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  1. Has anyone had a problem or failure with the 2" hitch? I see posts on upgrading, but I've not seen a solid reason to do it.
  2. I noticed in the 2023 demo at the rally that the bathroom door had the twist knob lock instead of the magnetic lock that is used in my 2021 LEII. I asked about this. I was told that this trailer is actually a retrofitted older model meant to show the Truma AC, the compressor fridge, and some other things. I did not ask if the actual 2023 model would include this drop down table.
  3. Sorry, I left the area before I saw this.
  4. FYI, I'm at the Mother Ship for annual maintenance, and I noticed that in their accessory store they have new Blaylock jacks for sale. Seems like they believe in the recommended jacking method enough to invest in it.
  5. I attended the rally and brought this up as a question at the Maintenance discussion with Jason. I did mention E-Z Flex as part of my question. He said that the E-Z style jacks should work. When I mentioned to him that some folks have said on the forum that the other tire did not lift off of the ground for them, he said that there has to be something wrong there, but did not go any further in detail. Thanks JD for the point about not lifting both wheels off the ground simultaneously as it could cause the spring shackles to flip. I had not done that with Mojo. It also sounds like the symptom is pretty obvious when it happens, so I assume the negative experience with E-Z jacks probably has nothing to do with this.
  6. From a ticket I opened last year (Jason): "The 340w solar panel system can generate up to 18.8a per hour but that is under perfect conditions which would be sunny day, no cloud coverage at high noon in the south. Between sunrise and about 10am this will be much lower but you should see it increase as the sun continues higher but will start to decrease around 2pm once the sun starts it descent. Under real world conditions you can expect on sunny days depending on your location and time of year to be anywhere between 50ah - 125ah. The farther north the less high sun exposure there is for the panels." The 18.8a number comes from Zamp. Here's a link to the solar panel: https://www.zampsolar.com/collections/roof-mount-kits/products/170-watt-long-expansion-kit In my brief experience with them, I have seen a maximum of 120ah collected in a combination of being on the road and at a campground one recent day in NC with a clear sky all day and full exposure in both places. It would probably be somewhat better at the summer solstice with clear weather. I have the Lithium Pro package.
  7. I can't explain it. The Blaylock I have measures 6" x 6" x 22", yet it did perform as I described it. The Andersen Rapid Jack is specified as being 7" tall.
  8. I chose the SE version in rough black. Installation was a bit difficult, but straightforward. The panels weigh 35 lbs, but because of my height, removing and installing requires a second person (I can't see the hinges). The following morning, I noticed that there appeared to be a gap in the newly designed hinges on the tailgate panel. So I opened the lid and gave it an easy test push. The panel came right off the hinges while still attached to the shocks. The panel fell crookedly and warped. I called, and DB was very responsive, offering to replace the entire cover or to send new hinges if I would prefer to try that. He said that the cover could easily be straightened by me. So I gave that a try and also sent back the failed hinges for evaluation. All went as he said it would, and the cover is still in place with good hinges. A thoroughly inspection after the straightening showed no damage to any welds or support structure, nor any flex marks in the cover, i.e., it appears undamaged and brand new. For my trouble, DB gave me a substantial discount off of my purchase price. It's great to be able to walk on it as it makes cleaning my truck easier. Regarding utility, I can now access the front of the bed without having to climb into it. I carry a 20lbs propane tank for our CampChef stove, and this allows me to store it all the way forward in the bed and to lift it out by only opening the cab side cover (no ladder required even though this is an F250 with 20" wheels). The locks are Medeco with restricted keys. They will not be easy to pick. It also looks really cool. Speaking of cool, thus far I have not noticed the surface temperature to be too hot. The downside: No matter how you cover it, you're still packing a truck bed. The more you carry, the more shuffling you will have to do to get at the thing you want. Accessibility of the DB does help make this easier (when the middle section doesn't interfere). We are at the rally on site F62.
  9. I don't yet have approval to use this FB link. However, I did purchase a Blaylock EZ Jack and tested it on my 2021 EII which has E-Z Flex. The test was performed in a garage on a flat concrete floor. Tires were inflated to approx. 60 lbs. It DID lift the other wheel off the ground. Test repeated for front and rear wheels on street side successfully. Had this not worked, the EZ jack would have been returned. https://www.amazon.com/Blaylock-American-Metal-EZ-100-Wheel/dp/B000R5PMWE/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=ez+jack&qid=1652777701&sr=8-2 I also own Andersen levelers and they will not lift the other wheel when used alone. When I have a flat, if this jack doesn't work for some reason, then it will double as a jack stand while I use the F250 tire (bottle) jack with an Andersen Trailer Jack Block: https://andersenhitches.com/product/trailer-jack-block/ I have tested the latter combination (without the EZ Jack) and it worked fine. I did this while adjusting wheel bearing play on one wheel.
  10. There is more info on replacement lug nuts in this thread:
  11. Thanks Bill. I also found the mentioned post by searching for RTV::
  12. Could someone please provide a link to this previous post? Also, I haven't been able to find or figure out the meaning of RTV. Thanks.
  13. I was concerned about possibly affecting wheel balance, but Oliver told me that wouldn't happen or be very slight. I was also concerned about the shape of the nut being correct to seat in the rim, but a careful comparison between the old and new showed that the new would fit properly. I have towed about 300 miles since with no issue. When you get your Oliver, check the nuts against anything you might buy. Mine is a 2021 LEII. I do not know if they changed the wheels on later years. The threads inside the nut should be at least as deep as the lug bolt. Some nuts are multi-piece with a welded cap, so the threads do not go as high as needed.
  14. I replaced mine with these: https://www.drivenproducts.com/collections/lug-nuts-lug-bolts-wheel-locks/products/1-2-20-closed-end-bulge-acorn-lug-nut-3-4-hex-60-degree-cone-seat-1?variant=17381703712825#product-specifications You can order these in a set of 24. I did this after my torque wrench slipped and mangled the metal skin on one of the factory nuts.
  15. In our 2021 LEII, we had a fan die on us. The fuse cartridge for the NH fan is located in-line on a wire in the compartment near the inverter (street-side just to the left of the pantry). As I remember, the fuse cartridge is white and the wire is red. Grip both ends, press together and turn. That should unlatch the fuse holder exposing the fuse inside. Oliver had us call NH directly, and they sent us two complete fan assemblies. Installation was easy and we now have a spare. Our initial charge from Oliver was peat moss. The fan was not dirty when it failed. It had only been used for about 1 week. The only time we had a smell problem was when the fan failed.
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