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  1. Well, we did it. My husband and I have committed to an Oliver Trailer! Now for more decisions. Getting to the point, I would love to hear from Oliver owners their experience with compost toilets. While I love the thought of not having to empty tanks at the campground, I am not sure if compost toilets are worth the extra effort. Personally, my main concern is .... and I hate to have to be so blunt, but after speaking with several women friends, we all have concluded that while using the toilet for No 2, it is almost impossible not to mix pee with the poo. There I said it. There is lots of info about compost toilets but nothing basic like this. It is my understanding that if any urine is mixed with the poo, you will have a problem. If this is absolutely true, I know what decision I will be making. Feedback, please. Thank you
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