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  1. Not at all. The bulk of owners rarely need major service support and while the service resources are more constrained now the build quality has remained the same. Over the years I’ve looked at Escape, Big Foot and Casita and factory service was never in the equation. The Oliver is complex, but the essence of the trailer remains unchanged.
  2. The change sucks, BUT… At this point the quality of the trailer hasn’t changed, so buying another brand just because of this doesn’t make sense. Basically you have to factor in mediocre warranty service support, but for serious stuff they are still there. The nuance is that even at a vested dealer, RV tech turnover is high and they are dealing with all brands. Lack of systems expertise and scheduling will be the major issues. So component issues are probably readily addressed, but resolution of any electrical or plumbing issues are going to be dependent on the guy on the floor. I’d love to see them do an Oliver Certification for all the small RV repair shops many of us have found. And every dealer and their service manager should be at the rally.
  3. Hopefully it goes well. Kind of a common truck around here. 🙂
  4. So happy I had AC replacement and Lithium upgrade done last year. I think losing Q&A voice and email service support will be the biggest impact. No way local dealer is going to match that, though the allude to that still continuing.
  5. FWIW, You can change the name on the reservation, so they are marketable. My house on a hill in San Antonio gets 30 sec less of the eclipse than Fredericksburg, so three years after making reservation...wondering why I'll be there. 😉 Some friends I booked with were starting to have second thoughts due to traffic.
  6. When I was there in August for AC and battery upgrade, they were working on a DC-DC charging solution option. Tried to convince them to prototype it on my rig, but didn’t bite, as expected.
  7. If ready to move now, there’s an awesome, fully loaded Elite 2 listed on the Olivers for sale Facebook page. 2023 @ $92k, if I temper correctly. At least $10k off retail. TN location.
  8. I originally towed my 17’ Casita with a 1997 80 Series LX. Foot to the floor to move its 3500lbs. Got the 2007 100 series LX and it was much nicer, but still heavy pedal for any incline. Got a 2013 200 Series LX and it was like having a diesel when pulling the Casita. Then got the Oliver II, felt like it was the 100 series and the Casita again. I love the 200 for what it can do when not hooked up and it handles the mountains fine, just have to be happy to be in 4th at 3000 rpm much of that time. So, at 5000lbs you can use the 100 series. But you will be constrained. Now the Elite 1 and the 200 series, my perfect combination. 🙂
  9. Bet they would go if you could get 10 pre-paid reservations. 😉. We did discuss how they might do a fly-in, but the gear load is pretty extreme.
  10. They were probably all just talking about it behind your back. 😉
  11. l had mine done in the summer of 2022. It was a bit early, but since I was going to Oliver for the AC retrofit I asked them about doing a touchup. So we did...significantly less expensive, but still a long day for them. Just wish I'd been able to do it after the AC install and maintenance. When I got home...1000 miles, I just needed to wash off the front of the trailer. Pretty awesome. Photos from their initial Texas trip...great guys, probably founding members of OCDs Anonymous. https://www.ralphmawyerphotography.com/Industry/CGI-Detailing Now to just finish my gallery of Gavin's competition roosters. 😉
  12. He needs to be on Oliver's short list for service sites.
  13. When I picked up my trailer from Service last Friday I was watching as they pulled it out. I heard a huge bang and wondered what broke. Jason saw me look and said that was normal. When then lift them for maintenance they'll often flip and going over the dip exiting the service bay they flip back...loudly. 😉
  14. FWIW, I bought the Tractor Supply pin way back when. Managed to bend the handle on a tight turn, but it still worked...though the pin seemed really snug. While having my AC replaced with a Truma I spotted a similar pin on the accessories shelf in Service, but it didn't have as big a handle and I think the diameter may be a hair less than the Tractor Supply model...seemed to make hooking up a bit easier. Very happy with it.
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