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  1. I honestly didn’t know there was a cable quick connect - I’d love to see
  2. So good to know this is an option - ours doesn’t bother us too much by using a rain noise machine BUT definitely would swap if we ever started having any issues with ours. Thanks for the info!
  3. We are using beddys the prior owner actually gave us. They’re awesome! You do have to tuck the one side a bit so they aren’t necessarily custom, but the zip feature makes our beds always look made very quickly. My husband and I are both a little OCD and having the beds not look cluttered is relaxing for us.
  4. This is how we handled this, thanks for your awesome idea!
  5. Welcome, we also considered airstream before discovering Oliver. Zero regrets with going Oliver! Welcome from Tennessee - hope to see you on the road!
  6. Congratulations! Our Ollie is the best purchase we’ve ever made. Hope to see you on the road!
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