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  1. Rather than the roof, you can get a bed cover with built end rails. That is the set up I have. Retrax makes them and I think there is another brand. The advantage is the bikes are not as high up and exposed to damage. Loading is a little easier. The disadvantage is the roll up cover takes up a small amount of bed space. https://retrax.com/
  2. Liana, That is what the EMS is suppose to do. But in reading the manual and the video on Oliver University the display in the upper cabinet should be showing the error code, not blank. Once the issue is corrected the EMS is suppose to restore power automatically. Once hooked back up and normal it should show a PE code for a previous error. I should have been able to use the by pass mode even though it is not recommended. None to that happened. The error codes are printed on the EMS box under the seat at the dinette. You have to be able to read upside down. You do not need to abandon shore power. The EMS will protect your electronics. Like I stated about I would recommend a extra external surge protector at the pedestal. Peace of mind and it serves as a test unit before you plug in the trailer. When you tested at the pedestal was there no power at all or low voltage?
  3. Mossey - At home or in a friends drive way I have a 110 to 30 amp adapter plug. I plug the adapter into the 110 outlet then the surge protector into the adapter. ScubaRX - No rain but a heck of a lot of wind that night. Keep plastic bags to cover any exposed plugs if the forecast call for rain. There are no issues with using an external surge protector in addition to the EMS onboard one. Jason at the rally said that is something he would recommend. It has been a while but I can see if I can find the thread on another forum. The guy had pictures of a chard end of a power cord and chard receptacle where it plugged into the RV. The on board surge protector saved the trailer and its electronics. But the power cord and the plug in on the side of the RV both had to be replaced. The EMS seems to be working fine now. This may not be a big deal. But my concern is this something that will return. I would have thought turning the power off and back on would have reset the EMS if that was the problem.
  4. No there was no sound when I switch the power off and back on nor when I unplugged from the 30 and then plugged into the 50.
  5. Mossey, Yes. I always hook a surge protector to the pedestal then plug the power cord into it. I do the same at home. 110 adapter, surge protector then power cord. So the set up was the same. My external surge protector is a less expensive Progressive Industry model. I had it with a previous trailer. The internal Progressive Industries EMS will protect the internal electronics on the Oliver. But I started using the external one because of horrid stories where the power cord, one of its plugs, or the trailer receptacle got fried due to voltage issues while the trailer was ok. Thanks
  6. I would like the thoughts of the collective wisdom of this group. 2019 Elite II, no solar. Camping at a KOA in Salina, KS on the way home to Colorado. Plugged into the 30A outlet and everything was working fine. Some time in the night the AC quit. Not sure how long, but my wife woke me because the trailer was getting warm. I could tell there was electricity on in the campground. Checked my EMS display and it was blank as if the trailer was not getting any shore power. 30 amp breaker under the dinette was ok but reset it anyway with no change. At the pedestal my external surge protector was all green lights showing power with no problem indicated. The power cord green light was on, showing power was on there. Using the breaker, turned the power off and back on at the pedestal, no change. Unplugged and used my 50 amp adapter to change the power source at the pedestal. Still no change. In the morning we packed up and went home. Read the manual and checked the forum. Saw two threads about a circuit board and a whole unit needing to be replaced. With heartburn over how hard it would be to replace the Progressive Industries EMS, I plugged the trailer into my house circuit to do a double check and maybe some trouble shooting. Everything is fine! Display shows E0 and no PE codes showing a previous error! AC works and 110 outlets show power. What was not working is now working just fine 24 hours later. According to the manual if the EMS shut itself down there should be a PE code the next time you turn it on. But I have no PE displayed. Do I write this off as a one time glitch? Gremlins in the trailer? Was there something I missed in the trouble shooting at the campground?
  7. Article in local emagazine about issues in the high country. https://coloradosun.com/2022/02/04/dispersed-camping-chaffee-county/?pico=clean&utm_source=The+Colorado+Sun+Newsletters&utm_campaign=86bb99292c-SUNRISER_2022-02-04&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_61e0bd63dc-86bb99292c-67493130&mc_cid=86bb99292c&mc_eid=f5fc40bb0f Colorado Sun
  8. Also beside a cover I use dielectric grease to keep moisture out of the plug. Should work on bugs too.
  9. Maybe because mind is attached to the basket and higher up than the tongue, but I have no issues with dirt or other debris when traveling.
  10. I have a Coleman Road Trip grill. The regulator is separate and screws into the grill. I ordered a 12' quick connect hose with an adapter that connects to the regulator fitting. You can get multiple accessories including a cook top for skillets and pots. It does take a while to get a 5 qt pot of water to boil.
  11. I have a Coleman Road trip Grill and a Sequoia portable fire ring both have the regulator built into the hose not attached to the thing itself. I had to buy extra hoses for each with quick connect fitting. But I can use either with the quick connect on the trailer or connect to a separate propane tank. There are also kits out there for Weber and Blackstone grills to adapt to quick connects with low pressure.
  12. Speaking of plugged zerks I have one. Looks like it screws out. Are replacements standard that I can find at auto parts or farm supply? Once removed would it be a good idea to clean any gunk behind it? Best way to do that? PS I found a 90 degree tip and it made the job much easier.
  13. Besides the classified on the forum, there are a couple of on line classified sites specific to molded fiberglass trailers. They cater to people selling and looking for Scamps, Casita's, Escapes, and the occasional Oliver. This way you are hitting a more targeted audience who are looking for the same sized and style of your trailer. .
  14. The 1st thing to check is the drain value next to the toilette front wall of the bathroom. Pulled out is open, push in is closed. Should be out in storage so the drain is open. It keeps gray water in the tank from sloshing up into the shower pan when traveling. Any water going down drains backs up quickly if it is shut. If your gray tank is full, you probably do not want to drop any just on the ground at the storage facility. It is frowned upon in most places. The outlet is in the rear bumper and the value behind the hatch that also contains the outside shower. The question would be why the water in the shower when stowed? (Unless you ran some while working in the trailer.
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