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  1. John, thank you for the safety reminders. Traveling through the open county in broad daylight (in Kansas, Ut, ID and Mt) where posted speed limits of 75-80 mph were common, and because the Ollie tows so smoothly with the Andersen system ... I evidently got too comfortable and anxious to put miles in the rear view and pushed it a bit. I didnt imagine that 5-10 mph would make that much difference for the LT Michelins on the Ollie but safety thresholds exist for a reason. Steve, thanks for the encouragement on the truck. I’ve had several great 1/2 ton gassers over the years, but the HD 2500 diesel is in a different category. It’s more truck than I need but now that it’s the reality I don’t regret the extra margin it creates. Rear passenger (Dog(s) space isn’t as nice as the SUV but they’ll adjust. Added a couple of dog beds and rigged a Velcro system to keep them from sliding on the seats ... now need something thin to keep the seat backs clean. Btw, for cargo capacity and management, decided on an aluminum “Diamondback” cover. It definitely inclined toward work-grade over cosmetics. The setup seems durable at handling weight (1600 lbs) and also claims decent security. Time will tell.
  2. John, you’re too technically sophisticated for me! But I really like that about the things you share. The Seq was a 2019 Platinum 4X. We loved much about it. It could have worked had I wanted to “live with some of its drawbacks. I drove always in “tow/haul mode, and some in manual mode, but @ 75 mph the high revs and low mpg were a bit much. Like I said, <200 miles per tank meant constant eyes on the distance to the next gas station. A couple of time we cut it too close between fillips. Another major issue was the constant loading of and unloading of gear. We are looking fwd to having a place to secure things we’re not using and keep them out of the way. all said, we are learning as we do more traveling, and being less technically minded (dumb) means my learning curve is a little longer (and more expensive!). on another note, Power management with generators, solar, age batteries is something I’d like to talk about with someone at the rally in Sept.
  3. Our Sequoia seemed a great All-around vehicle to haul us, or two 65 lbs dogs, the Ollie and various kinds of gear ... (the Ollie also functioned as The cargo carrier for generators, tables, chairs, etc... so it was a regular cycle of packing/unpacking that became a little monotonous on the stop and go overnighters. After 6000 miles from our home in Tn out West (Ks, Ut, Id, Wa, Mt, Wy, SD, Ne, Mo) we grew increasingly dissatisfied with the towing experience of the Seq. Previously we’d done flatland towing, within Tn and to Fl so all seemed great. We loved the roominess, ride and reliability of the Toy, but once we started dealing with elevation, the engine, trans, gear ratio combo made for constant shifting (constant is an understatement) and became so annoying that we almost traded it in while out on the road. (The Seq has a low tow rating of 7100 lbs but with the Andersen hitch stability was never an issue from the standpoint of driving stability.) The transmission overheating warning light also came on once while backing up a 100’ slope. Mpg was also disappointing, from 6-11 depending on elevation and speed. We literally had to fill every 200 miles to be safe and not run out of fuel. Our solution was definitely overkill but after looking at the big three American options we decided to go Silverado, Z71 4X, 2500HD Duramax with the 10sp Allison trans. It’s a long term play as we’re hoping Ollie builds a slightly larger trailer in a few yrs (as we RV for longer stretches a little more interior space will be welcome). The downsides of the pickup are several... way less interior space for the dogs, a lot more rigid/solid ride and less space for gear we want to have in the vehicle, but from a camping standpoint way more functional storage capacity in the bed and a much better towing experience. As others have said, the pull is so effortless you don’t even know the trailer is there.
  4. Total length 27’/width 8.’ ladder from bumper to roof. 4 person dinette, OR, 2 recliners With flip side tables option. Shower stall/dry bathroom induction cooktop option larger tv 30% Larger windows in seating and sleeping areas, plus Add one above kitchen sink. Ducted Heat & A/C Keep twin and queen option with space convertible to multipurpose, like current. Develop or link to a custom shop that retrofits RV parts with marine-grade components (an Ollie package) Larger tanks Dry weight 6000lbs, gvw 8000lbs. Come up with a suspension that extends grease maintenance from 3k to 10k. Offer two suspension and tire options, one for those requiring more extreme use. priced with all options 90k Mac
  5. More to the story...I really wanted the Dodge Durango SRT, 8500 tow rating but it isn’t big enough to handle the dogs and stuff, the gas mileage is even worse than the Sequoia, the engine runs very hot and the exhaust a bit too loud for long hauls. And, my wife wanted the Grand Cherokee SRT, but it lacked charge lol space! Thus the Sequoia. Regards, Mac
  6. after 4 factory tours over 2 yrs, we we’re preparing to order a new Ollie but Out of curiosity prior to pulling the trigger we decided to look at the used market... we decided to save 25k (Tn sales tax 9.25%) and buy a lightly used 2017 LEII. It had the colors we wanted and all major options. The seller had other buyers lined up and wanted to move it. Thus we had to immediately buy a vehicle to tow it. We read reviews and drove several SUVs and decided on the 2109 Sequoia Platinum. The reasons weren’t very technical, we liked the color, my wife’s feet comfortably reached the pedals and floor, it had a lot of room, and drove very nicely. It’s tow rating was low at 7000lbs with the 4WD, the gas mileage is as bad as it could possibly be, at 8-11 mpg when towing, the tech package is outdated but functional. The safety system is great, the ride very comfortable and quiet, and the 5.7 smooth and reliable. We bought it as a tow vehicle but more as a daily driver. Our local Toyota dealer was dumping one remaining on his lot, a brand new ones $12,5k under msrp, and $7.5k below other dealers in the area. The part that sealed the deal was the trade, paid new $42k 2016 TRD 4Runner, sold with 34k miles, got $35k for trade. The numbers were too good, actually unbelievable, On both ends to not make the deal. is it the best tow vehicle..NO. But for what we needed, when we needed it, it was a good deal. And, to top it off, she liked it the best!
  7. A comment about our current experience with a tow vehicle. We have a 2019 Sequoia Platinum, dealer sold at 12500 under MSRP. It tows the LEII with no problem. The 5.7 guzzles fuel, 9-10 mpg. Non hitched it gets 15-17). It works well for us as a daily driver (comfortable, quiet) but especially well for trips. The cargo space is ginormous. If they made one, a diesel Sequoia 9k towing capacity would be great.
  8. Beaker, I found a photo of the two doodles sleeping in the Ollie. I forgot to mention, our Ease of travel depends on where and how they lie down. Sometimes both are curled up and out of the way, sometimes one is by the door and only one is in the way, and sometimes they’re sprawled out both in the way and we step over and around. They also sometimes stand up and then there’s plenty of room. BTW, a while ago Phil mentioned when we might see a larger Ollie hit the market. He said the plans are on the drawing board for a larger and wider unit, but to expect nothing for 3-5 yrs. A He threw out specs in the neighborhood of 30’x8.’ I imagine how nice that extra space and Ollie quality would feel in a lot of applications.
  9. Hi beaker, our two 70lbs goldendoodles lay on the floor without a problem (on blankets to absorb wet and dirt when applicable. They are chill and not hyper, even though they have good play energy, but in the trailer they seem pretty calm perhaps because of tighter space. There is room to step between their legs and get around them but the Ollie isn’t a wide open runway. We looked at AS and liked the width and lighted feel and views, but didn’t like the build quality or the maintenance. For us, the smaller, more maneuverable, high quality build, and the Oliver reputation for service after the sale won out over the inconvenience of the lesser space. We make less space work and have gotten used to it. There are trade offs and consequences no matter the choice. The reality for us is, once inside most time is spent reading, cooking, some tv and sleeping, stationary stuff, rather than moving around a lot. We also bought a “clam” outdoor screened tent to stretch and hang out during the day and evening as a change of pace.
  10. I considered the Ryobi but after looking at customer reviews on the Ryobi 2300, The positive reviews were great. It’s the number of less than great that incline me away. My blood pressure pump doesn’t have very good tolerance for things that don’t work well or have to be returned or fixed often. It may cost 2x but I’ll probably have a less stressed existence using the blue one. 😊
  11. Good reminder, John. I’m going Yamaha 2200i over the Honda, because of the fuel indicator, higher fuel capacity and carb drain feature. However, I do like the smaller and lighter footprint and slightly quieter run of the H. Though the Red machine is more popular, I’m going Blue this time. Thanks!
  12. Thank you for sharing your opinions and experiences. I’m very thankful that there are good options at several price points. The feedback has helped me narrow my priorities to: noise levels, power output, reliability, size and weight, warranty, ease of maintenance, and fuel efficiency. What’s clear to date is I’m definitely going with parallel capable units of 2000-2200w, due to power flexibility, and the unit‘s weight as we’ll need to move it in and out of the Sequoia and/or Ollie a lot. PS... this past Friday I spoke with a man claiming to be a long tenured customer service advisor at Yamaha Generators about generator build quality and country of manufacture. I was curious about the premium pricing of both Honda and Yamaha generators compared to all others. I’d assumed the reason being they were made in Japan. Wrong! He said that ALL brand name generators today are made in China. He said that ONLY Honda and Yamaha have their own factories and therefore maintain their own standards for parts and build quality, and thus the premium pricing. He said ALL other brands to his knowledge use common manufacturers, with less stringent specs. Obviously I have no idea if what he said is true, and no way of knowing how the parts and build quality compares. For what it’s worth....
  13. In preparation for our upcoming trip And desire for an outdoor living space with bug and a little wind/rain protection, just bought a Clam product. It seems well constructed and thoughtfully designed. It literally takes about a minute to pop it open, and would appear no more than another couple of minutes to stake it or tie it down. Takedown was simple too. The unit we purchased came with Velcro attachable weather panels for wind/rain. It has no floor, seems plenty of room for 4-6 lounge chairs, two large dogs and other stuff, including a regular size picnic table. It comes in a long duffel bag. We looked at an REI version, and though less expensive, didn’t feel right for us.
  14. So, you’re saying, price saving of 75% matters? I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for weighing in! Hadn’t really looked at them given the massive # of 5star reviews of the 2 priciest options. Tractor Supply is everywhere around here...Franklin, Tn.
  15. Thanks SeaDawg ...Sherry! I wasn’t aware of the 2 recalls...guess my “research wasn’t very thorough! I’ve had both Honda and Yamaha motorcycles, they were bulletproof. The Honda felt smoother, like a sewing machine, the Yamaha felt tougher, like a washing machine. Does the tag Sea = Seattle? Dawg = UW Huskies?
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