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  1. Congratulations!!! We take delivery in 9 days! I didn’t think delivery would ever come. We ordered last February. I spent a great deal of time going through Oliver University. I highly recommend it if you haven’t already. As you already know, this forum is the best. The people on this forum really go the extra mile and help however they can. Congratulations again and enjoy the process. Carl
  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with them both.
  3. We are interested in any additional information on this rally. Please count us in. Carl and Miriam
  4. How do you “wake” them up? Tap on them?
  5. Question: I purchased the TST 4 sensor unit for our LE I we pick up later this month. Does the rotation of the tires activate the sensors? If so, can you get an accurate pressure and temperature on the spares (truck and trailer) if those tire don’t rotate? I would appreciate any feedback so I can set my expectations correctly. Thanks! Carl
  6. I have a question about the black tank rinse design. Do the rinse lines to the black tank have any kind of sprayer on the line to help clean the black tank or are they just open water lines into the tank? The reason I ask is if there is a sprayer on the ends of the rinse lines, are they not susceptible to clogging without the rinse line being filtered? I would be concerned about plugging up the line with hair or other particles in the grey water. I very much am interested in implementing such a solution on #924 when we take delivery later in October. I’m not familiar with how the black tank rinse systems are designed or work. Carl
  7. Thanks for this suggestion. I have tried it several times. I have much better luck finding what I need using this advance search engine.
  8. This is the best forum that I have ever the pleasure of being a member of! Great people, excellent advice!!!
  9. “The Cradlepoint is a new option so you should ask your salesperson.” I checked with my sales person and he responded that this option was not available for my production spot. Carl
  10. I am having the cell and Wi-Fi booster installed. Is that the same as the cradlepoint system?
  11. Not that I am counting but delivery on #924 is 4 weeks from today! I am very new to home automation and security equipment technology but I thought I would see if anyone in the forum has some suggestions and advice... I am interested in using two security cameras. One mounted next to the door to monitor the outside and a second mounted on the front of the trailer to monitor my tow vehicle in the evening. I am considering something like the eufy camera system. https://www.amazon.com/eufy-Security-Compatibility-Resolution-Weatherproof-dp-B08922VDK3/dp/B08922VDK3/ref=dp_ob_title_ce I don't know if this is possible because: 1. The base station requires 110 ac. This is not a problem when we are connected to shore power. I guess I could use the inverter to provide 110 when we are dry camping. 2. Mounting the cameras to the trailer might be a challenge. I do not want to drill into the hull to mount the cameras. I would assume that maybe command strips or something like that might do the trick to mount the magnetic base to the hull. Other thoughts? 3. As I look at the various wireless systems, they all seem to use wifi to connect to a base station that would live inside the trailer. How do I create a "wifi" in the Oliver that would provide a wifi connection for these cameras? Do I need to use my cell phone as a hotspot? I am sure there are many others smarter than I that have considered solutions to home security on the road. Any thoughts? Carl
  12. Thanks for your response. A foam topper is our plan as well.
  13. We are picking up #924 in 5 weeks. My wife is making a cover for the mattress in the bed configuration. Does anyone have the measurements for the mattress? She would also like the corner radius measurements if that is possible. Thanks!
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