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  1. I believe what 1UP is talking about is the carrying capacity of the bike rack itself. The rack is rated to 150 pounds. When using an adapter or extender that capacity is reduced by 50%. E-trailer or other rack brands will have the same disclaimer regarding the use of adapters and extenders. Same idea though, the adapter itself becomes the weak link and the center of weight or fulcrum point moves farther away from the mouth of the receiver. For used at the back of a trailer, I would heed their guidance.
  2. Have a new truck. Need a new ball mount. Anyone with a Chevy or GMC 2500, what is the drop on you ball mount to keep you Ollie level?
  3. I have had them up in a 20mph wind with gusts a little higher. Everything held steady. The fabric of the awning tried to raise but nothing moved. The notch is part of the design of the dometic awning. I make use of it to help hold the strips. I don't have a third support or rail. I have noticed any flex but will be watching closely next time I have it out. An may order. I think orange is good for visibility. Keeps me from tripping over them. I have a Clam and the original tied down strings were black. They have been replaced with bright blue with reflective silver piping for that same reason. 🙂
  4. Not a busy morning and had my Ollie setting in the driveway. Here you go. Had it up in twenty mph wind but would still not go more than that. Straps seem to hold the awning down well. Not they circle over top of the awing.
  5. https://www.carefreeofcolorado.com/products/hd-awning-stabilizr.html I bought these. They work well. I have the manual awning. For use with the automatic retracting I think you have to turn the sensor off.
  6. If you go to You Tube and do a search, you will find three or four tutorials on removing the regulator on the Weber. Note is does not have to be a 1200 the majority of Weber Grills are the same set up. Most are made by sellers of adapter kits to hook a Weber to quick connect low pressure set ups. Good luck. After watching them, I sold my Weber and bought a Coleman Road Trip because the regulator is not build in to the grill itself. Makes the conversion a lot easier for someone as unhandy as me. You just need an adapter for the grill and don't install the regulator.
  7. Here are pictures with the cover and the product code. My trailer is a 2019 with the Dometic Penguin II AC. Note the suggestion to block the holes while waiting on the cover is a good one. The birds started rebuilding within a day of moving our Ollie back under the carport. I would not leave this on for travel only for storage. The cover should work for dirt daubers as well as birds. I am sure you could get order on other sites as well.
  8. https://www.campingworld.com/elements-air-conditioner-cover-for-dometic-penguin-85006.html This is what I ordered. I will know how well it fits tomorrow or next day.
  9. We keep ours in a carport shelter in our backyard. The sides are covered to block UV from the sun as much as possible. Had an electrician add a 30 amp plug so I can keep it plugged in to keep the batteries charged. I like having our Ollie close for easy access. I can add pictures if it ever stops raining.
  10. Thanks! I will look for the AC cover. Ms. Bertie is keep in a carport with sides to protect her from sun and weather. So I do not need a full cover. I was worried about insects but never thought about birds. I may cut off their food supply.
  11. Well it is Spring in the Ozarks. The birds are looking for nesting sites. I am not real pleased that a pair decided our AC cover made an excellent bird house. If you look closely you will see they also took out part of the the foam insulation. Hopefully, only a small corner removed so will not impact performance. Any ideas of how to prevent this in the future? One of those duh moments. I found when I was washing the Ollie. I finished my wash job. Then took off the cover and cleaned out the nest. Of course scattering debris all over the freshly washed roof. Sigh!
  12. Good advice above. One other idea to keep in mind, tow rating and payload will vary within models based upon trim level and tow package. You can't always depend upon a sales person to know the differences. Sometimes it can be a big difference. So will need to research yourself. Owners manuals, on-line references, and trailer life has a towing guide are good sources.
  13. OK took Ms Bertie in for the dexter axle recall at a local shop. Good news all the bolts were torqued to 65 lbs each. Nikki at Dexter was easy to work with. Shop was amazed. Dexter paid before I could even get back to get my trailer. When I pulled in there was a big sun blocker trailer in front of me. The couple at the counter owned the sun blocker and it was just less than a year old. They had a laundry list of issues, 7 or 8 things. Trying to get it fixed while still under warranty. Trim was failing, coming loose and falling off. Paint was peeling. Places where the caulk was poorly install and fell out. At least two major leaks. One dripping down a wall and causing the wall covering to begin to wrap. Service manager sent a tech out with blue painters tape to mark all the places where the trim, caulk and paint needed repair. Just a very good reminder of why we bought an Oliver.
  14. On my previous trailer I would pull the battery and store it in my garage. I used a battery tender trickle charger to keep it charge. I was concerned the convert would fry the batteries and overcharge them in the course of several weeks. I am thinking the converter on the new Oliver is smart enough to act as a tender and I can just keep the trailer plugged into power. I have a 30 amp plug already wired for backyard camping. Would this group agree?
  15. My wife and I were pleased to discover we could walk by each other without a dance move in the "hallway". The twin bed with side dinette makes the Elite II feel spacious. But we are coming up from a 17' Casita not moving down. We have been trapped for a day due to bad weather and not felt cramped. But otherwise we often outside. The AC is noisy but wife would rather be cool than not. There are nothing we have found to catch you as you move around the cabin.
  16. Miss Bertie is my wife's grandmother. Apparently a inspirational that I never got to meet. But oh the stories.
  17. What year is your Oliver. Are we talking the Dometic Furnace that comes on the 2019. Just picked ours up. If true I will not be a happy camper come March in Colorado.
  18. Let me know what you find out. Just pick ours up. My intent is to do the same. i ordered the receiver from OLiver an will need to modify it to fit my existing bike rack. My thought was the same remove the sleeve and replace it with using a rubber insulator with a steel one. Cannot find any aluminum ones. I have plenty of old bike inner tubes. When I asked why not a 2 inch I got a song and dance discouraging people from too much weight. Seems to be an attempt to idiot proof. Looking at it I do not see any welds. Looks like it is just held on by the U bolts. Bill Thomas 2017 Tundra SRf5 4x4 Hull 534
  19. Thanks to all who replied. John I think that is an fine idea of using the bottle jack for lift and the stabilizer as a backup. Redundancy is always good when possible, I already have jack stands in my garage for axle work but not taking them on the road. Looking forward to Oct 1. Bill Thomas
  20. Did not mean to stir up a debate. Yes I saw previous treads about using the stabilizers. But yes now Oliver now advises against it. Even the new You Tube video Oliver posted shows a diagram where to place emergency jack. Because of that I am reluctant to use the stabilizers. I will carry a set of Anderson levelers for leveling the trailer. Used one for my previous trailer. Therefore I am looking for something compact to carry for flats and hope to never use it.
  21. Anyone carry a bottle jack in case of a flat? If so what size and brand? I have one in my Tundra. Have not look at the size but it buried under the back seat. Often the back seat becomes extra storage. Thinking of getting an extra and placing so it is more accessible in case of emergency. Counting the days till Oct 1st. Bill Thomas
  22. We do not have our Oliver yet. But I can tell you that this issue is not unique to Oliver. If you go to a Casita facebook or forum you will find pages dedicated to what sets off propane/CO detector. Conversations with owners of other brands will tell you it will affect any tightly build trailer. Some precautions to take. Maintain airflow, do not block sensor and vacuum the unit occasionally. Careful what you store on the floor. Be careful of the cleaning products used, especially on the floors. Some products will give off fumes for hours after use and collect once the trailer is closed for the night. Be careful using aerosol products inside your trailer. Put the deet on outside. Dogs especially farty ones and the detector often do not get along. Lastly some have taken to carrying a portable wand to double check the false alarm and rewiring a cutoff switch or pulling the fuse.
  23. If you want, checkout on facebook KC Metro Casita Owners. Even though it says Casita, there already is a couple of Scamps, two Escapes, and a future Oliver owner in the group. They are open to any fiberglass egg. Heck they even let Arkansas hillbillies in. Fine group of people.
  24. Yes, I have already been through my Toyota Tundra manual. Anytime I reach 5000 lbs they say to use a WD hitch. The Elite II will easily hit that with any water and gear. That is one of my concerns. I am use to a trailer is just over 3000 lbs loaded. Mr BigTruck doesn't even know she is back there. The only reason till now for the larger truck is all the camping "essentials" I have accumulated got to much to fit in my old Taco. Anyway I will assume the Oliver to Tundra will be similar to the Tacoma to the Casita so shouldn't worry that much about towing. But then I think about that extra 6 ft and some of the smaller campsite I have had to maneuver around and into. Based upon the feedback I am getting sounds like it is not as big as jump as I imagine. Bill
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