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  1. How does something so simple get so much attention?
  2. I just bought the 10k version but have only used it for a 40 mi test run so far but I think it has potential.
  3. This has been an interesting read as I wanted an LE2 but my wife likes the Airstream 23fb globetrotter and 25' FTB FC. I was a captain on sportfishing boats for years and am familiar with fiberglass, I started looking at Oliver E1 but didn't like the bed layout and my Tacoma was to little for an LE2 so I bought a Casita Ind. deluxe with twin beds to use until I find the perfect trailer for us. I have been shopping for a tow vehicle that would pull up to a 25' Airstream ( what the wife wants ). She is 5'1" and did not like the 250 supper duty so it looks like a F150 hdpp and max tow will work. It is a tuff decision between the Oliver and Airstream as she and I like different things in life. There has a lot of good information here from folks that have used both. I like the function of the Oliver and she likes the luxury and space and bath of the Airstream. The sad truth is that not to many years ago we would have been happy with anything even if it was built in Elkhart, Ind.
  4. Looking at a new tow vehicle. For those that tow with a 2500 or a 250 Super duty with a diesel what are the down side other than rough ride? I currently have a Casita 17 and pull it with a 2019 taco double cab, short bed, v6, 4x4. I use an Anderson wdh. I am getting 16-17 mpg when towing and the ride is fine, I'm 71 and not in a hurry. I want to buy a new Ollie LE11 and a new tow vehicle and not have to worry about loading and staying under weight . I took a 2020 F250 Super duty crew cab for a test drive, it had the 6.7 PS diesel. Plenty of power and mpg was over 20 for my 24 mile test ride in city and on highway, but the ride was pretty harsh at times. The truck, if I get it will not be a daily driver but used as a tow vehicle while traveling cross country in both mountain and flat land. So I ask what would be the down side of one of the bigger trucks.
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