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  1. https://www.marine31.com/marine-31-boat-care.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwqdn1BRBREiwAEbZcRxJwSzIXcNtaZixnpuqpLRfwKe7Jdm0YerWCs3zC8MewmCQeuf0KchoCsxMQAvD_BwE I did find this product Marine 31...might be worth a try
  2. Call the factory and see if they have replacements...or fInd out the brand of window and size...call the window factory and order new...that mildew will never come off once stained. I used 303 on all my weatherstrips, mouldings...I am detailing my 2004 truck that sits outside and the moulds are soft and not cracking....it works..great on tires, seats, dash....developed for the aviation industry...
  3. I used hydrogen peroxide in a spay bottle...it breaks down the blood proteins and you can wipe the bugs off in 5 minutes or so.....better than anything I've found.
  4. I chuckled when I saw this because when you need something you just have to make it. I made a trike carrier out of one of those harbor freight carriers...worked great..
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