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  1. Yep exactly what I meant. Truck. Not trailer. And truck is not assembled or something. I dunno. Like they gave me the stuff for it but I have to do something and I haven’t got time to breathe lately. Very stressed.
  2. Late to this thread, but I did opt for the "Electronics Pro Package" on my Elite 1 (delivery day coming right up!). I don't see any manuals or specifics on the "4G Cell Phone Booster" or the "Wifi Booster" listed in the package description. And on OTT's site, they have manuals and downloads for the 2020 Elite 1 (but not yet for the 2021). I am sort of geeky but not in the ways of networks, wifi, etc. More design and servers and some coding, CMS. That said, I rely HEAVILY on good internet, daily, and want to know if anyone has the specifics on these two (above) items. Models, br
  3. Thank you for your service! And welcome!
  4. Looking into hidden tracking devices, yes. “Vee haff our vaaays.” Woe be unto the non-tech-savvy thief who thinks he (she, to be PC about it) will not be located. I am new to TTs, towing, all that, but not new to catching and prosecuting wrongdoers, and I am a total geek. FWIW. 😉
  5. Exactly. I don’t plan on staying in any “iffy” parks, but dang, a brand new Shiny Elite 1 sitting unhitched for hours and hours while I run errands (“domiciling” or having a root canal, whatever, with my Lab IN the Ollie going, “Huh, we seem to be moving, and SHE did not come into the trailer so I wonder just who is moving me?!”) is what I worry about. Yes it would take a bold thief indeed to defeat all anti-theft measures in broad daylight, but thieves are thieves and don’t operate as we do. I would hope that once “they” got the Ollie (long shot but this is a hypothetical), that, upon enterin
  6. JRK, thank YOU for the post. I think we are having parallel new owner new-to-towing-etc. experiences in a way; OTT definitely recommends the Andersen for the Elite 1. Opinions elsewhere vary, of course but as a newbie I sure got confused a lot (and expect I will again, lol) trying to understand sone stuff here. It could be just the way we all express ourselves differently in writing, which is a given, nothing “wrong” there. I am amazed that I went from thinking I had to buy and bring the “ball thingy” and the piece it is on, and measure a “drop?” AND buy/bring a coupler,” AND chocks and
  7. Like I said the link was example, thanks for the detailed reply and links to products re: your actual solution. Looks good to me!
  8. All, the Amazon link was a sample only, just searched Amazon for "locking wheel chocks." Some other brands *and styles* MAY, or may not, be "better" and available on Amazon and elsewhere. That said, thanks I have the info I needed, I am going with the "chain and padlock" concept. SO, now to find a "chain" that cannot be cut off easily . . . any tips on that appreciated! I have NO idea about chain sizes, materials, strengths, etc. Thanks again!
  9. I did search the forums for "locking wheel chocks" before posting this and didn't find much. I know there will be many opinions/experiences on this, but I will go with the consensus, I think, because it doesn't look like a huge investment to get these (if most agree it adds even a modicum of deterrent value as weighed against the cost/time to use them, etc.), once a few people weigh in. Locking Wheel Chocks. On Amazon. Because I will be leaving the Ollie Elite 1 unhitched when I have to run errands, etc. and don't want to be the low-hanging fruit, especially if there are simple th
  10. Thank you so much Sherry. Really appreciate the kind words. More than you can know.
  11. Thank you, I am all done with this for now, I think. Just gonna try to finish packing and errands and chill the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow. I cannot BELIEVE I "lost" that hitch pin thingy! I looked everywhere. Sigh. I think like you said, when I SEE this stuff, hands-on, it will make sense. Visual! I will figure it out.
  12. Well dang, now I cannot FIND the receiver lock thing. THIS THING. Looked everywhere. It's gone. In my defense, I am trying to pack, get out of a rental, deal with dog things, job, my brother passed, my mom has dementia, etc. I just keep asking what do I need to bring with me to delivery day. I have chocks. I have Legos (leveling blocks). And now I can't even find the lock thing above. I will assume that one I seem to have LOST already was the right "size" 3/8" (?) for a Class IV receiver -- 2" -- and try to find another quickly from Amazon AND order the big YELLOW THING (t
  13. Thank you! I am probably about to buy more stuff I don’t need. But this is *very* helpful. I do have a receiver (class IV). I do have a locking hitch pin. I do NOT have the ball mount or the hitch ball. I assume the OTT people provide those parts, are they not part of the “bulldog” and “Anderson” I am getting with the Elite 1?
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