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  1. Pretty exotic destination for someone (like us!) from the West Coast. My wife’s cousin has there summer house overlooking the Straits of Northumberland. We set up on their lawn - what a view!
  2. Thanks for all the good information. I pushed the button and filled out the form to see an Oliver. We’ve towed that squirrelly Casita all the way to Nova Scotia and back. One thing I’ve learned about backing in trailers or docking boats is to let go of any macho pride. I can pull out and try it again as long as it takes. I might even ask (gasp) for help 🙂
  3. Hi folks, My wife, Donna and myself (Jeff Pugh) are looking to upgrade from our Casita 17 to a Legacy Elite II. From what I’ve been reading it sounds like the Oliver has the kind of quality that we really appreciate. It also appears to have a loyal and likable group of owners. We’ve owned boats, so the idea of marine grade hardware and surfaces is appealing. I have perhaps two main concerns. We have a 2008 Tundra with the 5.7 engine and tow package. I’m spoiled by how easily it tows the Casita. I am less worried about towing the L.E. II after reading some of your posts but…. The other concern is that adding six feet of length might “inhibit” our ability to find places in Forest Service and BLM campgrounds. All that being said I’m pretty sure that we are ready to make a move. We live in Mendocino Count (about 110 miles north of San Francisco). I was shown the trailer recently at an RV park in SoCal by a very kind couple. However my wife hasn’t seen the trailer. So I was wondering if there is anybody in the Bay Area or points north in our direction who might be willing to give her a peek? I’ve played phone tag with Josh at the factory but he seems like a pretty busy guy so I thought I’d try here too. We have family in the east bay so we go back and forth quite a bit. We are, of course, happy to respect mask protocols. Thanks!
  4. We’ve been towing a Casita 17 with a Tundra for a number of years. Some people might call that overkill, I call it comfortable .
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