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  1. We recently sold our Airstream, not due to a lack of satisfaction or suitability, but due to discovering Oliver trailers. A walk thru of an owners LE II while we were camping in our Airstream sealed the deal. Once we were home from the camping trip, the Airstream was listed, and sold within 3 hours. We’re planning options, and looking forward to ownership of a LE II twin.
  2. I have the Pavilion model by Clam. It is the largest they offer, with full fabric side walls that roll up for ventilation. It is fast and easy for 1 person to set up/take down, albeit a little heavy for this one at +/-50 pounds. The door opening is huge, and I’ve used our propane fire pit in it without any issues.
  3. Greetings from coastal South Carolina. I’ve joined to gain more insight into ownership. My wife & I tent camped for about 30 years. We bought a Sylvan Sport Go, which was a great solution for transitioning from primitive camping. The Go was flooded during Hurricane Florence. We replaced it with an Airstream Bambi 16. It fills our current wants & needs, the wet bath is wonderful, especially compared to no bath tent camping! We are long-weekenders, to 4-5 days out at a time. Longer trips are planned, and we have a Honda 2200i converted to propane, a Goal Zero Yeti 1000 & a solar
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