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  1. I already have almost all that you listed! Dog person and all! Great list, and thank you!
  2. I am a newbie to RVs (does it show?) and excited beyond all belief. Going to go FT w dog. That’s it. You probably see me asking lame qs all over here even though I don’t get the Ollie Elite I til late Jan. Yes, dead of winter. Got a new tow vehicle and all (tomorrow!) and ya’ll have been SUPER patient and kind with me. MUCH appreciated. So, my “plan” is to pick up Ollie in late Jan and hang around Hohenwald a week (or more?) after pickup/delivery. With dawg. Learning. Campgrounds? Nearby Ollie factory, til I feel comfortable towing, operating, doing whatever I need to do to be safe and e
  3. Also looking at Commodore for the night before I pick up in late Jan. Very helpful info here. Thanks to all! I have a black Lab and apparently the Commodore allows dogs. I know I’m early on all this, but I’m a newbie to RVs and going FT on the adventure, just me and doggo. Trying to plan where to stay in the area of the Ollie delivery place maybe a week or more til I’m sure I got it down, so to speak. Thanks!
  4. That really sums it up, right there! I am very fortunate, and VERY grateful all this is happening. Been through a buncha years o’ sheer hell I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. No lie. So excited. Still have tons of questions and no time to read much right now. Apologies in advance for asking stuff that is probably already answered and easily Googled. I am a web nerd (one of many hats), but damn there is a LOT to read up on and learn and I’m trying not to “overthink” but that too is one of my charms. Ha. Thanks again to ALL. I really hope to attend a meet up. Or run into some of you - well, no
  5. Dude I am picking it up Thursday! I am so excited I think I’ll jump a row of school buses in it first. LOL
  6. But who’s counting . . . 




  7. I’m tall, kind of a tomboy, and a tough chick. Heh. Used to ride Harleys. Blah blah blah. Once lived in a tent a year and a half building a custom home in a remote area at 8000 ft with NO elec water etc. Been thru some crap. As have we all, I’m sure. One of these days — soon I hope — wanna meet up with some of you guys. 🙂
  8. I def want those features. And I’m used to black vehicles. This beast is right up my alley. I can’t WAIT!
  9. OK ya'll, now I have a new sticker to show you. Well ok I won't post the whole thing but it's the 2021 Ram 1500 Rebel crew cab 4x4. The tank is 33 gallons. Here is the stuff on the Tow Package and the GVWR. Surely this beast would easily tow an Elite I, with "stuff" in the TV (mainly my dog, who is a good 75-80 lbs, hahaha) and stuff in the Elite I.
  10. Btw. Fwiw. My Oliver sales rep told me he knows of Elites being used in -10 temps. He did not get into further detail. I will ask next time I email or speak to him.
  11. Just wanted to thank you for this question. I am following. Want to be FT and in colder climates (yes, on purpose) in an Elite 1 due Jan.
  12. WOW! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. *I would NEVER have thought about the 23 gallon tank. I've been just saying, "Look, I want a 2020 Ram 1500 with the 0% financing deal, gotta be a V8, cab, 4WD, with a TOWING PACKAGE* not just a "Tow Hitch." And email-contacted a couple local dealers. That sticker above was one of their responses. NOW I know to add, "And a 33-35 gallon gas tank." *whatever that is Thank you!
  13. Looking at 2020 Ram 1500 Bighorns 4WD, 8cyl etc. Sales guy sent window sticker. Can you guys tell me if this is a TOW PACKAGE, which is what I want, right? Or is is something less? If something less, what does it lack that I would have to buy myself before I drive this (assuming I buy it!) to Hohenwald in Jan? Thanks. As always.
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