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  1. Looks great! How do y like it so far?
  2. jo79RI


    Doesn't that cause the truck battery to go dead?
  3. Would some of you like to share how one cooks while living for months at a time in your Oliver? The refrigerator and freezer don't hold much, and it looks like most cook outside when possible.
  4. Great analysis. Does that mean prices come down?
  5. What does one look for when searching for a tow vehicle in terms of hitch wires, and hookups needed. How many wire harness? Also, how does the back up camera hook up to the truck?
  6. The wifi booster you can get from Oliver works also?
  7. For options, are the cell phone booster and wifi booster both needed? What about the television antenna? How does a wifi hotspot fit into the equation? Does one need an unlimited data plan for cell phones?
  8. I have never driven a truck or towed anything, so yes, I am researching as much as I can. I live in Rhode Island, and plan on going south for the winter for a few months, and west to national parks in the springs for a few months. So much traveling across the country. I am leaning towards the Toyota Tundra, but have not been to the dealer. Will get a vehicle that is a few years old.
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