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  1. You can't make this up. The sales guy at the dealer had emailed me the sticker on a 2021 Tundra: about $49K which included the dealer prep BS fees. I figured that if I had to pay sticker price then I would bite the bullet and buy the thing. Anyway, I get to the dealership this morning. The sales guy pulls out his paperwork. They had added a $5,000 "Dealer Markup" as a nice little line item. I reminded him what he said about "coming off of the sticker price a bit" to have it sold before arrival. He offered to throw in floor mats. I walked out. I've bought from Marietta Toyota before. They will never get my business again.
  2. We've owned Toyotas over the years and loved every one. We ran them into the ground--logging well over 100K miles--and they just keep on going. Not too fancy but we like that bullet proof reliability. If we get this Tundra then it will stay in the family. My son is ready to take it when we're done with it.
  3. Trainman: I'm with you on that one. My father-in-law has the Ram 1500 Hemi and he loves it; nicest interior of any truck that I've come across. I dig the Ram and I love the Hemi. . . but my bride doesn't like the looks of the grill. She thinks the Toyota is "cute." If the wife ain't happy then nobody's happy. . .
  4. I'll typically keep a vehicle for a minimum of 80K miles before buying the next new automobile. Odds are that I'll keep this one for a while or pass it to my son. Let's face it--automobiles are a losing proposition. The big question is how badly you're getting screwed by the dealer. Due to the chip shortage, we are in a strange market. Used, three year old Tundras (out of warranty) are on the dealer lots priced about 12% below the sticker price of brand-new 2021 Tundras. New trucks are selling above sticker price with thousands added in dealer fees and useless dealer installed options. It's the same with any other truck brand. Ford and GM have storage lots full of 2021 trucks that were manufactured months ago waiting for chips to arrive from Taiwan. It appears that the chip shortage may last another year. Demand outstrips supply. I don't expect prices to drop substantially in the next six months.
  5. Yep. I'm shocked that used vehicle prices are close to new. Lately, some dealers are advertising year-end sales. They're still marking up vehicles with a few thousand dollars then knocking off a few hundred. I hate buying cars. . .
  6. I'm now looking at the last of the 2021 Toyota Tundras. Specifically, a 4x4 Double Cab SR5 5.7L V8. It's tricked out nicely; tow package, bed liner, etc. My bride likes the color and we've always had good luck with Toyotas. It's scheduled to be delivered to the dealer at the end of October. The sales guy claims that he will "come off of the sticker price a bit" to have it sold before arrival. This will be among the last of the 2021's to roll off of the line. It seems attractive, given the short supply of trucks and crazy-stupid markups among all of the dealers. Any thoughts?
  7. I've always been a sucker for Italian cars. I know of the Alfasud. The flat four with fuel injection was a big deal at that time. Now, we have a 1971 Fiat 500 in our garage. Two cylinders, 24 horsepower, 9 feet from bumper to bumper at 1,100 lbs. You can't get a WDH for one of these either. The parts falling off of it are among the finest in Italian engineering. Anyway, it's more reliable than any Alfa I've ever owned.
  8. Years ago, I was stupid enough to own--not just one--but two Alfa Romeos. Why two? You need one to drive while the other is in the repair shop. I still lust after those cars. Someone please kick me hard if I'm ever tempted to do that again.
  9. Thanks for the info. Wow, I had no idea that Titan market share was that small. Alfa Romeo sells more cars in the US than the Titan brand. I'm stunned.
  10. Here is a potentially dumb question: Lurking around this forum, I haven't found anyone towing an Ollie with a Nissan Titan. . . is there a reason?
  11. John: I've had the same thought. We are new to RVs and TVs. I figure that much of this skill set is acquired through hard learned, on-the-job training. Once we get some experience, we'll likely find the tow vehicle of our dreams. I'm thinking that we could start the learning process with a used Nissan Titan. The resale value is low when compared to a Toyota Tundra, Ford F150,etc. The tow capacity of a Titan is around 9,400 lbs and has a big V8. As a used TV, it's a lot more bang for the buck--at least 30% less than a comparable Tundra. Around $30K would get us a nice, not too old, low mileage Titan. The Titan can be our trainer. We keep it a year or two, wait for this crazy market to return to normal and pick our dream TV when the dealer's lots are full.
  12. Exactly. I'm thinking that anything smaller than half-ton might be pushing the limits in terms of safety. I'm liking the idea of having that extra towing capacity in reserve. Better to have too much than too little.
  13. Hey, I'm bringing a camera and a measuring tape for sure! Rasberry Pi? I've built a few automated things with an Arduino. Now I'm intrigued. . .
  14. Looking forward to meeting you. We'll be there asking a lot of questions and taking notes. . . we have much to learn.
  15. The F150 is my wife's favorite truck of the the half-ton variety. She likes all of the bells and whistles, especially those slide out running boards. She likes the interior best in the Ford. If the wife's not happy then nobody's happy. My impression is that no manufacturer is making a bad truck. There's a lot of competition.
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