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  1. Here's a setup/review by former Ollie owners: http://www.technomadia.com/2014/08/how- ... net-setup/
  2. Have a great time! I came away knowing that an Oliver was in my future.
  3. And BE SURE to get a Trimetric Battery Monitor!!!!!
  4. Can't give you feedback on the efficiency, but I like the new one for its lower profile. Hope to put in my order (soon).
  5. Congratulations! When's the due date?
  6. That brings back memories! My father was the dean of the business school at Voorhees College in Denmark, SC.
  7. Thanks Steve - I'll keep Direct Deborah
  8. My home contract with Direct TV is expiring in a couple of months, and I'm wondering if I should renew it to use with the King Dome, or if I should go with Dish? I haven't been unhappy with DTV, but if Dish is the way to go, then I'm there. Thanks for the help! Deborah
  9. Hi Dave, and Welcome! I don't have my Oliver, yet, but will order the Elite as soon as I sell my house. I started out the same as you - wanting a smaller trailer. First, it was a small Class B motorhome, then I fell in love with the 13' Casita. But then, I saw the Lil Snoozy - 17', and changed my mind, again. I went to a rally in Tennessee to see several on-the-road trailers in person, and there's where I saw Steve and Tali's wonderful Oliver. There's no looking back, now. Maybe a nearby rally would let you see several trailers so you could compare the different sizes. Size and the quality of the Oliver (and the heated bathroom) were what sold me.
  10. Good morning, Sherry. I changed the (I suppose) default friends setting to accept every request, and am already a member of the the Fiberglass RV Oliver group. Thanks for the invitation! Have you joined the Oliver group on RVillage? I haven't really seen the advantage to that site, but it's new and there are nine people in the Oliver group - managed by Cherie of Technomadia.
  11. Hi Sherry - yes Deborah Archer in Norfolk VA. Send me a friend request
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