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  1. I switched my vehicles' cabin filters to K&N Washable Cabin Filters. Also purchased their spray kit for cleaning. These filters are great! Really help filter the allergens, too. They last a long time.
  2. This was good news; we received our Vornado heater from Amazon yesterday!
  3. Our delivery day is Monday, May 17, 2021, and “R-Villa” will be Hull 803. We are eager to see how the “Trailer View” camera system works out with the Oliver and our new GMC 2500 HD.
  4. Certainly, you want them immediately; however, I know you can obtain them at: http://www.hutchmountain.com They sell LP conversion kits for Honda generators. I purchased one and all the necessary hoses and fittings. They are WONDERFUL people!
  5. Thanks everyone! We ordered a 9 x 12 Camco from Amazon. Next purchase is a water purification system; decided on the Clear Source Ultra. Gotta have good water. R-Villa starts down the production line tomorrow! And we are waiting for a new GMC ¾-ton, too! Hard to believe it is finally happening.
  6. Thanks! Good to know the 6' x 9' is too small.
  7. Thank you! I appreciate knowing the size.
  8. What size camping mat do you veterans recommend for our LE II that goes into production on Wednesday?
  9. Does anyone have experience with ceramic coatings such as Simonize GlassCoat on their Oliver? I have used this on my autos & trucks for many years with very much success. It is pricey up front; however, it eliminates waxing for many years.
  10. Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing! We are eager to try Harvest Hosts when our Ollie arrives.
  11. ThomB87: So glad to hear you like this hitch! Regarding a locking pin; I bought the Andersen. It seems far superior in strength to anything else I found and has a key that is extremely hard to pick according to YouTube's "Lock Picking Lawyer!"
  12. I agree and thought the same thing. When I researched it through etrailer, I found that the scale portion of the hitch can be replaced for $86 in the event it fails. I may even just buy one as a spare.
  13. I have been considering the purchase of this hitch with a built-in scale. I have another trailer, and it would be real handy for load balancing my other “toys.”
  14. Since I do not believe you can open my prior image, here is another:
  15. Parkworld 691968C Shore Power Adapter Cord Household 15A Male 5-15P to L5-30R RV:Camper:Marine 30A F.webarchive This is the cord we bought on Amazon. It was recommended on this forum! Since we do not yet have our Oliver ("R-Villa") which is to be picked up on May 17, I cannot confirm is the same size. However, since this was recommended here, and looks the same as my previous trailer's 30 amp connection, I am confident it will work. I bought the Honda here in Morton, IL, months ago when they were on the shelf at our local construction supply company. That company always gives ste
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