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  1. @Overland & @Raspy - Great information about this hitch and jack. Thanks for your effort to write this up and share it with us. Did either of you consider the Lock & Roll hitch? (https://locknroll.com/) I am interested in your thoughts or if others have installed on their Ollies. Thanks again, stay safe. Bill
  2. https://tpwd.texas.gov/newsmedia/releases/?req=20200407a
  3. Looks very nice and functional. Nice build. Congrats!
  4. In researching this topic, I came across a post from BackofBeyond. He has built his own covered "Ollieport". Nice work and good inspiration.
  5. Where so you store your trailer when you are not travelling in it? Do you keep it at home or in a storage facility? Is it covered? Climate controlled? Do you connect it to water/sewer/30A hookups when in storage? When you are not travelling, how often do you access your trailer? This will be our first travel trailer (RV of any kind). We will probably travel in it 4-6 times per year and I am wondering about storage and maintenance. I would love to keep it at home (for ease of access for maintenace and mods) , but I have no covered facility here. I would love to hear your advice and best practices Thanks in adavance, Bill
  6. Hello Oliver fans - Wife and I are looking at trailers online and came across Oliver. They appear to be well-made. Maybe someday soon we can join you as owners. Until then - we will continue our research. Happy (and healthy) trails- Bill
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