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  1. I agree. Best of both worlds. No one can "borrow" it and easy to swap out if there is a problem.
  2. Like a lot of folks, my previous campers have given me the opportunity to have something to tinker with and improve. As an engineer, I just can’t help but want to try to “make improvements”. I was reading through the Oliver Support site and came across the information on the Oliver’s integrated surge protector that has a display unit for showing error codes to indicate various power issues I was wondering if anyone has replaced the Progressive surge protector with a “smart” one that will talk to an app on your phone, tablet or smart watch. A quick Google search revealed one made by Hughes Autoformers in California (https://hughesautoformers.com) (I’m not affiliated with them in any way). Here is a video showing how one guy integrated one into their Class A
  3. More than $80K I would bet.
  4. Mac and ScubaRx, thanks for the great feedback. This is very helpful!
  5. Chuck, The table looks great. I hope you don't mind, I re-posted the pictures in a format that more people will be able to view online without having to download them.
  6. Thanks for that post. Sorry if this has been asked before. Do you use anything to supplement the cushions for sleeping? A memory foam topper? Or something similar.
  7. Overland, As hopeful Oliver owners, we are struggling with the decision between the Standard and the Twin LEII. One of the reasons is that we often camp with friends and our camper would probably be the gathering place for indoor activities when the weather does not allow, for example, a rousing game of dominoes. The Standard floorplan with the large table would meet that need quite well, but as others have mentioned there are drawbacks to that layout. This modification seems to bridge the gab between the two options, allowing you to have your cake and eat it to. I do have a question for you. Do you ever use the lagun table with visitors in your camper? How well does that work? Does it feel like you are sitting on the edge of a bed when you are sitting around the table? Thanks!
  8. Thanks KenB. How does your LC do pulling the LE II? We have an '05 LC so using it as a tow vehicle would not be an option. We would have to use or tow vehicle from our other campers, a 2009 Chevy HD Diesel 2500. Would entertain upgrading our '05 LC to an '08 or newer if we got some feedback that it would tow an Ollie LE2 just fine.
  9. Yes, the more I research the airstreams, the less appealing the "shiny" land yachts become.
  10. beaker is a handle I've used online before that is a reference to my name (B)ryan Kerr... B. Kerr.. hence beaker. It is also a nod to that muppet character, as he is one of our favorites as well. My wife is a microbiologist and science teach and her beaker figurine (of Beaker) can always be found close by.
  11. The doodles are 50# each. They will obey as long as they are indoors. Outside though, they have to be on a leash as they have not had any advanced obedience training yet.
  12. My wife and I have been looking for our “downsizing” camper since the kids went off to college. We had been contemplating getting a used 23 or 25 foot Airstream when I came across the Ollie when doing a Google search for “4 season camper”. We live in Jackson, MS so the Ollie factory was just a quick trip up the Natchez Trace so we did the factory tour last Spring. I was blown away by the quality of the Ollie. We didn’t pull the trigger then for several reasons. One of which was wondering if we could camp in an Ollie with two Golden-doodles. I’m back doing research again on the Ollie. Just can’t get out of my head how well they are built. So if you see a post from me it’s most likely a question to help us decide on a purchase.
  13. As a hopeful future Ollie owner I’d be interested to know what “upgrades” you are contemplating.
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