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  1. It seems HD trucks require commercial license plates in rhode island (and other states it seems). Does this require us to stop at all weigh stations?
  2. Has anyone installed the GMC camera for a Sierra HD truck on their Oliver? This functions with the GMC camera system, once installed. Can Oliver install it? Are there instructions anywhere?
  3. From what I understand, one would order the 2.5 inch hitch, medium, with the 2-2 5/16 inch ball?
  4. The 2.5 hitch only comes with the medium adjustment. Would that be the one to get?
  5. Hello All. I will be towing with a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Gas truck. What do I need to purchase for a ball when I drive down to Tennesee? Also, is the Anderson hitch worth ordering for this TV? I have seen various posts for balls and ones that can be lowered, so I am not sure which to order. Seems to me as if the truck and Oliver Elite Ii are both about 23 inches at the towing connection?
  6. We have not picked ours up yet, but will plan on storing it outdoors when not in use.
  7. Doesn't that cause the truck battery to go dead?
  8. Would some of you like to share how one cooks while living for months at a time in your Oliver? The refrigerator and freezer don't hold much, and it looks like most cook outside when possible.
  9. Great analysis. Does that mean prices come down?
  10. What does one look for when searching for a tow vehicle in terms of hitch wires, and hookups needed. How many wire harness? Also, how does the back up camera hook up to the truck?
  11. The wifi booster you can get from Oliver works also?
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