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  1. I too would be very interested in a West Rally. We don't pick up "L'il Tow" (Oliver LE1) until October 21st. If there is interest in a West Rally next year, I think we should start planning now. There are several places in Oregon (where I live) that can accommodate such an event: Beverly Beach Bullards Beach Fort Stevens https://stateparks.oregon.gov/index.cfm?do=park.profile&parkId=129 LaPine South Beach Sunset Bay Valley of the Rogue To get an event discount, we must have at least 20 sites reserved. Other suggestions welcome. Beach or mountains? What time of the year? How many days? Activities? Thoughts anyone? Carl
  2. Thanks for making this list. I started making my own but this one is far superior! Much appreciated! Carl
  3. Perfect and thank you! This is a great help!!! I will pass along the numbers. This forum has such great people here!!! Carl
  4. This is a great idea. I’ll be sure to share this with my wife.
  5. We will be picking up our LEI in October and my wife would like to order a floor runner (carpet) for the main floor walkway. Does anyone know the LEI floor dimensions we can use for shopping for a floor runner? If you use one in your trailer, what are the pros and cons of a floor runner? Thanks as always for your help! Carl ”Li’l Tow”
  6. Any thoughts about Harvest Host acquiring Boondockers Welcome? https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/harvest-hosts-acquires-boondockers-welcome-celebrating-the-companies-shared-love-of-the-rv-community-301309826.html Thoughts? Carl
  7. Welcome to the family. We pick up or Oliver LE in Late October. Hope to see you on the road out there!
  8. Not knowing the answer to this question would it be polite or appropriate to get out and be an extra set of eyes helping be an additional spotter or would that not be helpful?
  9. I just heard back from customer support about securing the safety chains. Here is their response: “Hi Carl, Thank you for reaching out. The first generation Model 2178-B did secure the hooks inside the lock, as shown in the demo video. However, Over time, we were made aware of a vulnerability that occurred if the hooks were too small or left out of the lock. Because there was too much space left open inside the lock with small hooks or no hooks, the coupler was simply able to be unlatched and the lock would come right off. In order to relieve this vulnerability, we had to shrink up the tube of the lock and remove the safety hook feature. At this time, we do not have any other lock that will fit the bulldog (arrow nose) coupler and secure the safety hooks. We do apologize for the inconvenience.“ They also indicated in a separate message that the lock does come with a second key. Carl
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I sent them a message yesterday about a second key.
  11. I have a text into them but I am sure I will get the same response. I did order the Medco cylinder. I will need to make sure I get a spare ordered. Thanks!
  12. Well now I'm confused... When ordering this lock, I just read this... "Trailer coupler lock model 2178-B may not fit all trailer couplers. Please look at trailer coupler lock index pictures below, if you do not see your trailer coupler picture please fill out contact form to ensure you will get the correct trailer coupler lock. This style will NOT allow you to secure safety chains in lock." Maybe I should contact the company. Carl
  13. I found this video for the bulldog coupler and it shows the safety chains can be secured in the lock. Am I missing something? Maybe the hooks on your chains are a different size? I don't have my Ollie yet but I am planning on ordering this lock. Securing the safety chains would be a great benefit. Carl
  14. Thank you. That is a great use model to follow. Carl
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