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  1. I never understood why trailer manufacturers always think that bigger is better, The Coleman Polar Cub that goes in the smaller Oliver is quieter and a much better match for the larger Oliver also. If you get a oversize unit, other than the noise,it short cycles. In other words it cools down too quickly before it can "condition" the air and then shuts off. It is the start ups that are so noisy and the smaller unit is much quieter.
  2. I enjoy stopping at CB also and plan my trips around them. I'll stop around 10 pm, go in and ask for permission, use their facilities and get a bite to go.Hit the sack. Get up at 5:30am, turn on the coffee and heat and go inside the restaurant at 6 am when they open, use their facilities, pick up a breakfast to go come back to a warm unit, eat and drink my coffee and be on the road by 6:30 am. Total cost is minimal for the food. Go to their website and there are ones notated for "Bus and R/V accessible"
  3. cpaharley2008, well I'm a retired forensic accountant and used to ride hogs before camping. Traded my harley for my tow vehicle. Camping and riding compete with one another so I made a choice. the 2008 was the first year of camping.
  4. I have the tubular steps but did not get the air suspension nor the "Ram Box" storage. Mine was on the lot and heavily discounted.
  5. Does the refer in the new "larger" Oliver cool adequate. Over on the Escape forums they are having trouble with the new Domestics and 90 degree days. One more question, does the "Oliver" sign in rear operate as a brake light also? thanks for your help.
  6. Sherry I believe this is the one used in the new 23.6 foot models. JFTR, they are not 22 ft. http://www.rvcomfort.com/suburban/products/sh1.php I know that it is a suburban that runs quiet, so have to assume it is the SH products. Hope this helps. rob anyone know the amp draw of the furnace while operating?
  7. What is the exact length now, is it 22' or 23.5 feet? According to my info, the interior length is 18.5 long, adding 3' for tongue and .5 for bumper makes it 22'? I realize you can extend the tongue but unextended, what is the total length?
  8. I just obtained a new 2014 Ram Hemi "Sport" with 8 speed and 3:21 rear and active engine shutters. I'm getting 18 on highway and 145towing which is better than my 09 Hemi w/5 speed where I got 12, towing or not!! The diesels are averaging around 17-19 towing but one has to add the uncharge for the diesel set up and fuel. I'm still not convince a 3.0L motor will hold up as well as a 5.7 over the long haul.
  9. Hi Blond1, Did you receive a response to your request for a double bed and single dinette in the back? That seems like an excellent idea.
  10. Doesn't the awning while retracted keep the water off the curb side? If so would it not be advised to tilt the trailer a bit that way for water run off?
  11. Oliver Trailers now offers N-V-R Lube axles as well as N-V-R Adjust. Has anyone with a newer Oliver ordered these options? Thanks
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