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  1. On our return home from delivery, I had to jackknife the trailer sharply to make it into our driveway. The next morning I noticed the $600 dent in the bumper of our brand-new 2021 GMC Denali HD's bumper. It has been repaired, and the basket is now sitting in storage; we do not miss it.
  2. SeaDawg, Thank you for your excellent insight. Perhaps I will do some more research!
  3. Thank you everyone for these suggestions about Advanced RV! We are currently camping at Wild West Campground & Corral near Amherst, WI. I just now saw your messages and am overjoyed to think we could get this done in Ohio. That would certainly be a doable trip from Illinois. Although I must say that we are sort of getting accustomed to the jet plane loudness, we have not yet faced any long-term use during seriously hot weather. Like many of you, we lean toward trips in the cooler climes. Still, we like to be prepared and think Advanced RV will probably be the path we take. We appreciate everyone and their expertise. This forum is so cool.
  4. Townesw: We are in central Wisconsin camping right now and just saw your text. Let me know if this photo is what you are looking for. We are all set up, unhooked, and will be here for a week. I can send you more pics when we are ready to depart. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Other Media UPLOADED IMAGES
  5. I would love to swap out our Dometic AC for the Houghton on our 2021 LE II; however, I would need it to pay a service company to get the job done. Does anyone know of a full-service company anywhere that would safely and professionally exchange the units? Have Ollie, will travel.
  6. Nice flaps, Patriot! It is always good to see what accessories others are using. This was a major concern for us, too, before we took delivery of our Oliver. After we placed our order it took some time to find what was right for us to protect our investment. We ordered and installed this "Rockstar Full Width Tow Flap" prior to delivery of R-Villa on May 17 this year. Now, after towing with it for 4,500 miles, we are thoroughly satisfied and would purchase this flap again. The fact that it affords protection across the full width of the truck is a big plus for us. The ease with which it can be mounted and dismounted cannot be overstated. The most difficult part of the job is getting down on my 71 year-old knees! Seriously, it takes about 30 seconds to remove the flap by removing the two lynchpins (on either side of the receiver) and lifting the flap slightly up and rearward off the mounting brackets. The flap will fit in the bed of my truck with one end low and one end high; we now have an ARE truck cap installed which is not shown in the photo. (The flap is about one inch too long to lay flat in the bed!) If we are camping with the trailer parked for awhile, I can easily remove this flap to save fuel mileage while we are exploring. When we are ready to hit the road with the Ollie, it is a snap to put it back on. Available at: www.agricover.com
  7. John E. Davies et al, Thank you for your uplifting remarks. The normal rate for this space was $275/month. My agreed upon rate, paid in advance for a year, is $250/month or $3,000. Actually, that is a fair rate for our area. For us, the convenience and protection makes it worth the cost. As I mentioned, we will be renegotiating for a longer period. There will be a clause which will allow early release of the contract. So far as working with a closed overhead door, this facility also provides a side door with a combination lock! I have a Surefire Stiletto flashlight in my EDC gear, so if the lights fail, I can easily find the door. The interior measures a full 18' x 40'. I am a huge fan of LED headlamps, which I use extensively in my side business. If they are not adequate, I will go to Plan B.
  8. It has been almost impossible to find good indoor storage for our Ollie near where we live. A few weeks ago we inquired about availability at a storage facility in an adjacent village only 6 miles from our home but were told it was completely full. We did get on their waiting list in case something opened up. At that time I told them we would be willing to pay a year in advance. Two days later, I received a phone call stating that someone had "backed out" of one of the three units that had just been constructed. We were subsequently offered that brand-new 18' x 40' unit, electricity included. Did our paying in advance move us up on the list? I wonder. Today we were at the storage unit prepping for our upcoming trip to Door County, WI. The owner of the facility was there working and asked if I might be interested in an even longer lease period for a more favorable rate. He also agreed to split the cost of a powered garage door opener with the longer lease. It appears we are going to be there awhile! We don't mind the drive, R-Villa is out of the weather, and she might have some company; I have some other toys!
  9. Thank you, SeaDawg, for posting the video! (I need to learn how to do that.) I'm sure you are correct about the high price of these units. However, if the price : value relationship holds true, I am betting the Truma AC will please me just as much as the Truma hot water heater does that I ordered in R-Villa. For now, we will continue using our noise-canceling headphones as we eagerly await Aventa's arrival.
  10. Tonight I was watching “Traveling Robert” on his YouTube channel. (He has some interesting trips on his show IMHO.) In this episode he took delivery of his new Winnebago TT, “Minitini III.” I suspect Winnebago may be supplying the trailer gratis for marketing purposes; however, that is totally unsubstantiated. The exciting thing to me about this program is that he had Truma representatives inside the new RV showcasing their new Aventa eco RV air conditioner. Robert was video recording the show while standing right next to the unit as it was running, and AC noise was not noticeable in the recording! The Truma Aventa eco is a 13,500 btu unit, according to the Truma website. They are available only on select coaches now, but it appears they will be made available as an after market item at some point. I want one!
  11. A few weeks ago, after a service call in Hohenwald, we camped overnight at the Starkville KOA as we were enroute to Laurel, MS. That was my first encounter with Starkville in nearly 71 years.
  12. That is most helpful information. I spent a good part of the day messing around in our new storage garage, greasing the Dexters, and getting better acquainted with the Xantrex Bluetooth app. Although this is hard to admit, I had earlier (and obviously without having enough coffee) "returned all settings back to the original factory." I immediately realized that was a major faux pas. With sweat dripping down my brow, I went about searching, then finding the hopefully correct settings to which I re-reset the Xantrex controller. Time will tell if I got the settings all back where they should be.
  13. Thanks, Galway Girl, for a most helpful attachment!
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