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  1. I was skeptical about electric but now family and friends have cars, they seem happy with them. I also agree that towing a trailer we’re going to need gas or diesel for awhile. i think the point of all the electric vehicles is that with enough solar, wind, and nuclear power we can transport ourselves without dumping more pollutants into the atmosphere.
  2. I’m testing to see if the map shows up on my post. Looks like a hole in the south. I think the trip to Tennessee should help fix that!
  3. That was a good question. These posts are kind of like a trailer archeological dig. Gives me a better appreciation of the Ollie evolution. Mostly gains but maybe a few losses.
  4. I like the idea of leaving the hose connected. I wonder, those of you that are doing that, are you using the stock drain hose that Oliver provides? That whole getting down on your hands and knees isn’t particularly appealing. I’m thinking about bikes in the back of the truck instead of the rear of the trailer. However my wife thinks that the receiver hitch is a good idea and if 46 years of marriage has taught me anything…..
  5. Ha ha, who would have guessed that personal hygiene information would come up in a trailer forum. I’m thinking that the outside shower would be a good option - no addition to your grey water. Added benefit when 60+ people start taking showers outside that helps guarantee that no one will be setting up close to you when you’re boondocking!
  6. Hi All, We’re still fine tuning our “build” sheet and have been discussing the factory shower curtain hanger. I did do a search and got some information but still a little confused. Does the curtain keep water off of the door or toilet? In our Casita the most important thing the curtain does is keep water from the door which will leak into the kitchen area. I’m guessing that isn’t the case with the Oliver. It sounds like several people who commented don’t have a curtain and just wipe down the bathroom after a shower and all is hunky dory. I also saw that the compost toilet shouldn’t get wet but that isn’t an issue for us. I don’t mind spending money for a good feature but we haven’t used the shower a lot in the Casita and, as I said, am confused. Anyone who can help unconfuse me will be appreciated. Jeff
  7. Hi All, I have read some of the posts about the 1 1/4” receiver option. One thing that I am confused about is whether the bikes, rack, and receiver assembly have to be removed before you drain your gray and black tanks. On one youtube video that Oliver did, they removed the whole assembly but that might have been just to get at the spare tire. If anyone can clarify this, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. John D., 3 -5 years for AGM batteries? We had AGM batteries on our boat and they lasted for about 10 years.
  9. Thanks everybody! Didn’t know about a tax write off.
  10. My wife, Donna and I have got our deposit in on a Legacy Elite II. Pick up in late August. Pretty exciting. I’ve been lurking around here for a couple of months but I finally got the Admiral (wait that’s boater jargon) to sign off. Bob in Saint Helena graciously showed us his rig and that did it. I think that we’ll do the AGM/Solar package. We haven’t done a lot of boondocking but the option sounds good. I’m definitely not a fan of loud generators. This forum has reassured us that our 2008 Tundra (5.7 liter with tow package) will be a good tow vehicle. I appreciate the enthusiasm that members of this forum show for these well designed and high quality trailers. Thanks in advance for helping us, as Oliver newbies.
  11. Pretty exotic destination for someone (like us!) from the West Coast. My wife’s cousin has there summer house overlooking the Straits of Northumberland. We set up on their lawn - what a view!
  12. Thanks for all the good information. I pushed the button and filled out the form to see an Oliver. We’ve towed that squirrelly Casita all the way to Nova Scotia and back. One thing I’ve learned about backing in trailers or docking boats is to let go of any macho pride. I can pull out and try it again as long as it takes. I might even ask (gasp) for help 🙂
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