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  1. My new-to-me LE II has Southern Mattress pieces for the split beds, which are great for sleeping, but the original cushions for the dinette. The original cushions are pretty soft, particularly compared to my Casita's cushions, i.e., tend to bottom out. For those that have replaced the foam in the cushions or bought new ones, how did you spec the foam...or did you just sit on different samples at the upholstery shop? My 2002 Casita cushions were made in Waco, so I may just call and see what that shop can do, but thought I query the brain trust on here also.
  2. Looks this may be the tiles. https://afm.waterhogfloormats.com/waterhog-diagonal-floor-tiles/ tempting…..next thing I’ll be putting carpet on my walls like my Casita. 🙂 Ready to replace dinette cushions with denser foam like the Casita.
  3. Just as a data point. Texas out of state used trailer: Inspection ( only first time since under 7500 lbs) Weight Certificate Photos front and side Two state forms to be completed Title with signatures …will know if that’s enough later today. Some of this seems to be county specific.
  4. Thanks guys, Service confirmed they install on the rails next to and parallel to the center beam. they also confirmed 75-90lbs of torque, leaning toward 75. I’m probably over that now, but had slippage at 75. Given how good I’m getting at adjusting the brackets, I may give center rail a try, if I don’t have to mess with new chains. I’ll re-read the thread. Found via Google search. After jumping through way too many hoops to register an out of state trailer, I’m almost baselined. New tires on truck shortly and I’ll fine tune the WDH. While it pulle
  5. No worries. Think I’m good, but will check with Service Monday. Enjoy your trip.
  6. Mike, if you are feeling energetic, would you try for a wider shot. They may have change some things underneath since 2017. I don’t think you can mount to the outside rail on the right side due to propane line and short distance between welds. I need to check with service tomorrow on torque level and I’ll just ask. thanks
  7. Wonder why they didn’t use the middle beams like I did. Seems like best of worlds, easier install access, no conflict with wiring and straighter pull. unless that beam is considered weaker than other two.
  8. Thanks Mike, I remembered our 14” distance measure just got confused once I was upside down I’m sure….and in a hurry on someone’s driveway. 🙂
  9. Two weeks output and either service or waiting for a buyer pickup. Demand definitely not decreasing yet with orders placed now being delivered in Feb 2022.
  10. I Eas just told it was the Dexter with self-lubricating hubs and self-adjusting brakes. Sales would know the details I’m sure. I bought a pre-owned 2020, so trying not to think about it. 🙂
  11. I had to do a quick install of my WDH at pickup and struggled with slippage on the way back. Torqued Ball to 150 and brackets to 90 per the manual. Called Oliver to confirm on that Monday and they said 150 for brackets. I want to reconfirm that tomorrow, Monday. Trailer towed fine, even with slack chains. Mike showed me his mounting points when I picked up his old hitch, but I didn’t take a photo. I then found the 2017 thread on mounting using the center frame post. So, does Oliver mount the brackets on the Y, with tight clearance or can I use the
  12. Been raining for two+ days. Covered it earlier, but did have some corrosion starting to develop. Cleaned contacts and all is well. Thanks.
  13. This seems to be a weird one. Any idea why my right rear taillight is illuminated while on shower power. I did unplug and reconnected and it was off, but is back on now. 2020 LE2 Not hooked up to truck Shore powered, doesn’t happen on DC
  14. Sheri, I think you inadvertently removed the price from you listing here. At least it didn't jump out at me.
  15. Look at Jay’s listing of his LE2 for sale and do the same. Best listing I’ve ever seen. Clearly showed standard vs optional items, tons of good photos of uncluttered interior, and the original invoice. FWIW, I bought it.
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