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  1. Trying to decide, as I will be a FT Ollie-r, where to “domicile.” Since my deliv date is in the dead o’ winter (Jan 2021), I would rather NOT backtrack to VA but instead do a one-way U-haul to delivery day in TN, hang out near factory a few days to learn etc., and then take off for adventure from there. That said, I do have to “domicile” as well, and wonder if anyone has done that in SD in Feb. Blizzard much? LOL Timing is lousy huh? But Tax Lady heartily recs SD for my sitch. I could maybe just go to camp somewhere in TX and “domicile,” but eventually, crazy as it sounds, I feel SD calling to me. “Inexperienced RVer Found Frozen Trying to Domicile.” Headline.  Yikes. Ha.

    1. SeaDawg



      Sd makes some things simpler, though. 

      Time enough to consider. 

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