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  1. Yes, it's time. I would be interested in buying a Pre-Owned Oliver. I know it's early but someone may have a reason for wanting to sell their Oliver. Dusty
  2. I've never towed anything so I have Fear of Towing! An Ollie and my truck would be about 35' of footprint. How do you handle gassing up? Do you plan all refuelings ahead and then leave the rig somewhere and just take the tow vehicle to the gas station? Jeez, the stations around here are cramped. Well, I see lots of people towing stuff on the roads so intellectually I know I can do it but, well, you know... Oh, yeah, and my Mother says my late father was 'not very good' at backing up their trailer back in the day. Any thoughts would be helpful. Dusty
  3. I dug this one up from fiberglassrvs.com Locks the wheel and a lug nut so the tire can't be removed and replaced with a spare and driven off. I have no experience but it sounds good... Dusty
  4. Thanks for the info. I've never towed anything so I'm nervous about towing and backing in. Jeez, I wish this Northern Illinois winter would end. Nevr again will I suffer through a Northern winter. Dusty
  5. Mountain, is there a part of Arkansas that is Not tornado prone? Dusty
  6. For long distances they do the work over the internet. Just kidding... Dusty
  7. Optimas had me confused. From rv.net I thought they were gel cell batteries and not AGM type. I finally emailed the company and they say the Optimas are AGM. But I see that they have less AmpHours than the same sized(dimensions) Lifeline AGMs that many RVers like. The 12V Blue Top Optima D31M (is this the one that Oliver has?It's their biggest) has 75AH and the 12V Lifeline with similar dimensions has 105AH. Big difference for boondocking as batteries should be drawn down over 50% for long life. Will the battery compartment hold 2 of these? They are both about 12.9" long by 6 1/2" wide and 9" high, mas o menos. The Lifeline 105AH weigs more at 70 lbs (Optima 31M is 60 lbs). The Lifeline costs about $300 and the Optima 31M is about $240. Dusty Nissan Frontier V6 4x4
  8. Hey, that looks good! It must be 30 years since I ate any catfish. Something to look forward to. Dusty
  9. Thanks, Bob. I'm getting closer. Buying a truck today or tomorrow.
  10. I would put the big dinette in permanent bed mode. But I see the Oliver is 6'6" wide outside. So inside is how wide? I'm 5'11". Seems like the bed would be a little short. What say you owners? Dusty
  11. Thanks, again. I'll look at 6cyl trucks. Nissan Frontier seems very reasonable priced. Can you tell me how many AmpHours are the Optima batteries? Is there a sort of smart charger in the Elite that would allow 3 stage charging from a small Honda generator? And how long for delivery after ordering, approx? I sent an email with these Qs to Oliver yesterday but no word back. Hopefully, they are so busy it slipped by them... Dusty No RV No Vehicle Just retired
  12. Thanks a lot, Mountain. Would a backup camera be useful? Does Oliver offer one? This is real coincidence for me as I was looking at the Ouachita National Forest area as a good place to fulltime, what with the Forests and the State Parks nearby. How bad are the winters over your way? How far would you have to travel from you place in the winter to find mild weather? And finally, would a 4cyl pickup like a Tacoma 4x4 with a towing payload of 3500# be strong enough to tow the Oliver? I'm thinking about MPG and price. Thanks...Dusty No RV No Vehicle Just retired and back from 4 months in Cambodia Lake County, Illinois
  13. I have never had an RV or towed anything. I'm going to buy an 'egg' soon and fulltime in it. My question today is about towing an Oliver. I see some use Jeeps and some use midsize trucks. Does a longer wheelbase really make towing easier? Should I get a 1/2 ton? How difficult is it to learn to tow correctly? Thanks...Dusty
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