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  1. We have the 2020 2500HD Duramax w/10sp trans. The more we drive (21k as of today) the more we like it, incl the controversial Chev Grill. The Duramax and 10sp are so smooth!
  2. Dropped in on my Oliver this morning for a wellness check as temps this week in Franklin, Tn will drop to near 20* a couple of nights. The furnace is working great and the batteries are staying well charged, BUT the inverter isnt working! Not good since we’re off to the gulf of Fla in two weeks. Any ideas?
  3. I want to walk back my earlier statement regarding camping in 120 degree heat, especially since i’ve never done it. What i’ve always read about what to expect from a/c performance is that they cool 20 degrees on average. That gets us “down to 100!” Perhaps parking under or next to a large shade producing object would help.
  4. Though I’ve not camped in 120 degree heat, i have in 90+ degree Alabama humidity...not pleasant w/o A/C. If you have a generator to power your A/C, and enough fuel handy to keep it (them) going, i’m guessing you should have no problem keeping your Oliver comfortable for as long as you wish. To my experience, drier air feels cooler, especially when being moved in a small space with the A/C fan.
  5. Re the Chev/Gmc ... The ride does soften but only ever so slightly, and more so under load. For what it’s worth, I was told by the Chev dealer that the z71 package (off road) is the most rigid-ride of the options. Perhaps someone would know if the off-road packages of Ram and Ford ride differently than their non off-road packages? At the end of the day, across all brands, the necessary heavier components (frame, diesel engine, trans, brakes, drivelines, axles, etc) required to give HD diesel trucks higher working margins will naturally cause them to ride far more rigidly than the ride-friendlier light duty pickup/suv. If a friendlier ride on bumpy terrain is near the top of what you value, the light duty truck would hit the mark more effectively.
  6. I have the 2020 Chev 2500HD, z71 4x4, w/Duramax and 10 spd trans. The truck’s drawbacks to me are: rigid ride but only over things like speed bumps and pot holes (Z71 off-road suspension), large hood presence makes for tighter forward view than i like, cooled seats need more cooling umph, and the rear seat climate controls and vents are too limited. The positives, in my opion are many and excellent. The diesel is smooth, powerful and quiet, especially at cruising speeds. The steering feel and responsiveness is calibrated very well, as is the way the vehicle tracks on the road. The ride is very smooth. The technology, though not the latest in some respects works. The multiple camera views work great. The payload and towing #s are excellent with a lot of margin. I’m not saying that the gas options wont get the job done, but having towed and hauled with both gas and diesel, when it comes to getting the vehicle that will have no issues with any of it, i’m guessing you’d be quite happy with any of the big 3’s HD (diesel) options. They are all amazing. Besides all the great features on all these trucks, for me it came down to loving the look of the Chevy grill (seriously), the recent major updates to the Duramax engine, the 10 sp trans, and how planted and correctly calibrated it feels at the steering wheel.
  7. For sure we went overkill. Considered the 3-8” chain at about half the price (and weight) and it would have done the trick, but doubt we’ll regret experiencing the extra peace of mind from amped security of the 1/2” chain. Two generators, two bikes and propane equipment, etc, would be a hassle to replace. As noted, the lock wasnt inexpensive either, but necessary to complete the system.
  8. Seriously, depends on chain length. We went with 30’ so theres plenty of room to secure several things. The chain is over 50 lbs!
  9. Seriously, depends on chain length. We went with 30’ so theres plenty of room to secure several things. The chain is appx 50 lbs.
  10. While nothing is entirely theft proof, when camping and especially boondocking in places where expensive gear is exposed, and especially vulnerable while away from the campsite (esp inverter generators), one way to heavily discourage a would-be opportunist, is a bolt-cutter proof lock and chain. Pictured is a 1/2” chain and lock. It would take a cutting wheel to break it. This chain is from Tulsa Chain. The lock is a Viro. We worry a lot less about our gear things are secured with it.
  11. As so many have said, getting the right product to meet one’s PRIMARY usage need is the issue. We primarily needed 1600 lbs load carrying capacity for our SxS and secure storage for our generators and other gear so went with the heavy DB option. As for leaks, we’ve been in many a torrential downpour without a problem BUT our Silverado 2500 HD truck bed rails are level and flat all around and the bedliner is sprayed on, insuring a level surface. In contrast, one of our Ollie friends has a new Ram 1500 with the 400 lbs DB. his bed liner doesnt set flat on his rails and compresses under the the compression of the DB clamps ... creating a dip at the clamp, and thus a makes sealing more of a challenge. With so many options, it’s a bit crazy-making, challenging and fun(?) to make THE perfect decision. One of my college professors had a good line about making decisions amongst several good options, “go with the option that makes the most sense.” You can always change your mind if something comes along that makes more sense.
  12. We also have a 2020 Silverado 2500HD and sometimes experience the same indicator readout BUT it’s not consistent. Sometimes the readout shows no problem, recognizes the Ollie, etc., and other times the readout indicates a problem. So far, the signals, trailer brakes, Ollie recognition, etc, work fine, regardless of the readout.
  13. Now that the cancelled Oliver Rally is only a few days away, i’m curious how many Ollie owners are still planning camp at Guntersville SP? We will be there Fri around noon and depart Sometime Sun am. Looking forward to meeting those who decide to camp.
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