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  1. We noticed the same effect and opened a ticket on it. Unfortunately, we have no solution at this time. Jason recommended that we change the thermostat to a temp that is not close to the outside temp, and it should behave better. Since we have been sidelined from camping temporarily, we will not be able to get back to this for a couple of months. We will be watching this thread. In our case, the cycling without compressor turn-on can be as short as just a few seconds, starting at a couple of minutes and getting shorter each time until the compressor finally does turn on.
  2. We are renting a completely enclosed bay without climate control. Three sides abut other bays, and only the front with garage door is exposed. When we were evaluating, it was 90 degrees and about 1PM when we walked inside and didn't feel any temperature difference from the outside, making me wonder if the roof is insulated. It has 15a electrical access, but it is a 4-gang outlet just outside the bay, so it can be shared with up to 4 bays, meaning it's probably unreliable (time will tell; they said it's only there for charging batteries). Haven't actually stored the Ollie there yet. Will be soon, and will be checking at least weekly at first. We've had it at home for the last week (against covenants) so I can work through the tickets I have open without having to travel the 20 miles too often. We'd love to hear opinions on this solution if others have this experience. It's "by the month" so we can change our minds at any time.
  3. Congratulations and welcome, Nick & Linda. Nine months wait for your "baby" will fly by as it did for us. I'm sure we'll have the same comment as Kaleigh in another 1 1/2 weeks. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the research and careful purchases you will do by then. Best wishes, hope to meet you on the road.
  4. Thanks to you all for the warm welcome, information, and some humor (unless Mainiac really meant it about correct answers :). It just makes us that much more excited about being part of the Oliver family. Looking forward to seeing all of you in our travels!
  5. Let's try "MobileJoy". Capital M, capital J. Thanks.
  6. Hello, we are Mike and Sue Mroz from NC. Both of us will be retired next year. We are looking forward to realizing one of our long-time goals: to travel the 49 states and Canada. We will not become full-timers but we expect to spend a lot of time camping including some boondocking. While we have never owned an RV, we have done a good bit of tent and cabin camping. Having no ownership experience in RVs, after much discussion we decided on getting a relatively small two-axle travel trailer. Requiring quality, we focused on Airstream. Eventually fiberglass caught our attention and shortly afterward we discovered Oliver. After much research including a lot of time studying the Oliver forum and university, and a factory tour, we decided on an Elite II twin. We ordered in October and will pick up hull #850 on 7/21. Looking forward to becoming part of the Oliver community! It’s a pleasure to read the very informative forum. Almost feels like we know the regulars. Looking forward to meeting you!
  7. I would like to change my display name. I wanted to test a name to see if it is already in use, so I went into the Change Name selection. Using Mac, before I entered a name, I got a pop-up asking me for Touch ID verification. I touched it and immediately it put my current handle in the field and entered it, resulting in an identical name change and being locked out for another 30 days. Could an admin please unlock this and allow me to change it? Thanks.
  8. We would also like to get a copy! Mike & Sue
  9. Hi Nancy & Ray, just signed up on the forum. Looking forward to delivery of our Elite II in July! Thanks for offering help with our selections, will take you up on that soon.
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