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  1. Kinda strange, but no photo of Oliver on the home page of the raffle.
  2. Small world. Tonya's side of family lives there and her parents lived outside there for years. Going back for a high school graduation, thus the transition route to YS. Weather in May, might drive me west vs north, we'll see. Tonya may have to learn to enjoy boon docking. 😉
  3. I'm going to piggy-back on Mike's post. I'm real late to planning, but we leave Emporia/Kansas City Kansas on May 15 and will need to be in Gardiner/North Yellowstone 22 May or a few days later. Is this simple plan reasonable to do: Emporia (2-days Travel) - Custer SP (4-5 Days basecamp) - Gardiner (2 Days Travel) a reasonable plan to explore Wind Cave and other sites above? UPDATE: Looks like Custer SP is full to the brim... Or should I consider a National Park site with hookups, since I get the Senior discount? Could split it between Badlands NP first than near Wind Cave. Still deciding on whether to cut through Kansas or just hit the Interstate north, then west to SD. May try and wing travel day stops, but will reserve if I can work out a plan. Just a bit compressed on time oncoming back from Africa last weekend and then off again.... (First World Problem, but a life event highlight..that and 5000 images to edit. 😉 https://www.ralphmawyerphotography.com/Travel/Africa-2023/Botswana-Africa-2023-Field-Selects/
  4. Anyone in the forum with an Elite II pulled the trigger on one of these? The non-disposable third row seats is a buzz kill for sure.
  5. Can't find the source, but you can add me to the list... Ralph Mawyer 2020, 2013 LX570 Hydraulic Suspension/6 Spd, Tekonsha P3, Toyo AT3, Andersen
  6. Thanks Steve, the tech and I tried it, but didn’t have a lot of room on top. We really put some muscle into and got no movement at all. We were really afraid we’d damage the gel coat or worse. May 2020 delivery.
  7. Steve, I’m guessing yours was the first Oliver Truma did. Mine was going to be the first, but was a failure. We couldn’t get old unit off. Did they have trouble getting your old unit off or if not, how did they do it?
  8. Nothing on my end. Tech said they’ had an inquiry from Florida. I was going to ping him and see if that went through.
  9. These articles seem to be reworked industry boilerplate. Not sure Casita is a player in the RV mainstream marketing space. They clearly should have probably been #1, on weight and quality alone v
  10. Check the nut/bolt hidden in the hinge. Mine kept dropping and found the nut almost fully backed off. Need to remove plastic end cap on hinge.
  11. Not to be too cynical, but this reads like an industry boilerplate article with a few tweaks, but not enough to reflect what Oliver brings to the table. ...6v batteries ...If you want to add solar panels to your Oliver Travel Trailer, call your nearest store and set up an appointment with our service team. We will get you and your trailer in as soon as possible! ...no mention of Lithium
  12. If you wanted to stay Oliver centric, in addition to here, you might check in on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2827315050905224
  13. This might be another channel for discussion... https://www.facebook.com/groups/2827315050905224
  14. Didn’t today, but likely the solution. I talked to service later in the day. They put two guys on top at the back corner and one inside pushing up. Then peal it back to front.
  15. Easily doable, just look where you want to go, not where you don’t. I was a bit desensitized after doing Black Bear Pass to Telluride with a Land Cruiser group, without the trailer. I was happy Oliver is only 7’ wide.
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