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  1. I just finished reading all these posts. All I have to say in response is that I am so very, very happy we made our $2,500 down payment back in September! Our LE II is scheduled for delivery on May 17. So thankful I found Oliver TTs before pulling the trigger on the Airstream with which I was temporarily & insanely enamored. I would have been devastated to discover Oliver AFTER buying an Airstream!
  2. When I was in Hohenwald after my tour, I was by myself in their LE II on the sales lot. I had the same problem; I could NOT get that TV down! Later I was informed to push UP on the back of the TV to release it. Glad to know I’m not alone...
  3. I am a Honda fan. After reading all the Forum posts I bought the 2200 (not the Companion, an adaptor is fine) and converted it to LP with a Hutch Mountain conversion kit. Easy peasy. Now it will run on gasoline, or I can connect to the LP quick connects on our new Ollie when we get it on May 17! The YouTube installation directions made the conversion so very simple to install. After re-gapping the spark plug, it started right up on LP. Yes, a Honda is more expensive, but so is an Oliver. I don't plan to purchase another generator in my lifetime. It is very lightweight and perhaps the q
  4. Best wishes in making your decision. Nice photo of Oliver's new sign!
  5. I just posted my video to YouTube. If you search "Oliver Travel Trailers Factory Tour, Sept. 29, 2020," you will find it in my channel named "Kelley Custom Leather."
  6. Thanks for the kudos on the video! Boy, do I have a lot to learn about this forum! I will take your suggestions to heart and attempt to upload this to YouTube or something. I was not paying attention today as I was busy in my leather studio. Perhaps will get to this in a day or so.
  7. I have been sitting back mostly watching the posts, getting to know "what's what" with the Forum and attempting to decipher how this works. I found it is not really hard to upload photos; however, once they are on the Forum, I cannot figure out how to keep from doubling up sending them out to the end users. Oh, well, I suppose I will learn by doing. So, here is a little bit about us: My wife and I are eager for May 17, 2021, which is our delivery day for our OTT LEII Twin Bed model. I drove to Hohenwald in our bought-it-new, 67,000-mile 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 (yes, we are going to "
  8. IMG_0751.mov IMG_0771.movIMG_0771.movIMG_0768.movIMG_0762.mov IMG_0771.movIMG_0771.movIMG_0759.movIMG_0759.movIMG_0759.movIMG_0763.mov IMG_0751.mov I was in Hohenwald on Sept. 29, 2020 for a factory tour and to meet with Anita to order our Legacy II which goes into production on March 24, 2020. Here are some photos and videos from that day. I have fewer pics of the Grey Jay interior because we are going with the brown tone one. Please pardon my narration as I planned to show this only to my wife, who understands my nonsense! IMG_07
  9. I now see that one of the great benefits of Oliver ownership is the vast knowledge base available on this owners' forum that one can tap! How amazing how our question could generate such a broad discussion. Boy, what an education! Seriously. Thank you all!
  10. That's great to know. We plan to have that option along with the complete solar package. Thank you!
  11. Thanks everyone! You all are so prompt! Good to know about the excess weight. We have a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Crew Cab Short Bed, 5.3L, 6 spd, 3.92, 7,200 GVW. We bought it new; now has 65,000 miles. We will start out with this vehicle, see how it goes, and change to more power if required. Will the Honda 2200 run the AC? Really appreciate your help! Just getting the feel for this site...
  12. Hello Everyone! This is my (our) first post. We just sent our initial $2,500 wait list deposit on Friday, Sept. 4, 2020. We are both really excited about this! Somehow we need to settle down, however, as we don't pick up our Legacy II for 43 weeks, 3 days, 2 hours, etc... Now to get to the real purpose of this post; can anyone please tell me what are the specific dimensions of the optional storage basket? I have looked everywhere online and have had no success finding those specs. Perhaps I am mistaken, but it seems to me that a Honda EU3000is might be the perfect generator for
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