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  1. Really appreciate Oliver creating this camping space not only for return service but pickups of new trailers as the walk is short to help and obtain resolution during shakedown. But, seriously, all of the pictures of the new camping spots which include the Queue of Elite IIs awaiting delivery are KILLING me! I can see my new, but yet to be delivered to me Ollie in many of the images and it is becoming difficult to stand the wait for delivery this coming week. Ugh, like the wait for Christmas.
  2. Uhual travel trailers were built this way.
  3. We aren't having kids tag along on our adventure so the Elite II works well for our situation. If our requirements were like yours I think we would just find a SOB with a front bedroom and rear bunks and spend the remaining $ on either building or renting indoor storage so as to protect it from roof degradation/leaks and sidewall delamination and maintenance when things happen. Once the kids were either grown enough to either sleep in a tent or out of the house, we would move to something like the Ollie. The most important thing it sounds to you is to get the kids out camping sooner rather than later (Kudos to you). Best wishes in your search for the right trailer to get your Family out on the road.
  4. what about using a collapsable, kids camping bunk bed in the dinette space until the kids are old enough to be by themselves in a tent? Some of the bunks even convert to a loveseat for daytime use (seating)
  5. would you buy a home located somewhere you didn't want to live, just because it was less expensive? This question was helpful to me in overcoming the cost of a Oliver. Good luck in your journey!
  6. I am 6’6” tall and have a LEII (Twin) set for delivery in September. The bath is not an issue as it will be used while seated (mostly) anyway. Plenty of height to walk around in socks inside. initially was going for the standard for the bed length but after looking at a few Twins decided to go the twin route and try it. If it does not work there are plenty of options to gain bed length and breadth, including converting to the Standard layout. I have a feeling I will make the Twin work as I am a side and stomach sleeper. Will report back this coming Spring Most other trailers out there (save for Airstream) would not allow me to stand upright inside so a no-go, regardless of price. Airstream was out due to hail and, well, Thor. If you can make it to the sales office do it and spend a lot of time in both twin and standard models. Stretch out, sit on the throne in the bath, walk around back and forth inside, sit at the dinette. I think you will find you can make it work. good luck!
  7. Before placing my order on a Legacy II I seriously looked at a new AS Bambi 22FB. It too is narrower than most trailers, the overall length I desired and I could stand up inside. Base pricing was about the same (2020) and I liked the layout. Upon further research though I chose Oliver for hull strength, construction quality, insulation, higher ground clearance and payload (dual axle vs. single). AS certainly does have a interior design wow factor but so too does Ikea. Thor ownership was also a negative. Best wishes in your search for the right trailer
  8. from the buildsheets I have since I first started looking at Olivers; 2018 = 53.9 2019 = 53.9 2020 = 55.9 2021 = 57.5
  9. Once the picture of Matt Foley goes up on the wall and the hula dancer gets affixed to the counter this will be a certainty
  10. Not too far behind you (Sept). Same interior colors and options as yours. Nice to have a preview of what ours will look like. Enjoy!
  11. My suggestion is to get ahold of a camper, pickup with a shell, van or even a tent and sleeping bag and pad and get out there and try the lifestyle. Whether you buy, borrow or rent doesn’t matter. Trying it (for a few days or a week at a time) will tell you quickly if you find peace in the experience or are freaked out by the changes you encounter. If you find that you like camping then see if you can find a small camper to buy, even if you end up placing a order for a Oliver. While you wait to make your decision, or wait for your trailer to be manufactured you will gain invaluable experience which will serve you well in the ling run Have fun!
  12. FYI… He died in a car accident not long (months) after taking delivery. His trailer was moved to CO by his daughter and purchased by one of our members this past Dec/Jan. I believe it now resides South of Denver.
  13. Prices for the Hinkle book vary widely. We were fortunate to find one on the Thriftbooks.com site for about $30
  14. A local dealer in N. MI has two of these on their lot. Have only seen them from afar (at a campground in Tucson last January). At $64k with solar and AGM and $70k (lithium), they appear priced at Oliver level. The idea of hydraulic suspension is cool. You will have to let us all know what you think of it after you have had it a while.
  15. Glad I have a 2018. V8, trans cooler and better looking to boot!
  16. We had looked at Black Series before deciding on Oliver but the dealer in Denver stopped carrying them due to quality issues. That plus seeing them in person was enough to make up our mind. Glad to be sitting where we are and awaiting our new Elite II in September.
  17. Dog food, cat food and coffee. Bread, peanut butter, jam and oatmeal. Luna bars and jerky.
  18. Nice looking Ollie. Which graphics color(s) did you select?
  19. Makes the 2021 Ram 3500 Mega Cab 6.7l Cummins I spotted on the dealers lot seem like a bargain at $91k! 😆
  20. We successfully ran our SOB trailer with three 100W panels (way over-paneled), a mppt controller and two 80Ah AGMs and had lots of power to run the compressor fridge/freezer, lighting, device charging and 120v television. Granted, we don’t use much power and only have a 100w inverter. The 340w of solar, 2000w inverter and four 6v AGMs in the new Oliver should be overkill for us, but looking forward to it. We will get microwave delete and don’t plan to use a lot of amp-heavy appliances, save for the occasional toaster oven and coffee maker when plugged-in.
  21. Tab 400 made a solo model with a single twin bed
  22. We have been running a Dometic CFX-35 in the bed of our tow vehicle now for a year and find it to be an excellent addition to the fridge in our current SOB trailer. Plan is to keep this compressor fridge in the TV after getting the Ollie in September. The setup we have to run the chest compressor fridge in the bed of the truck is a 100W solar panel mounted on the roof rack on the truck shell run to a MPPT controller which then feeds two 12v AGM batteries mounted to the front of the truck bed. Never had any issues with being able to run the dometic either in fridge or freezer mode 24/7 and then fully recharging the batteries the next day. This system is NOT tied into the TV electrical, rather a stand-alone system. Planning to use it after getting the Ollie to charge Ollie batteries when Ollie is parked in the shade by parking TV is full sun and running wires from battery bank in truck bed to Zamp port on Ollie instead of hauling around a ground mount, portable panel. The Dometic sips amps and is useful for either overload food or to freeze a lot of water bottles/freezer packs for use in a cooler when away from the trailer.
  23. We are doing the same (keeping current camper until convinced the Ollie is the way to go). However, I suspect the old one will sit unused and then later sold.
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