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  1. Here's one source on Amazon, many other choices but you have to make sure they are touch operated. Some only work from the switch source. https://www.amazon.com/Risestar-Ceiling-Interior-Lighting-3000-3500K/dp/B07TN6945F/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1KXMUHWEGLDGH&keywords=Led+RV+round+touch+control+puck+lights+4.5+inch&qid=1685286639&sprefix=led+rv+round+touch+control+puck+lights+4.5+inch%2Caps%2C103&sr=8-1
  2. A few more pics: The rally was exhausting for the little brown dogs........
  3. Shortly after arriving home I noticed our TV in Hull 1373 was mounted at it's lowest point on the arm. When in the up position for travel this maximizes the dynamic of bumps and just any up and down movement. I decided to adjust the TV up the arm as close to the mounting base as possible to reduce the length of this "lever" and hopefully reduce the stress to the TV and the under cabinet mount. You can slide the TV up 2-3 inches and it will still hang vertically without touching the bottom of the cabinet overhead when in the viewing position. I don't know if this will significantly reduce the stress on the mounts but it seemed like a good effort at least.
  4. Made it home to Indiana from the rally safe and sound today. Nine hours driving straight through with three stops. Traffic was heavier than I would expect on a Sunday but manageable. My neighbor mowed my grass because he's such a great guy! Site reserved for next year and can't wait. It was such a blast! Safe travels everyone!
  5. Sometimes you just get lucky. Amazingly the full solar eclips will be viewable from our back yard in Hancock County Indiana. You know where to find me on that date. 😁
  6. We are just a couple, no kids at home or camping, so meal prep is very easy. At home I prefer the pellet smoker on the patio and like you say, one skillet on a burner on the stove. For that reason we invested in the Camp Chef portable pellet grill and as mentioned above the induction hot plate. It is very fast and instant in response like a gas stove. It also cools off just as fast and is easy to wipe down and store. We got the 6 qt instant pot with air fryer and have practiced with it at home a few times. It's extremely versatile but takes a while to become fluent with. I don't know how much we will use it camping but will give a go to see if it's the thing we really want to have along. Nice thing about the induction burner is it can be used outside or inside if weather requires just the same. And it won't require exhausting propane fumes while cooking, probably keep the trailer cooler inside as well.
  7. When we got the LE2 home last evening I plugged in with an adaptor to the standard 115v outlet. Mine are on 15 amp breakers so may not actually answer your question. As soon as the AC kicked on, it popped the 15 amp circuit breaker. Will be installing my 30amp RV plug in the garage today. BTW the Truma did run OK on the 3200 watt generator all night. Just another test I wanted to perform.
  8. You bet I did. Felt very comfortable and secure with a little weather on the outside, dry and warm inside. Love it!
  9. By that time I was drenched in sweat. Left the house at 46 degrees and it was in the 80s and humid by the end of orientation. A day to remember!
  10. Delivery day is now in the books, and even though my head felt like it was spinning, it went very well. It started out at 4am when I finally decided laying in bed wide awake was useless. Got up after probably four hours sleep and loaded up some last items, fed the dogs and took them out and had a little breakfast with my wife before taking off at 5. I was pretty good driving, seemed like the 6.5 hours flew by. Pulled in early and ran into Chase in the showroom. He said he could take care of the paper work in just a few minutes and then I would be free to go through orientation once everyone was back from lunch. Ryan did a fantastic job explaining everything and answering my questions. The service guys still had to install the wifi receiver system and once that was done I backed the truck and hooked up to head out to a camp spot for the night. I had a great visit with numerous owners that were in for service on their way to the rally next week. @Patriot was their as well with warm greetings and even snapped and initial picture of me backing Ollie-Haus into her first official camp site. The picture shows I was a little giddy by this time. It's about 10:40pm now and I'm finally cleaned up and relaxing. Already have a few things on a punch list for service to address. It's been a great experience and even more so because of the fellow Oliver owners I've already connected with. And in just a few days we'll make even more new Oliver friends at the rally. See you all next week! IMG_8603.HEIC
  11. That's cool, we'll probably miss each other tomorrow. Talking with @Patriot I referred to the influx of owners at the Oliver camp ground as the "Pre rally rally". 😆🍻
  12. Looking good! You guys will be sleeping in quiet comfort at the rally!
  13. Wow all my brothers are looking out for me! That's way cool John. If you are still there tomorrow we'll get to meet in person. Glad everyone is safe in their Ollies! Thanks buddy!
  14. Thanks Steve. Hey btw I got to view your video testimony on YouTube last evening. You guys exuded joy and excitement with the new Oliver. You did a good job in front of the camera. Can't wait to meet you and all the owners at the rally next week.
  15. I think you have something going their. I've seen things like this sold on Etsy that can be customized, like hull numbers or name. I'm sure there are plenty of Oliver owners that would love to buy a T shirt or coffee mug. I would.
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