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  1. Thanks Steve, the tech and I tried it, but didn’t have a lot of room on top. We really put some muscle into and got no movement at all. We were really afraid we’d damage the gel coat or worse. May 2020 delivery.
  2. Steve, I’m guessing yours was the first Oliver Truma did. Mine was going to be the first, but was a failure. We couldn’t get old unit off. Did they have trouble getting your old unit off or if not, how did they do it?
  3. Nothing on my end. Tech said they’ had an inquiry from Florida. I was going to ping him and see if that went through.
  4. These articles seem to be reworked industry boilerplate. Not sure Casita is a player in the RV mainstream marketing space. They clearly should have probably been #1, on weight and quality alone v
  5. Check the nut/bolt hidden in the hinge. Mine kept dropping and found the nut almost fully backed off. Need to remove plastic end cap on hinge.
  6. Not to be too cynical, but this reads like an industry boilerplate article with a few tweaks, but not enough to reflect what Oliver brings to the table. ...6v batteries ...If you want to add solar panels to your Oliver Travel Trailer, call your nearest store and set up an appointment with our service team. We will get you and your trailer in as soon as possible! ...no mention of Lithium
  7. If you wanted to stay Oliver centric, in addition to here, you might check in on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2827315050905224
  8. This might be another channel for discussion... https://www.facebook.com/groups/2827315050905224
  9. Didn’t today, but likely the solution. I talked to service later in the day. They put two guys on top at the back corner and one inside pushing up. Then peal it back to front.
  10. Easily doable, just look where you want to go, not where you don’t. I was a bit desensitized after doing Black Bear Pass to Telluride with a Land Cruiser group, without the trailer. I was happy Oliver is only 7’ wide.
  11. Did Ouray to Silverton, but only saw the road.
  12. Well, the first attempt by Truma to replace the Domestic AC in an Oliver was a big fail...for the simplest of non-Truma reasons. After we got the interior box removed, along with the mounting bolts, the external unit should have just lifted off. It would not move, I mean two guys pushing from the external edge and from the inside pushing up. Called Oliver Service, they said it was mounted with butyl tape and may be tight. From what we could see the rear had a 1/2" thick rubberized molding piece supporting it. It wasn't butyl. Even using body shop plastic wedges we could get no play in trying to separate the unit from the 'tape' or the tape from the trailer. We debated taking the AC apart to separate it, but that could have still been a dead end as you really need that piece and whatever is up front to come off the fiberglass and we didn't want to damage the gelcoat by try to cut between the 'tape' and the surface. So, we put it back together and will see what Truma and Oliver can come up with. It's possible in my May 2020 delivery cycle they were using something different than butyl tape, because it was locked in. The unit set in the Alabama sun for its first year, but has been covered the rest of it's storage life..so not sure if sun really made much difference. Almost like the difference in LocTite Red vs Blue. If it was in a shop you could use a fork lift to ease the unit up, but you still have the issue of whether the tape will come with it and/or damage the gel coat. I don't know how often Oliver Service has had to replace an AC on older units, but I'm guessing not many. If you are having yours done, you'll have to remove the interior hold-down bolts to determine how hard/easy it comes off. If they can work out a non-destructive way to remove the mounting 'tape', we'll give it another try. This is an issue, irrespective of whether replacing with a Truma, Houghton or something else. More to come, I hope....
  13. I had someone locally who wanted to see how we outfitted our Elite II. I sent them to Mike for a much better design experience. Refined, but not overdone. Guessing more Carol's influence than Mike's, other than 'no clutter please'. 😉
  14. I’m 6’3”, was 245lbs. Depending on your pillow his feet will likely touch the rear wall periodically. Nightstand not issue if feet at that end. Width isn’t too bad, but there is a wall on one side. 🙂 Works for me and I tend to rotate a lot at night. In photo, head propped up reading at the moment. About 6” to rear wall
  15. Overland West is based at a county park and RV camping is in the existing campground. They also have a boondocking camping area which is for tents and small overland trailers. I'm guessing with the corporate buyout a few years ago and the expansion to multiple events, it's just more structured and likely dependent on the facility they rent.
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