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  1. There is a dealer in Norcross, Ga but he is out of stock....the Bigfoot is a 4 seasons camper....the 17.5 single axle, the 21 and 25 foot ones are dry baths...17.5 is a wet bath. Also there is an Escape fiberglass camper in Canada...Escape just came out with new design a 21 foot....2 floor plans. Be aware some people advertise with Canadian dollars which make them look really expensive....verify before moving on..
  2. In this day and age I have a hard time believing folks.....dealer In particularly ....lol Could be also service vehicles...or maybe they are finished but waiting on a common part coming from china....the stopper in the canal a while back may have back logged alot of parts....
  3. That looks like demand is slowing or price is too high for market...both maybe
  4. I have been tempted to remove the fiberglass bases in my Casita independence dlx...and build it like I want it....I built my own camper van a few years back. It was alot of work......I am trying to find a solution....I've been looking at the Bigfoot 17.5 with a galcho bed that I could remove and built in a large twin.....bigfoot is roomy compared to my casita.....as far a the market for solo.....their are thousands of solo travelers out there....but the van conversions are filling the need...
  5. Alot of first time buyers....during This Pandemic buying Frenzy....most have not seen a Oliver due to how scarce they are....its alot of money to part with.....especially on impulse....just remember to accept that 90% of the people will not show....go about your day as usual......have them call a couple hours out so you know they are really on their way. If they keep changing the day and time....tell them you are no longer interested in selling. I have driven thousand of miles total looking at trailers and rvs....but first I do my research..get plenty of photos top to bottom, inside doors, especially maint records....detailed....in your case its new....most do very little research or make an effort to find one and go in it to see if it works for them. Just taping off the size on the floor with blue tape will give you an idea if its too small....I am one person and can make just about any small camper work for me....my issue is I look and see all the wasted space with the extra bed, extra dinette seat and wish someone would build a solo unit in fiberglass.....good luck and sometime it takes time to sell such a new unit...even at a discount.
  6. Rare as hens teeth and rocking horse poop!!!....lol
  7. If you pull this photo you can see it with a white truck....this is only the 4th one that I have ever seen....does it belong to anyone on here..
  8. I spotted this OLIVER traveling on 285 near Decatur/Atlanta. Was excited to see my first Oliver rolling down a highway. Name and number on back was "Bright Star" #451.....wonder if it belongs to a forum member?? Happy Trails....
  9. TST system, one color monitor, 2 sensors and a repeater. I got mine from Alice at Accent my ride in Duluth, Ga. The price was 239.00. She can get other items too. Nice lady, she met me half way in the Target parking lot. I know the price was right...alot less than the TST company she gets them from. I did not need the repeater on my 17ft Casita but kept it in case I need one on the Oliver. They work great and I was so relaxed knowing with a glance at the monitor that all was good. It monitors the tire pressure and the temperature. As you drive the tires and axles warm up and you can see the increase in both and then they stay constant. Safety First! accentmyride@outlook.com
  10. I know those wood table tops are beautiful. Maybe a mix of maple and rosewood
  11. What attention to detail! Excellent job...makes my neck and back ache just thinking about how you "Houdini it" in such tight places....5 gold stars!
  12. Overland, when you say glued down do you mean adhesive in a tube, hopefully not 5200 marine type (never coming loose type) . I saw someone hard a sink cover up and it looked like they had installed 2 sided 3m extreme outdoor tape to secure top ( from a better shower head mod).nope, looking closer he used 3m velcro... be better off having corian counters made..a bit heavier but would not have to have them shipped back and forth to TN plus refinishing cost. Plus I could have a 4 inch extra added at stove side to give more counter space plus add a one burner and delete the 2 burner ( I rarely cook inside...hate the smell).
  13. How is the finish on the counter tops/tables applied, how are they removed/installed. If I purchase a unit with these how would you suggest I do this. I think if I took them out and let the factory do the finish the I would reinstall them ( I have done boats, camper and home upgrades/renovations in the past ).
  14. I am still in my Casita but wanted to say that I use my sink very little. I don't cook inside so clean up is done outside. I enjoy long hot showers and stay in campgrounds....I enjoy the walk to the showers...find them clean...I still wear shower shoes. And this may be TMI, but I never use the the camper toliet for anything but #1 and dispose of paper in a small lined container/trash can that I empty daily. Dumping is a breeze and I have zero issues. I really like having the camping adventure which reminds me of my younger days of tent camping...except now my sleeping is dry, warm/cool, not on the hard ground/... comfortable...lol. I'm sure I will try boondocking someday but until now this is how I travel....
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