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  1. We are not going; timing didn’t work out. Maybe next year; would love to meet fellow OTT campers. Wish you well on your trip.
  2. No problem using. It’s a two-part epoxy (equal parts), and I didn’t buy their applicator— just squeezed out on a piece of plank, mixed and used a putty knife to apply to the blocks. Then I clamped each on—pretty easy to see where they went. Left clamped overnight, although probably don’t need that long. I did ruff up the two surfaces the epoxy went between with 80 grit sandpaper (didn’t overdo it). I doubt the remaining epoxy is any good, but haven’t checked. But I will and report back. PS: The Plexus is still good after a month and a half. The bottle only rates the shelf life from date of manufacture as 7 months though. It is pricey and I used about half. Frank
  3. Bill, Plexus MA310 (see above post, same topic).
  4. John, As John Davies mentioned above, could be a bad batch of adhesive. Doesn’t seem to have been a big problem in the past. Not sure how you discovered your problem, but had I not seen one of the blocks fall as I was backing into storage, I wouldn’t have known they came off. I opened a ticket and sent a picture to Oliver service asking what it was, and was told it glued to the inside of the propane cover. I pulled the cover off and found the two 4” blocks had fallen off. The longer, middle block was still attached and appeared to be solid. Frank
  5. Just put a coat of tung oil on it.
  6. Bill and Mike inspired me to make a better block for the tongue jack. Price was right; had some off cuts from beams we sawed a few years ago, so made one for the Oliver and one for a camping buddy. Frank
  7. John, I had two fall off on my maiden voyage home from pickup. One I found, and service sent me two. Here is what service advised me to use to reattach. Plexus MA310 All Purpose High Strength MMA Adhesive 50ml/1.7oz Cartridge (#31500) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZY7KMWD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_T0VC6EN5EERN8RPPRYQA?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I’m still a novice (after daily use for a month), but I’ve found the following gives me consistent results: med-high heat till it begins to perk, perk for 4 min on med heat, remove from heat and let sit for 5 min.* I’ve tried a couple different filters and no filter; I can’t discern a difference with or without filters. Letting sit for 5 min settles most of the grounds. However, because I’d rather not have any grounds in my cup, I pour through a strainer (pictured). *I’ve always used medium ground coffee. I understand a coarser grind may require a little longer perk time.
  9. Timely topic for us. Within the last month we’ve bought a camp percolator, primarily as a space saver for camping. However, to our surprise, it has greatly improved the taste of our morning coffee. So we’ve freed up counter space in our home kitchen and are looking forward to using on the road. It takes a little more time, but the coffee is worth the time.
  10. Ed and Nancy, thanks for sharing! Happy camping and warm weather. Frank
  11. Congratulations! Glad to hear the LE2 is performing well in those temps.
  12. Our second night in the new camper spent boondocking in southern Missouri. Third night (no pic) was at a Cracker Barrel in Tyler, Texas. Frank
  13. Bill, we had site #1, which they gave us, but the young lady did say we were the only ones in the park so we could have had our pick. It was level side to side, but sloped downward front to back. My hitch ball was at 25” unhooked, and I believe the truck squatted at least 1.5” from the LE2’s tongue weight, so it should have been level. However the trailer was nose high on hookup, so I got service to reverse the ball (from .5” lift to 2” drop, so a 2.5” total drop), which appears to have made the trailer almost level (judging from the bubble level on the LE2). There may be a slight nose down attitude. Camping was great—very quiet and convenient. Allowed us to have service over on the hitch adjustment and me to ask a couple other questions. Frank
  14. Thanks for the info. Few more pics. (Oliver park) Frank
  15. We picked up our LE2 last Wednesday, Dec 8, and took 3 days to return home (near San Antonio, Tx). We had a great trip; weather turned out better than forecast. Really impressed with the camper thus far, and it tows great! Here is a picture an Oliver employee took. I intended to post this on delivery day, but I never could get additional photos to attach right side up (what’s the secret?). Frank
  16. Thanks all. And Bill, especially appreciate the heads-up on the changing weather. We’ve made two trips through Tennessee and on to parts north and east in the last 7 months, and it’s a long haul to Hohenwald from our house. We’re planning to drive it in one day going up, but we’ll take a more leisurely paced return trip. Frank (Hopefully my signature shows this time.)
  17. Val and I are excited about our trip to Hoenwald next week to pick up our LE2 on Dec 8th! I’ve appreciated all the advice/information from owners via the forum. I had planned to send our first post with pics of the new Ollie, but I’m not sure whether I’ve set up my account correctly, so thought I’d send this introductory post first. Frank TV-2020 F250 Power Stroke: LE2 #964
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