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  1. Not totally "off the shelf" components', but close. Brackets are uni-strut fasteners from Home Depot (pre drilled/zinc coated, .250 x 1.00 flat bar and angle). 1/2" bolts/nuts/washers from the local Fastenal supplier and the short piece of grip-strut was a drop from the local steel supplier. All in, the multi-purpose tongue step/genset platform cost me $30. If I would have had to purchase the usual minimum length (10') of grip-strut, the project would have been much more expensive. I isolated the brackets/bolts from contacting the AL OTT frame with simple spacers made from some HDPE sheet stock and PEX tubing I had lying around from previous projects. https://www.unistrutohio.com/general-unistrut-fittings Depending on what I carry on the rack, the tail gate clears as long as the truck/trailer is straightened out. But, I use an extended length hitch. No Anderson stuff required. TV is a Ford F350 and the tailgate is higher above the ground than most rigs. I usually have a short Pelican case, through bolted to the platform, caring blocks/gloves/misc stuff or don't care anything on the tongue. I prefer to leave it open and use it as a step when transitioning from the bed of the truck to the ground. Most of the crap I think I need to drag along is in the bed of the truck in Pelican cases or stored in the rear passenger area. I originally intended to re-purpose a Pelican 1660 case for a tongue box...didn't like the look. I purchased the propane powered genset specifically for the OTT and have yet to use it, except in testing. Solar meets most of our boon-docking/back country trip needs. I plan to fabricated a plate for the genset which will allow me to directly attach and lock it to the tongue platform. For now, a couple of Mac's straps do the job. A simple draw string bag covers the genset during travels. Tie down straps I had a detailed installation posted but it, along with other postings, disappeared after the website "upgrade". Mark
  2. A few scratches and dings to Ollie are expected as we navigate the graveled western mountain roads and byways in our travels. The minor scuffs on the wheels pale compared to the scratches from tree branches, super highway road rash/dings and mud covered bottom parts after a trip. One can only do so much to protect from real on/off road usage and minor damage. The only way I know to keep the OTT looking new is to not use it...YMMV.
  3. When I feel the need to secure the OTT (rarely), a high quality lock and chain passed through the wheel holes is my attempt to deter thieves. Satisfying the insurance company I made an attempt to secure our property, is likely crucial in a theft claim, but I've never had a claim so speak from zero experience. If a thief really wants your stuff, most locking devices are easily over come with knowledge and tools. But I hope one would look at the chain/lock set-up and move on to an easier target. Destroying the door or breaking windows in order to access/steal stuff inside is more of a concern. Big dog deterrents are stalking the perimeter during most off-grid camping days. Links to the sources I used. I prefer manufacturer approved distributors/dealers, simply because of the counterfeit/fake stuff prevalent on the big market sites. YMMV 10ft chain: PEWAG Security Chain Lock: ABUS Lock I've also purchased locks from these reputable folks: Taylor Security
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