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  1. All of these comments have been extremely useful and educational. First off, after getting my first cup of coffee this morning and starting to read the feedback, we immediately jumped in the car and went to the Oliver to verify/address whether the 4/0 positive cable end was touching anything metal. Well it kinda was I guess because it was laying on the bottom of the metal battery tray. We put pool noodles on both the positive and negative ends of the 4/0 wires, thankful we didn't get shocked touching the trailer and nothing appears to be amiss. Thank you Steph and Dud B for that comment and the math. I realize a 6 volt battery is probably full at about 6.7 then. ScubaRx thank you for the comment on upgrading the connector wires for the "in series" batteries, that was a gold nugget and we will be changing those out. Dewdev - we will have to learn our new to us trailer in order to know where any electrical draws could be coming from during the winter storage. We don't have a composting toilet but will look for other consumers. My lingering concern is why wasn't the solar panels able to keep up with the amount of phantom electrical consumption that ScubaRx mentions. I don't think the past month has been mostly cloudy but I wasn't keeping track (now I realize I better). And the winter sun is at a lower angle so the angle to the panels will reduce their production. But I'm still left wondering if something else might be going on. I had the stray thought could I use the voltmeter on the positive & negative wires in the battery box to see what they read, as I'm presuming that would reflect the amount of charge coming from the solar panel. Huge education ahead.
  2. 2015 LE II, Hull #67, 4 AGM Interstate batteries/6volt (fairly new), roof solar package 300+ watt, 2000watt inverter We are the new owners, just took possession about 4 weeks ago, drove it home and put in a storage lot till we can clear the driveway to bring home. Previous owner said they used the solar to keep the batteries charged during the winter months. When we bought the trailer the battery readout was I believe 13.2. First of this week I went to the storage lot and checked the battery readout again and it was 12.2. I am not aware of anything being on that would drain the battery - but then I am totally new to Oliver, lacking knowledge and experience. We had a day of sunshine and then some cloudy/rainy/snowy weather this week. I went back to the storage lot to check the battery readout and it read 12.1. I kinda freaked, not wanting to damage the AGM batteries due to ignorance, and we decided to pull the batteries out of the trailer, take them home and put them on a charger. We took several pictures of the connections before disconnecting and removing the batteries (Not sure if that didn't cause a problem because if I was supposed to turn anything off before disconnecting the batteries, I didn't). At home, I tested the batteries with a multimeter and got a 6.09 or 6.1 readout on all four...which I'm thinking should be a "full" battery? Now, I don't know what's causing the drain on the batteries, if indeed there is one, or if the panel readout of 12.2 is correct? Or why the solar isn't keeping the batteries charged. If anyone can offer some troubleshooting guidance we would greatly appreciate it. I've done a bunch of reading on this forum but nothing has helped me to understand what we might need to check and am uncertain how to proceed. I have not done a deep dive into the owners manual yet, that's next I guess. I included a couple of pictures to hopefully help with my descriptions.
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