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  1. Congratulations. I was a bit overwhelmed during pickup but after a night in their campground I reviewed all my notes and practiced turning things on and off. I had a few questions and found some minor things and it was great to walk over and ask them. Pick up extra Oliver Brochures to hand out to everyone who will want to know about your Oliver at fuel stops and campgrounds on your way back home! Safe travels.
  2. @k2watsen, "My wife wants me to build a custom trailer...." - Interesting. My wife said something different "You can't fix anything" - so I got an Oliver!! I learned how to use a grease gun. That was cool (and messy). Two reasons I got an Oliver - this forum, and visiting Oliver in TN. Not just the tour, but meeting the team. There is always someone around to help and offer guidance and being part of the Oliver Family is a real thing. Good luck. We are right there with you with the 2 kids in College. Mostly on the West Coast but live part time in Williamsburg. We plan to have it out there in May if you are in the area.
  3. Hi Everyone, This is a few weeks out of date as this pesky job keeps me busy. But I wanted to share my experience while it is still fresh in my mind and hopefully some of these comments will help, especially for 1st time travelers. I suspect a few of the veterans of the group will reflect fondly on these rookie mistakes. In no particular order: First Night: 1. Stay at the Oliver Travel Trailer campsite when picking up your Ollie. I suggest an AM pickup so staff is still around during daylight hours. The walk-through was awesome. After years of looking at YouTube, it is very much different to be in your trailer. It's actually YOURS! There is a very distinct "new-trailer" smell and it is even better than a "new-car" smell. Lots to go over, and much of it gets lost when you are on your own. I must have made the walk from my campsite to the office at least 10 to 12 times. All of my questions immediately answered. But some simple things that just needed to be fixed / corrected. And a few "what is that sounds" and "is this normal"? They were so patient and kind (especially Hannah). 2. It was COLD. There was still ice on the trees but the heater did it's job. The cabinets and closets stayed pretty cold, but overall I was comfortable. I do find in very cold temperatures the vents in the front of the trailer did not produce as much heat as the bed vents. And those vents don't rotate. I broke a blade and Hannah came out and replaced it in no time. 3. Get a sewer house wrench. One of those Camco ones. Perhaps it was the temperature, but I found it very hard to get the hoses on and off. 4. Practice dumping at the Oliver Campsite. But you have to make sure the Ollie is off the hitch so gravity could do its job. There was a fair amount of grey water still left when I got to the next campsite. Luckily it was grey. First Time Towing: 5. For some reason, I was worried about a Brake Controller. Never using one before, I used a Bluetooth one on my Armada and it was pretty simple to change and configure. Basically drive about 20-25 miles per hour, hit the button, and see how the trailer breaks slow down the truck. Adjust as needed. I did need to adjust this a bit throughout the trip - but it was easy once I got the hang of it. 6. With the Anderson hitch, It was a very comfortable tow. I took it easy and went down Natchez Trace Parkway. Not many cars on the road but it was perfect to ease me into the trip. I mostly just stayed at KOA's as I felt it was easier to get pull through sites initially. The second day I took State Roads to Texarkana, and by the 3rd Day I was comfortable on the Interstates. I do recommend easing into it if this is your first time. You'll get the feel and that nervousness wore off over the first few days. I did stop and torque the tires as directed. Made me feel like I knew what I was doing - even though I never owned a torque wrench in my life. 7. Yes - in freezing temperatures, don't hook up your hose. Fill your Fresh Water tank. The KOA host told me next time, I could also just open up my grey tank and key the water dripping all night. But that leads me to my next experience - everyone along the way was very kind and helpful. 8. OK - this was a BIG ONE, probably the biggest safety issue but having a checklist matters. When I arrived at my second campsite, I noticed the receiver pin was half-way out! Follow a checklist! How it got loose, I have no idea. But luckily I had a pin-lock and was able to put it on. First Time Getting the Look: 9. People LOVED asking me about my Oliver. Gas stations, rest stops. Wal-Mart (shopping, not camping). I stayed at this KOA Resort in Tuscan AZ with full-timers in these massive Diesel Pushers - they stopped to ask me about My Oliver!! You'll feel good towing this behind you. For those in the know, they know quality. Only issue ... my Stove Glass came loose. Seems there are tiny bolts that hold the screws on and it most likely was not tight during the install from Dometic. The road shook them off and I suspect they are somewhere in the bottom of the trailer. I did find one in the drawer. Overall, I was a bit nervous. But for you first timers, you can do it. The team at Oliver has your back. They want you to love your Ollie, they want you to enjoy it for years to come, and they want you to be safe. I felt very much supported through the entire process. Thanks again to all of you for your advise too. Much appreciated. Look forward to meeting some of you soon. Rich
  4. First, thank you all for being generous with your time. I found many detailed answers in the forum and the broader community was a major factor in deciding on an Oliver. This will be my first travel trailer. It is perfect for me and my wife and our two miniature dachshunds. Kids started college and we are still a few years out from retirement. But we can see it coming up fast. My wife is a history teacher and I own my own business - so we spend most of our time in California (Ventura County) and summers and holidays in Williamsburg VA. My toolbox consists of a wrench and a roll of duct tape. But I am up for the adventure and look forward to acquiring new skills. I have to say I am very impressed with all of you and look forward to getting to know you. Rich and Christine Mutell
  5. Paul and Santina - we pick up our Ollie II in early January. We live on the West Coast but have a place in Williamsburg. That'll be our base station for exploring the East.
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