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  1. Thank you Steve for this very helpful "fishing" advice. A sturdy yet flexible "fishing rod" makes a lot of sense. Regards.
  2. Thanks Mr Overland...I'll give your recommendation a go! Tried to tether the cable coax to the satellite coax and pull it through but the various cables built into the setup must be tied together and/or perhaps harnessed in some way making that process not work for me.
  3. We just added a DirecTV receiver-DVR to the Ollie. The cost was the purchase of the equipment a one time fee of $199, and $7 per month going fwd. The question is, given that the cable connections setup originally installed in the Ollie will remain, HOW AND WHAT PATHWAY WOULD YOU USE TO RUN THE CO-AXIAL CABLE FROM THE RECEIVER TO AN EXIT LOCATION ON THE EXTERIOR HULL? I CANT SEEM TO FIND AN OPEN PATHWAY TO DROP THE CABLE FROM THE BACK CABINET INTO AN OPEN SPACE TO RETREIVE IT. MAKE SENSE? thanks.
  4. Thanks for sharing your thermostat experiences. The setting that is now working for me is "auto and furnace" but it literally took 15 minutes to cycle to (find) that setting combination. Anything with "heat" or "heat strip" turns on the ac. Solar-DC and propane take care of the rest.
  5. Andrew, thanks for the reply. We are camping this weekend and are trying to make the cabin a little more comfortable. Our Ollie's are practically family, separated by just 2 hulls (though ours was adopted Nov 1, 2019 from the original owner who just didnt want to take care of it any longer). The day we took delivery he told me the thermostat is "pretty finicky." Having never cared for an RV, let alone an Ollie, it's ALL a learning experience at this point. When this controller shows "heat" it always (so far) turns on either the a/c and/or its heat strip. However, once every blue moon it will magically display "auto" and "furnace" at the same time and then the furnace works, but only for a single heat cycle...not afterwards. I'm not sure what I'm doing incorrectly as there are very few options on the thermostat from which to choose.
  6. I'm having great difficulty getting the wall mounted thermostat to find the "auto" furnace mode. It wants to use the a/c unit instead of the furnace. Any ideas how to get it to cooperate? My unit is #264, elite Ii.
  7. Re generator options...I appreciate the practical suggestions. Waiting until the Ollie rally to get feedback from experienced owners makes sense. In the meantime I'll continue reading about the options and user experiences, just in case a no-brainer becomes obvious, and in case we need the extra power sooner. As for the Sequoia's air suspension, it has a manual override. Hope it works. We'll find out this Sat when we take delivery and tow the Ollie 550 miles to it's new home. As for changes around Nashville and especially Franklin, (we moved here from Oregon in 2000) freeway and main arterial traffic is a daily challenge as growth has far outpaced infrastructure planning and expansion. There are wrecks every day on the freeways (too much tailgating and texting) making daily rush hour commutes all too frustrating, but far from the congestion of places like Seattle and Atlanta. Home construction and sales have been brisk and prices for custom homes builds in the $250-300 per sqft a norm. There are good restaurants all around the Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville area, as y'all are aware.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. The Sequoia has an adjustable rear air suspension, so hopefully it's travel will help keep us on the level. (Are you suggesting a more robust system?) The seller is including everything including the Anderson anti sway, and will help with install and teaching its use. The cargo netting is a great idea to help manage storage and contain doodle drool. We have much to learn. I'll update our profile and include some photos in the near future. We live in Franklin, Tn, about an hour away from the Ollie factory. Is there a recommendation for portable generators...seems the dual linked Honda system gets the best reviews.
  9. We will join the Ollie Nation next Saturday Nov 2 when we take delivery of "our new" 2017 LE II. After we agreed to purchase the Ollie, we had to decide on a tow vehicle. We looked at the 2019 SRT Durango (6.4), Expedition (3.5 TT), Yukon Denali (6.2) and Sequoia 5.7). We chose the low tech, gas guzzling Sequoia 4wd Platinum, because it fits in our garage, has loads of interior space, is known for reliability, got a lifetime engine and powertrain warranty, and got 12k off MSRP, and a great deal on our trade. We have two 65 lbs golden doodles that pretty much travel everywhere with us, and the 120 CF of space is great for them and stuff. I'm guessing we'll get worse Gas mileage than everyone! We hope to meet many of you in the months and yrs ahead.
  10. The $20k+ savings math is based on a new 2019 built out Elite II that pushes 80K (because of Tn sales tax) vs the slightly used 2017s recently listed $55-60k. I am very interested in Denali Dave's Oliver but cant seem to find out if it's still available.
  11. John, thanks for the advice! You've helped me further imagine the practical grind of managing the space. Seems that we'll need to carry a few washables...rugs and light bedspreads... to manage the extra chaos. Regards, Mac
  12. Thanks for the thoughtful and thorough reply! Very helpful. We are strongly trending toward the Elite 2 but are not in a hurry as wouldnt mind saving $20K getting something lightly used vs new.
  13. My wife and i love the quality of the Oliver product. Our only concern is whether there's enough livable space for 4 living creatures. Would really appreciate some experienced Olly-owner opinions. The dogs (60 lbs goldendoodles) are non-shedding and calm and sleep anywhere they please.
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