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  1. I thank you all for the posts. I had not thought of the toggle switch covers as being readily available. I go by West Marine just about every day and will pick up a couple. Mike: Thanks for the lead on the Explore Land Waterproof Tongue Jack Cover. For less than $10, it is a great find. I have added it to my Amazon April Purchase List! You guys ROCK! Geronimo John
  2. My the two weather covers that protect Jack light switch and the Up/Down Toggle) have worn out. Do we know of a source and P/N for them? I did not find any mention of them via search or Oliver University. Thanks!
  3. I hitch Ollie to my truck and set the TV parking brake.......and pocket the keys! At least I know if my jacking skills fail me, it's not going to go very ....far other than down.
  4. John: What is the purpose of having the nylon washers between the conveyor belting and the steel sub-frame? Thanks.
  5. Mike: (Mcmac) I have the exact same set-up, but no Sumo or camper shell. My experiences are simular to yours. Only difference is I seeing 22 - 24 MPG flat land (Not Towing) running at 74 MPH. I call my TV "The Beast". Amazing truck.
  6. The angle of the awning is dependent upon the supporting structure. You may want to extend it and then measure the sides and compare the results. The locking tabs for the side structural (supports) can be adjusted to increase or decrease the side supports.. Generally it is a good idea not to have it flat in either the side to side or the fore and aft directions. By having transverse slope both ways, heavy rains are handled with less force on both the fabric and the structural members. This may be what you are seeing.
  7. Recommend that you winterize the trailer for the winter trip. For your first trip, give yourself lots of extra time. Check when the last full running gear service was completed. I highly recommend you read John Davies posts about bearings and Timken seals. If you don't get a good answer about the condition, age and service history, go to Timken and buy new bearings and seals. Keep an extra set of seals for annual bearing maintenance as well. (All this is in John's posts.) PS: Welcome to the Oliver Family! 🙂
  8. Bugeyedriver post Nov 13, 2017 I am responding for additional information about your two basement 120V basement heaters. What were their wattage? Were they the same size street side/curb side? Down to what temperature do you think they would be effective? What brand and if possible model number would you purchase if you were going to install them at this time? Thank you, Geronimo John
  9. I wonder how much heat is needed to keep the basement from freezing? Would a 500 watt heater running near continuously do so? If so, the new Ford F-150's can be ordered with 200 amp alternators. To run such a heater, we would need really large copper cables run for (Both Plus and Minus) from the truck to the trailer batteries, with relays and fuses appropriately sized. That would allow us to use the trailer 120V electrical system to power up a 120V 500 watt electrical heater, the furnace fan to circulate heat to the basement, and some power to charge the batteries. I am guessing that at least 1/0-ga wired would be needed for the approximately 60 foot run (30' each way). Not something that I would do with my rig, but would it work? Your thoughts?
  10. According to the Oliver Winterization info, they do not recommend purging water lines in Ollie with air. I suspect it has to do not with over pressurization, but rather the high speed movement of sections of water through mostly air filled hoses.....and then hitting an elbow. Pop goes the elbow.
  11. I saw this video and thought about my Ollie (9'7") height. As with several responding owners, I too use a 10' ALL STOP and stand on my truck tailgate to visually verify what the obstruction height really is. I've seen several old bridges with a ten foot clearance signs. Yet the road to and from it has had several overlays...... but the sign condition obviously says it had not been changed in many decades. So knowing your actual flat land height is a good start. But knowing your ALL STOP and check height may be more useful. My motto is: 10' Clearance = STOP & CHECK Geronimo John
  12. John and Cheryl: Welcome to the best source of info on the planet for Oliver Trailers! A follow-up to the drain lines and water system. Some of us owners simply don't use the high pressure water system as a supply to our trailers. Pressure surges from the city water main or well pump can be an issue. Instead, we fill our Oliver fresh water tank and use the pump to provide water for our needs. When filling the fresh water tank, you want to monitor the tank fill level. Flow water at a reasonably fast rate until reaching a level such as 75% full. Then significantly slow down the water flow rate until you reach something such as 90% full. Then slow it down further until you see water coming from the tank overflow tube located at the refrigerator area (To the rear of the entry steps). When you see overflow there, shut off the water from the city/well. This process minimizes the potential for water system problems. It would be good to know the following: How fast is the water leaking out of the trailer weeps? Have you tried to disconnect from the city/well pump and see if the leak stops. If you fill the fresh water tank, does the leak return? Does it return just sitting there or does it return when using the pump? Geronimo John
  13. For those with the night stand hatch option benefit by opening the hatch under extreme cold weather? For those without the hatch, would removing the street side twin mattress aft end would have the same effect?
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