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  1. On 10/30/2022 at 8:55 AM, Mattnan said:

    I am coming to the good and knowledgeable people of this forum for feedback.

    We sold our 2019 Ollie Elite 2 twin in the spring of 2022.  We enjoyed the Ollie very much and it worked very well for us.  We went on 2 long trips and a couple of 3 to 5 day excursions.  We were new at camping.  Our longest trip was Maine to Florida to Lane Mead, Grand Canyon and back via Zion, Moab, route 66 and home.  The other long trip Maine to Florida.  We were out 45 days and needed to return early from that trip at the onset of Covid.  Our initial plan was to do these 2 big trips and sell the camper because we stay in Maine in the summer and go boating. 

    Well turns out that we miss camping and are considering getting another camper.  Always wanting to try something different we are thinking of trying truck camping.  We don't anticipate the long 4 month trips again but some of a couple of weeks in the shoulder seasons and winter.

      I am looking for feedback from those who might have tried truck camping. Pros and Cons.  We wouldn't be doing extreme off road camping more likely roads you could take the Ollie on if prepared.  I will admit towing for me was not relaxing.  

    We realize we would need a more capable truck than our half ton tundra.  Would look for a 1 ton 8ft bed.  We have done some preliminary shopping based on research and are leaning toward a Northern Lite 10-2 model.  It feels almost as large as our Ollie inside and it is a 2 piece fiberglass camper.  It is advertised as a 4 season camper.  We don't want slides.  When we told the different dealers we had an Ollie they all pointed us to Northern Lite.  (No Big Foot in our area)  We also looked at Lance and NuCamp Cirrus.  We saw Artic Fox and some others.  I think the Northern Lite 10-2  has as much or possibly more interior storage as our Ollie and has some exterior storage too.  The quality seemed as close to the Ollie as any of its competitors.  Some th I be we liked better than the Ollie other areas the Ollie clearly shined.  No need to carry a ladder!  We did like our Ollie for the brightness, construction, and reliability but the opportunity to try something different is intriguing.

    You may commence the laughing and/or stoning!!!

    I have experience in the popup truck camper world.  Both a soft side (Jayco) and hard side (Alaskan).  The PITA of this type is that it stays on the truck and comes with you when ever you drive the truck.  If I were in your shoes, I would look at something hardsided and fiberglass which you could unload at the campsite with electric jacks and stabilize for use while there and drive away in the truck when you wanted to day explore or sightsee.  Both Bigfoot and Northern Lite are well made campers (likely there are others which would have this capability of functioning standalone off the truck).  I recommend avoiding slideouts (I know I would).  Camped next to a couple last Winter in a really nice, late model Arctic Fox truck camper with two slides.  They loved their camper but hated the slides as they failed three times in two years.

    If you don't mind keeping the camper on the trailer, both Hallmark and Outfitter make nice popup truck campers with composite roofs.  Nice thing about these campers is that they are lower profile while driving so you get better gas mileage and feel sidewinds less.

    Re: Bigfoot, the dealer in Henderson, CO (Trailer World) does a lot of business with people from other states and are a very low pressure, Family run business.  I am in no way affiliated, just know of them and dealt with them when shopping for a trailer before settling on Oliver.  They might be an option.


    Good luck

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  2. 31 minutes ago, Fargoman said:

    Thanks for all the good responses. Two questions:

    Are the windows secured in the hull only by the butyl tape adhesive?

    What's your technique for smoothing the caulking bead when using silicone or hybrid caulks that require mineral spirits to clean?

    I've only used caulking around the house that can be cleaned with soap and water, and use a wetted finger or a damp grouting sponge to smooth the caulk bead.

    Assuming all windows are installed similarly as the bathroom window, the window is sealed on the outside by both butyl and caulk and secured to the hull by several screws from the inside which sandwich the hull between the inner and outer metal window frames.  Once these screws are removed from the inside, the inner frame comes off easily.  Best to have someone on the exterior holding the window in place as you remove the screws in case the butyl and caulk gives way and the window falls to the ground (mine was held tight by these two materials and necessitated the use of a plastic razor and a plastic putty knife on the exterior between the hull and frame to release the window from the hull).

    If I recall, I cleaned the hull opening first with a plastic razor blade, followed by a microfiber cloth with mineral spirits, followed by another cloth and alcohol.  

    The butyl rope was applied fully encircling and around the underside of the window lip.  When you place the new window in the opening the butyl compresses between the window frame and the hull, creating a hidden seal between the two.  Careful tightening of the screws holding the inside window frame compresses the butyl and draws the exterior window frame to the hull.

    I used a dripless caulk gun and cut the nozzle very near the tip so it had a small, beveled opening. You only need a small bead of caulk around the window. Application did not require much caulk nor any smoothing.  I suppose you could use blue masking tape both on the hull and window frame, exposing only the area you wished to have caulk applied, then use your finger to smooth, removing tape before caulk dried.  If you are not used to caulking, I recommend practicing on the joint created by a couple of boards screwed together til you get the feel.  

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  3. 4 hours ago, AndrewK said:


    Replacing a window is really a very simple process.  The only real work is removing the old caulk.

    I have found using just butyl tape works very well, requires no caulking and is a much cleaner installation.   

    If you are anywhere near San Diego, I would be more than happy to help you with it.


    I concur.  I just replaced my bathroom window under warranty (the issue was a Lippert issue and not due to Oliver production).  Service sent me the new window, butyl rope and caulk.  Mike patiently walked me through the steps of removal, surface prep and reinstallation.  It went quite well and was very simple to both remove and install.  I was quite nervous before I started.  Now after having done it I wouldn't hesitate on performing the procedure.

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  4. On 10/28/2022 at 10:57 AM, Katjo said:

    We all love our Ollie’s but….If you could change/add one thing on your Oliver what would it be? 

    I would love a window over the kitchen galley. 

    As improbable as it would be since it would require expensive mold changes, I would enjoy 80" twins instead of the 75".  

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  5. On 10/13/2022 at 8:05 AM, MnM said:

    For those of you who use "The Collar" device, what size Discus lock do you use?   Under the theory that larger is almost always better on a padlock, wondering if the larger 80mm Abus lock fits but the hole on the collar.   In theory it does... 7/16 shackle should go thru a just under 1/2 hole in the collar, but wondering what others are using.

    I have the smaller size. Fits fine   


  6. On 7/21/2022 at 1:25 PM, Ollietime said:

    But wait, there's more...

    • Rated for vehicles including motorized RV and off-road use; not approved for trailer use including travel trailers and fifth wheels.


    this is the rack I use.  On their website they state that it IS rated for read of trailer use, so long as used in a 1.25" receiver and not with the adapter in a 2" receiver.



  7. For those of us who are dog lovers, IKEA has rubber coat hooks which are normally hung with a screw but a command strip will also stick it securely to gelcoat. I put one up near the bathroom door as a coat/leash holder. 



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  8. I will also be in Quartzsite in early-mid Feb.  Coming from altitude in CO so will arrive Winterized.  Sounds like we may need to start a new thread to coordinate a mini rally in the Q this Winter?  I have stayed at Dome Rock, La Posa South, Scadden wash and Hi Jolly.  Each has its pros/cons but each was a nice stay.  Have fun!


    Hope to see some of you in AZ again this Winter!

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  9. 19 minutes ago, Kirk Peterson said:


    Not a lot of room on the Oliver, especially if you have solar panels. I'm not sure they would fit anywhere. Did you have an idea about a mounting location?


    I might get two of these and make a table that would attach to the side of the Ollie, using a telescoping leg to support the outer edge.  I camp in a lot of windy places and have yet to find. table that doesn't need to be taken down each night and put away so it doesn't blow over. I might even get a third to mount a wireless backup camera.  


    The bike racks are interesting but I am not sure I am ready to trust suction cups to hold bikes to the rear of a travel trailer.  Same with the solar panel mounts, however if I didn't already have solar the suction mounts might be cool to use for a panel or two when in camp and not wanting to place the panels on the ground.

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  10. Has anyone used any of Seasucker's items on their Ollie or on a fiberglass boat?  I am intrigued by several of their items and was hoping for a Ollie testimonial before pulling the trigger.  


    Their lineup appears appealing as it includes everything from paper towel holders, safety handles, solar mounts, bike rack and bare suction mounts which can be customized to whatever utility is desired.  Very pricey but I am intrigued.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Townesw said:

    Looking for a pair of wings. Bonus if they are white fiberglass. Extra bonus if they have 12v red lamps on the tips. Have seen these on vintage and retro trailers and I’m going to figure out how to put them on my LEII. I’ll be the first. Everyone will be jealous. I bet Oliver will even make them standard. Or a least an option. 


    edited to add: don’t tell my wife. It’s really her Oliver. It’s going to be a surprise. 

    I love your idea.  Let us know how you come out and provide pics please.

    You got me thinking and had these not been sold out I would have bought a pair for the upper, rear, side corners of my Ollie (imagine the fun driving at night around Halloween). 



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  12. On 8/11/2022 at 8:52 AM, Rivernerd said:

    When running the furnace all night, along with an absorption fridge/freezer, how much propane is burned per day?  In those conditions, how often must two 20-lb. propane tanks be refilled? 

    Experience running fridge on LP, using LP furnace set to 65 every night when temps are below freezing (dog water dish left outside froze solid each night) and using cooktop minimally I could go eight days on a 30# tank

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