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  1. Thanks Bill and all. I did it yesterday and it was super simple. Different from the video at the top in that the zerk were on the outside vs facing inside (which seems like it might have been much simpler). I had 8 per side -- 2 on the top of where the Dexter attaches. Those were angled zerks, so they were pretty easy too. I did pull the wheels off for ease of getting to the zerks. Now that I know what I'm doing, I may try it without removing the wheels next time. All told, probably a half hour and next time it'll be quicker - unless I forget everything I learned this time (and that's as likely as not to be the case). Since I took the wheels off, I didn't need the angled grease gun tip, but next time when I try it with wheels on, I can see how the angled tip will help.
  2. I'm greasing mine tomorrow for the first time. I've got an angled tip for the grease gun. Can anyone tell me how many zerks on a 2017 LEII? Also, any tips beyond what's already mentioned above are welcome. Thanks!
  3. Thank you. That seemed to do it. Still not pumping in like the others but I got some in. Really appreciate it!
  4. I just got home to Colorado from a month in sunny Arizona. I've got EVERYTHING done to put it back in storage where it will be subject to freezing temps. BUT, I can't get any pink anti-freeze to go into the City Water spigot. Fresh water inlet, water pump inlet, black tank flush inlet all take the pink but it feels like the City Water may have already frozen as I traveled home. It's going to drop temps to freezing and below in the next few hours. I checked behind the washer/screen. All clear. No ice inside the fixture for the inch or so I can check. Thot about running a ext cord out there and trying a hair dryer to warm it up? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  5. Hi. Hull #297, 2017 LEII. This may well be operator error, but sometimes when I turn on the furnace i get just the furnace. Nice! But other times when I turn on the furnace, I get the furnace as well as the A/C. When the A/C comes on, it blows cold. This particular trip, I had used the furnace exclusively with good results. Then the other day, I ran the A/C in the afternoon. The next morning, I believe is when turning on the furnace also started up the A/C. Note: I do see that when selecting heat on the thermostat, I can chose 'heatstrip' or 'furnace' and am specifically choosing 'furnace'. BTW - I'm happy with the furnace when I get it only. Mine is quiet enough for this old guy who is HOH. Not so happy with the A/C. Besides the loudness, it doesn't do a great job of cooling the space off. I say these last two points not to start a dialog one furnace or A/C; those have been done. Thanks in advance for any input you may have.
  6. As of this morning, the $899 price has returned to the normal $949.
  7. Just saw this... https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XX197GJ/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_8?smid=A176A93HEI2X0X&psc=1 Hadn't seen the price drop from $950 for quite some time. Get 'em while they're hot!
  8. Do you have a source for the orange retainers? (Asking for a friend!!)
  9. I've been continuing to think about how to best bring along my mountain bike on my camping travels. There have been some pretty elegant solutions here on the forum. I got to thinking about the bike rack I used with my Wrangler pretty successfully in the past. Yesterday I pulled off the spare tire cover to investigate. Looks to me like it could be done. Simple - maybe not as much as I'd hoped, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd need to fabricate a spacer to place between the wheel and the mount in order to push the spare about an inch rearward. Doing so would then allow the 'hook' part at the forward top of the rack to grab the tire. I think I could find attachment points for the strapping. I'd also have to be able to re-mount the license plate and light elsewhere, as well as cover the license plate section of the spare tire cover for those times I'm not hauling the bike and want the tire covered, specifically during storage. I think it might work. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  10. Yep - AndrewK above helped me immensely! I was quoted $3300 by Oliver to add solar to my 2017 new-to-me LEII. Ended up buying 2 Zamp panels with wiring and a 3-port roof cap (all same as Oliver uses) from a Zamp vendor, mounting kit from Amazon (same as Oliver uses) an a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 controller from Amazon. Ended up need some miscellaneous connectors but all in, I was around $1700 if memory serves. If you trailer is preconfigured for solar (and I understand most if not all are -- but check!) it is relatively easy. I spent a couple of sunny afternoons doing the install and another connecting everything up. My controller allows me to monitor the system and batteries from my phone when I'm within bluetooth range. It was pretty nerve-wracking to drill that first hole thru that beautiful roof, but the rest were 'easy'. AndrewK knows his stuff and was incredibly generous with his input, advice, and encouragement. I've done it and would do it again. Please feel free to message me anytime. BTW - not sure of the status of solar tax credits but I did mine last year and still got a nice credit.
  11. Great info in this thread. Thanks all! Anyone have any thoughts re: I like to use my Weber Q1200 and my CampChef Fire pit at home AND when I'm camping with the Ollie. Looks like the fire pit could be just a matter of swapping out the hoses each time from the original that has the regulator on the bottle end to a quick connect hose. The Weber, having the regulator at the stove end... Would love to hear thots of anyone who's done this. Thanks in advance. I should have read Patriot's post above. The video shows exactly how to set up the Weber Q for both uses. Thanks!
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