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  1. I reversed the bolt that had no splines left on the mounting tab. As bhncb states it is a lot easier to inspect. However if your mounting tabs have the factory splines, then I recommend you not swap the bolt direction.
  2. @ JD: We think alike. I carry the Ruger SP-101 for hiking, but modified it to have larger grips. For larger targets is the Winchester Defender (Pump) 12 GA Magnum. If needed, I have an Utah permit as well. That said, this is a bit off topic.....
  3. I do as well. Having the ability of turning on the rear view camera during the day is handy as well. It has answered my question of "What is that idiot doing behind me". Just turning on the trailer lights give him/her a warning as well. More than once it was a 47 HP VW Bug drafting behind Ollie.
  4. Ride and Fly: As our Ollie is often on mountain fire roads, I have had my concerns about the latch as well. Good idea. Do you bolt both sides, or just one? OWNERS: I am going to use "Blind Flange Nuts" (BFN) on mine so that I am not fishing for the washers and nuts behind the frame. For those not familiar with BFN's, below is how they work: A. With the battery slide tray locked with the Oliver slide lock, dill a bolt diameter size hole through the battery slide tray and the stationary frame of the unit. This will assure that you have them properly aligned so that
  5. Sherry: I am using solid CONCRETE blocks. But the idea you are conveying is correct. Cinder blocks have no place under anything important or heavy regardless of how they are stacked. Good input.. I especially like your idea of burning the ground contact ones! Some innate pleasure in seeing termites bite the dust. 🙂 Thanks
  6. For over 50 years I use cut sections of treated lumber (Recommend washing them with soap before handling). Cheap and replacement over time is easy. I started out using 2X12 treated lumber on the base and then a stack of 2X6's above. what I soon learned is that when used in soft ground, the trailer weight through the 2x6 stack would break the larger base. Maybe I should have used better wood??? While on the road, I did not have an easy way to replace the broken base 2 X 12's. So I was forced to use two 2X6's as a base. i placed them side to side, and then stacked 2X6's turned 90 d
  7. The only purposes for the black flush (BF) valve that I can think of are: If a jack ass wanted to, he could hook up a hose to your BF hose bibb and flood your trailer with poop while you are away. If the black check valve in the BF line were to fail, black water could end up on your hands when you remove the BF hose bibb cove. I would wager that a significant number of the owners leave it open anyway..... On the positive side, not having that valve makes flushing your black tank faster by not having to go inside to open/close it. Either way, the odds are so low
  8. I average three months a year in our OE2. Sure lots of the above thoughts and ideas are great to dream about. But for the boondocking and high mileage that we cover, our OE2 is just about perfect. My only strong issue with the design is that the A/C noise is horrible. This issue is not a new one for Oliver as it comes up again and again. My hope is that Oliver is looking at a retrofit A/C units (Heat not required) that is substantually quieter than our existing units. The goal would be for them to offer it as an improvement for the next model year, and as an upgrade to existing owner
  9. I store my Oliver in a 95% dark barn in Oklahoma. I wanted a cover that would provide insect and bird protection. I went with the ADCO cover, but the one received was larger than I needed. Circumstances required that I use it anyway as my summer flight back to Hawaii was just a day away. When my too large cover had a warranty issue, Ichose to go with the next smaller size stock ADCO Cover. They sent me a replacement at no cost. The one sent and shown is their 3840 stock number. I did a quick install of the cover just to test fit it. I was not trying to make a perfect install, ju
  10. So far, after 30 days, Dexter appears to be stonewalling me on this topic. Despite repeated calls, they have not even acknowledged the issue, or graced me with any sort of reply I have a list of five Oliver Owners that have had this problelm. As mine is a two time failure,so we have six incidents. Once I get back to Hawaii, I will have the time and resources to work this "more vigerously". In the mean time, if other owners have had this issue, please PM me soonest. Thank you GJ
  11. From BHNCB: "If the EZ-Flex center bolt is not properly torqued to the 65-75 ft lb specification, the steel center bushing that is supposed to provide the lubricated pivot point for the two individual arms, will not be held stationary allowing it to rotate directly on the un-lubricated center bolt. The center bolt now becomes the pivot point for the entire equalizer assembly as a single unit. This un-lubricated bearing contact will tend to rotate the center bolt, which will in turn eventually loosen the prevailing torque locking nut." One additional technical input that I learned from Ja
  12. Thank you for sharing your experience with the EZ-Flex. I think a call back to Jason and Dexter is in order......
  13. My EZ Flex heart bolt also came loose in 2018. The nut was no where to be found, and only two threads of the bolt kept the EZ Flex from droping down off the frame mounts. Fortunately a disaster was avoided by my going dead slow up a steep grade. Had Ollie been moving faster and gone "Negative" .... the EZ Flex heart bold would have fallen out with potentially disasterous consequences. When I talked to Jason and Dexter, neither had any knowledge of such an event happening in an OE2. Now it appears that there may be at least two of us. Back of Beyone: Please confirm that it was
  14. Our only suggestion is to update the A/C to a wisper quiet one. Oliver has done a wonderful job of building a super quite trailer, which all goes out the window when the A/C is used.
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