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  1. Yes I believe that’s what it is. One long hinge that runs top to bottom
  2. I’m in Southern California and I think the closest is in Oregon so it wouldn’t be very economical
  3. Hi all, Picked up my Oliver E2 in August of 2023. Recently I’m noticing the sagging of the wet bath door so it drags at the bottom enough that the door won’t shut without a little help. Spoke with Mike at Oliver support and he mentioned they have had some bushings going out on some of these. Does anyone have a DYI fix for this ? Taking it 2000 miles to their shop gets a little pricey. Mike suggested taking it to an RV repair shop locally but if I can fix it on my own I will. thanks for any information you all might be able to pass on! Mark
  4. Thank you very much! Good information to have!
  5. Thank you John! That does help. I have this f-150 that I can plug into at night to keep my batteries charged. Once I get back home I’ll start a routine similar to what you’ve outlined.
  6. Thank you very much! I’m glad to hear that and I’ll check with the manufacturer to be sure
  7. Hi all, What is the best way to make sure my AGM batteries last the longest. I saw something about turning the solar system off once the batteries reach 12.5 volts but Im not sure when (what voltage) I would start the Solar System to charge them up again. I keep my trailer at my home so its easy fro me to monitor . So far I’ve been allowing the batteries to charge with the solar panels non stop. Thanks for any suggestions
  8. One of my (wheel) center caps keeps falling off when the temperature drops. I ordered a set from Amazon that had been suggested here in the forums but they do not fit. Does anyone know what I can do to remedy the situation? My E2 is still under warranty. Thanks, Mark
  9. Thanks , that’s pretty much what I plan on doing too. I have the AGM batteries but I was curious about lithium and the high price. I can plug into the truck bed outlets if needed and I might buy a generator as well.
  10. thanks, Ill have to investigate. I just picked it up a week ago and I have more to learn
  11. AGM batteries here . his is a little bit more complicated than I thought it would be
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