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  1. That looks like Foy's table top. What size did you get? How is it working out? John
  2. I am 6'2", 200 pounds and it feels spacious to me. Plenty of headroom and the bed doesn't feel cramped in the twin bed model. It looks small from the outside, but not inside. My standard mirrors on my 2017 Ford Expedition allows me to see the traffic as the trailer is the same width. I bought the back up camera for the trailer and that can be left on to see behind you while driving. It's more like a wide angle view, so don't expect the same view as you might have with your rear view mirror. After driving 2500 miles back home, I mostly just used my Ford side mirrors, but would check if anything was directly in back of me with the trailer camera. No pictures of the inside showing people which was your forum post request, but just my observation after a long trip back. John
  3. How do you keep it open? Mine has a 1/2 inch square clear soft bumper at the bottom. John
  4. Thanks. I opened a ticket online. I like the paper trail too. It's a high quality camper so I am confident that I can get it fixed. I wrote to Rodney Lomax too at Rivernerd's suggestion and included comments by bhncb (something like that) where it was pointed out that these flare nuts can fail for a variety of reasons. Hopefully it will be authorized for service here. If I attempt to fix it and fail, OTT won't know where the fault was. My attempted repair, OTT, or a defective flange nut. As far as I know my camper was the first to get the Truma package. John
  5. I wrote to Rodney Lomax as I feel like this should be addressed by a person knowledgeable on repairs of this type. Truma is new, but this problem is just with the flare fitting so those I am quite confident have been used for years. I will see what he says. Thanks for your comments. John
  6. That's good advice too. That's exactly why I felt that I shouldn't be trying to fix this. Once I start working on it, Oliver won't have any idea where the fault lays. On the one hand it seems a simple fix now that I have the tools, but I didn't realize all the things that could go wrong with that fitting. The camper/trailer (depending on what part of the country you live in) has only been in my possession 22 days! Thanks very much for your comment. I have literally spent hours trying to figure out the best approach to this. Luckily I am not in a hurry to fix it as it's parked by the garage plugged into a 30 amp dedicated socket. John
  7. "But, before you even consider retaining counsel, I recommend you contact Oliver's Sales and Operations Manager Rodney Lomax. His email address is: rlomax@olivertraveltrailers.com." Ralph, I was kidding about finding a good attorney. I have been pleased with the quality and this is just a hiccup along the way. I believe your assessment of who was responsible for the leaky attachment falls in Oliver's hands for the reasons you mentioned. I did buy the Crowfoot wrenches from Harbor Freight and have the thin metric 19 mm wrench for the bottom nut. I believe you're right about the approach of how to tighten it also. When Truma service confirms how we both think it should be tightened I will proceed and let you know. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate you checking in. John
  8. Oliver said it wasn't a warranty issue so won't cover it. I think your assessment is spot on. Truma will get back to me. Hopefully I can get the crowfoot wrenches from Harbor Freight today. I just need to know if I back off the bottom nut or just hold it in place while I turn that flange nut 1/4 turn until the leak stops. I think the latter on that bottom nut. A bit frustrating. If only I knew a good trial attorney! 😂🤣 John
  9. Just me. My wife flew out from Denver as she needed to be back at work.
  10. No. I used a gas sniffer to locate the area and then confirmed the leaking fitting with soapy water. It's the gas fitting on the Truma Varioheat furnace. I am in the process of getting the best advice on how to tighten that brass fitting. I am waiting.on Truma now. It's a tight spot naturally. John
  11. Mildew in the optical system but not cloudy (yet). Such a deal.
  12. Congratulations from #1290 picked up on 11/7. Good name for your camper. Camper out east, trailer out west. I like the eastern term! We haven't come up with a name yet. Enjoy your adventures. John
  13. After one experience of having the whale tail not in line and having a hard time hooking up, because you need to be at the same angle, now I just unhook when straight and hook up when straight again. I take the rubber shock cords used to secure the top of the the storage basket bin and hold up the chains. I only need to drive without the whale tail for a very short distance until I am in line with both truck and trailer. It works for me. John
  14. I couldn't get it to work either. I was going to add the states that I have gone to with the Ollie. I have been to many more, but I think the intent of the map in our signature is to highlight travels with the Ollie. John
  15. Thanks. Would there be any reason to not have them covered? If no good reason, then it seems like a no brainer to cover the hole. John
  16. Hi Mike, I spent a few hours in the trailer reading the main manual again. Tomorrow will tackle the optional features manual. Specifically, since I have it parked by the garage plugged into 30 amp service, I believe that I am supposed to run the lithium batteries to 75% soc or something like that while unplugged from the 30 amp service and with the solar panels turned off and then turn off the batteries. The manual will cover that unless you know the answer off the top of your head. I do have a propane leak that set off the LP/CO monitor so have a gas detector ordered. Once I find the leak I can fix that. My wife was less than thrilled that a new expensive camper has any problems less than two weeks into ownership. John
  17. That's good to know. I don't have them though I thought about getting them. I am using the solid rubber chocks from Harbor Freight. I am happy with those. John
  18. What do they do and is there a picture of a before and after placement of these plugs? John
  19. That was exactly our experience too! Hope your trip back went smoothly. I came back on I-84 through Wyoming. It was cold, but the roads were dry. Happy Thanksgiving to you! John
  20. It's about a dollar or more here in Oregon John
  21. Thanks. How do you get that map? I went through the same states. John
  22. Thanks for the message. I haven't read all the manuals yet, but what do you do when running your heater? Do you have a window open a bit to let air out. It's quite the learning curve and I thought I was prepared since I had looked at videos, read the forum and Oliver University. Well, not so much. I just got a 30 amp hook up by the garage where the trailer is parked. John
  23. Mike, it has variable speeds. I like it. Our furnace in our 2003 Coleman tent trailer was either full on or off. I doubt it would have kept me warm in sub zero Wyoming. It was easier to park beside the garage. Either you or Topgun said it would be easier as it's longer. Spot on. Much easier! John
  24. Hi Y'all. Got a little Tennessee in me. #1290 towed great. Semis give a little nudge first to the trailer that is felt in the tv steering, but it's not a problem. I just give them more room. Winterization was done in Denver and was easy to do. I boondocked in Evanston, Wyoming in 5° and was comfortable. The furnace did run all night, but I had it set for 68°. I turned it down to 64° and the Truma furnace went into maintenance fan speed so it was able to handle a 60° difference. No condensation!! That surprised me. The walls were cool and windows dry. I didn't open any windows or vents. I assume there's some way for the air being pushed into the trailer to escape. Manual reading is next. My grade so far on Oliver trailers is A+. It has exceeded my expectations. John
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