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  1. Yes that's the model I have We have been lots of places over all kind of roads. Our bikes are both Schwinn lightweight mine is all aluminum. The wife's is a 24 inch. I put thread lock on the set screw And so far that has stopped it loosening I certainly wouldn't want a heavy bike there. Are trailer is a 2019 hull 564
  2. Where are the screen guards available?
  3. Last trip we took a dog and a grandson not a good combination
  4. Yes the screen won't stay in the frame
  5. We have a problem keeping the bottom screen in place in the screen door. Any suggestions? Anyone used plexiglass in that section?
  6. We are leaving Florida in the morning. We will be moving slowly and will arrive in Hohenwald Tuesday. Seems like we are going into the cold. At what temperature do I need to winterize. I don't have a heated supply hose. At what temperature should I start using the propane heat?
  7. Make sure all of the axel, leaf spring hardware are as they should be. Make sure the wheel bearings are tightened properly. Grab the top of the tire- check to make sure there is no play. I do this regularly.
  8. I have a friend who is still working. He has an old camper not an Oliver that he lives in for work. He developed a propane leak and didn't know it. The propane replaced the oxygen inside the trailer and he almost died. A word to everyone. Be careful.
  9. We met in Arkansas on ur way to Oliver. We talked about the trouble that we have had upon delivery. None r the same as you r having. A propane tank lasts longer than that for us. We use an electric heater and electric hot water when we can. Ott maintenance has treaded us excellent. I think all the bugs are out of ours. We are in Florida now and will drop trailer off for maintenance Jan25.
  10. Two LEIi in the same campground. Gulf state park, Gulf Shores Al. One from Ky one from Il
  11. We have a " one up bike rack" that we got off the internet. It is all aluminum. We got the one that also has a sleeve so it can be used on a 2 inch or 1 1/2 inch hitch. I ocassionaly have to tighten a couple of set screws. Been a lot of places uneventfully. Not a problem for spare tire or sewer line.
  12. TI carry a 1/2 inch allen wrench. Both water connection for hose hookups (city water and fresh water connections) work loose and leak fairly regularly. Fitting that I tighten is inside fitting where water enters trailer.
  13. We have a 75 pound lab. She travels great. The bigest problem we have is what to do with her at non dog friendly venues.
  14. Unashamed podcast. Phil, Jase and Al Robertson
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