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  1. Mossemi, excellent, thank you for the picture. Today Oliver confirmed that our charge converter and inverter are lithium compatible and therefore, no changes are necessary to the onboard equipment. We only need to change two settings on the inverter and converter switching them to the lithium option.
  2. Andrew, thank you for the additional information. We are considering the Victron Connect App.
  3. Andrew, thank you for your very helpful information, pictures, and offer to help! My husband, Bob and I, are somewhat handy and it sounds like we could do this project ourselves with some help from you and Overland. Is the charge converter unit mounted on the backside of the circuit breaker panel? The Victron Battery Monitor is on our procurment list. Does it come with everything necessary to install—hopefully without drilling into the fiberglass. We’re not clear on how this component gets installed but we can discuss this as we get closer to trading the 4 wet cells for 3 standard BB’s the end of next month or May.
  4. Thank you for your very helpful information! We will call PD, BB, and OTT to confirm everything as suggested. As we get closer to our install we may PM you and request a few pictures. Currently we plan to install 3 standard BB’s (not GC version) so it will likely be an easier install than yours.
  5. Thank you Overland for your reply. Our research at Intuit's site shows 3 ways to deduct a generator--a doctor's Rx for medical equipment is one way, unfortunately or fortunately we are too healthy! Has anyone on this forum published a Youtube video on their install of Lithium (BB) into their Oliver? Additionally, does anyone know whether the EII 2020 converter/charger is compatible with lithium batteries? We didn’t find a manual in Oliver University for it. Our research shows it may be Progressive Dynamics and a model number would be helpful.
  6. Overland, for the solar credit, how did you determine the price paid for all solar related materials and labor that were included in the EII base price, in other words the standard stuff?
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