging production for more $$$
  3. not sure why this thread is in classified
  4. the add was taken off the forum , as mountianapple originally posted in 2018 for sale for 55k , I recognized the blue painters tape on vents from the original add. its definitely a scam @ that price
  5. this is all good to know , because I was reading one estimate of 3-5k
  6. Good afternoon all , has anyone researched the cost of gel coat for Elite 11 or actual had it done , as the roof is getting fairly chaulk and window seals are turning black from Texas sun
  7. we have a T@B by nucamp and love the alde heat, although the hot water portion of the boiler sprung a leak so no hot water but the glycol heat still works. nucamp said $2,500 for replacement so we might dive into this spring with a stainless welder. wishing I would have bought a few of the used Oliver's I passed up last year prior to covid
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