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  1. Correct. We ordered without the storage box. I don't believe it would work with the storage box installed.
  2. I just placed an order for the "Original Bow Buddy" that is like the 90 posted in my original post, but the vertical support is angled at 70 degrees toward the TV. (see photo attached). This should help push debris down toward the road. (and not back at the TV or oncoming traffic) The price was $760 (plus shipping), which makes it almost double the mud flap style rock guards. BUT because it stays mounted on the trailer, it was a huge plus that multiple tow vehicles can use it and takes a step out of trailer set up before a trip and storage after. Also justifying the extra cost is the better protection I'm expecting than traditional mud flaps. We take deliver of our LE in July, so it will be a few months before it can be tested. I will keep everyone updated on how it works out!
  3. I agree. I spoke with the company directly on Friday and the material on the vertical mount is "loose" to avoid debris bounce. And the wings will have flex as they are only attached in the center, which should absorb impacts from anything larger than a pebble. But well see. I might take the plunge and test it out. If it doesn't work/fit as planned ill try to sell it to a someone with a boat.
  4. Excuse my not to scale illustration, but from my measurements/estimates it should leave plenty of space to access the propane/jacks. Assuming about 18"-24" sweep back and the 96" width... I'm guessing more than 24 Inches between the Bow Buddy wing tip and the hull; allowing plenty to walk behind to access the propane/jacks.
  5. Yes, I've looked at your stone stomper post, and that is ideal. I'm just looking for a simpler bolt-on solution. These Bow Buddys are made in Canada, and not yet very popular in the US. Four Bolts clamp to the trailer. This is the only real demonstration I found online: They do offer a version angled forward like your photo, but the advantage of the vertical mount is that the post will not interfere with your TV's tailgate/hatch door. This is more pronounced on the Oliver due to the shorter tongue as apposed to boat trailers. Once you move away from the center point the screen is curved enough that debris should deflect to the left or right (into oncoming lanes of traffic) and not back at the TV.
  6. Has anyone installed one of these? We pick up our Elite 1 in July and I'm about to order one to test it out. On the Bow Buddy 90, the vertical support is straight up, as apposed tilted forward 20 degrees like the standard Bow Buddy's. Our Elite will not have the storage basket, so we will have plenty of room to mount. From my measurements we should have PLENTY of room to access the propane tanks/front jack. Measurements are 96" wide and 35" high. Just to confirm, the tongue beam measures 3x5? Also, all of the Bow Buddy's hardware is stainless, so if not provided, I plan to add spacers to prevent Stainless/Aluminum contact. Hopefully preventing any corrosion.
  7. We will pick up our Oliver this summer, and I'm always checking this page for future ideas. Sorry for this silly question, but I haven't figured this out yet. I don't know much about working with fiberglass, by what are the appliances and hand rails screwed into? I can assume the screw threads are not just biting into fiberglass, and there must be a mounting plate/nuts behind everything mounted to the fiberglass? Another example is the backrest on the LE. I cant imagine this is held in place with only the 1/8" or so of fiberglass and a "wood" screw.
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