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  1. I plan to place an order this year also, and I too have had moments where I am like, "That really is ssssoooo much money." And I too cannot find another trailer that is as nice as an Oliver! Excited for you and your wife!
  2. How very exciting for you all!! Safe travels and I cannot wait until it is me. 🙂
  3. Best feeling in the world is accomplishing your goals. Equal to that is encouraging others to do the same!
  4. Hello. I will work a few more years to finish paying everything off again, or at least way down, and then once I am ready to, I will again hit the road full time in my LE ll. I actually loved driving my bus but it was definitely stressful going over passes, etc. I do have one dog.
  5. Ha ha!! Will do!
  6. I actually looked for one of the 3D Ollies however the cheapest I found was for $30! This was $5. LOL! I might paint it white. 🙂
  7. Just a bit of a fun and perhaps motivational story. In 2017, I was going through an incredibly difficult divorce from a man I had only been married to for two years. Turned out that he had some very mean and troublesome issues. I found myself in a very broken state; sad, defeated, embarrassed. So, what did I do? I set my mind to save for a school bus, that I would convert into my home. While in the "saving the cash" phase, I bought a toy school bus that sat on my desk, for a constant reminder as to why I was working so hard. I bought that bus. I converted that bus. I lived in that bus for 3.5 years. I am back in a house for now. That bus? That bus will be sold soon and will be the down payment for my new dream; an Oliver! 🙂 So, I had to buy a new toy. It's definitely not an exact replica, but it is working just fine! Tentative plan is to buy the truck in April and pull the trigger on my Ollie order between June and September. I learned in my school bus journey that best laid plans don't always work out but dreams DO come true when you just don't give up!
  8. Absolutely!! Any chance to see an Ollie, and owners. It will help my motivation to stay the course until I am showing my little beauty off also!
  9. So glad to hear a positive outcome story on buying a used truck. I will most likely go with the gas option for several reasons, including those you mentioned.
  10. I can't wait to see the pics when you pick up Ollie-Haus!! How exciting! I actually don't have any debt, but I also don't have a home to sell. I do have a 36' skoolie that I will be selling soon so that will hopefully be a big down payment on my TV, and maybe even a little bit to add to my deposit on my Oliver order. I also have a Ford Transit Connect that I can sell if I need the more cash in hand. It's a fun little van that I turned into a camper but going to hang onto it for a bit, while I am saving the $ and then waiting for my Ollie. I also have a good job that, because I am sharing living expenses with a daughter, will help a lot in saving. The hardest part to my plan right now is the waiting! I know all here understand how excited I am! By the time I retire I will have my dream set up!
  11. Definitely planning on a 2500. If I find a 3500, might consider, but most likely will go with the 2500, as it will also be my daily driver. I am looking in both brand new and new to me markets. I want to be as sure as I can that my TV is a great choice that I will use for the for seeable future but the better deal I find on the TV will make financially being able to move forward with my Oliver order sooner rather than later more doable. I literally just discovered Olivers about a month ago, and it has absolutely change my entire plan, in a great way! No changing my mind, just my strategy on how to pull it all together. With that said, if it takes me another year to pull it all together, if I have to be that patient, I will, because I want to definitely do this right and once I have them both, life will be SWEET!
  12. Patients is something I am trying hard to use a lot of. Thank you for the reminder and words!
  13. Well, this TV shopping might be a bit more difficult than I thought. Ford dealership only had 1 red (not one of my color choices) 2500 and said they are having a hard time finding them. Almost an $80,000 price tag. The Chevy dealership had 1 2500 Dodge that I just didn't care for and NO 2500 Chevy. So, I went home and got on CarMax and found a few Chevy and Dodge possibilities, with no Ford options. Mileage from 10-45k with price tags from $40-55,000.00. With the price of trucks right now, might end up with new to me instead of brand new. I did test drive the one 2500 Ford and was happy to see that I enjoyed driving it and will have no problem using it as my daily driver to work also. My work is just down the street.
  14. Hello Steve! How exciting to have placed your order! And up coming retirement. I will be placing my order this year also. My retirement is still a few years away but I absolutely love the RV lifestyle. TV shopping these next few weeks. Test drove a Ford 2500 today! Good luck on your coming adventures!
  15. Melody, while I am sorry you already bought your truck and have some rearranging to do now, I am very thankful that you asked the question. I am in the market now for a new, or at least maybe new to me, and all of this is so helpful. I am getting my TV situated before I order my LE2 a few months from now. Thanks for all the amazing information everyone!
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