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  1. The primary purpose of implementing regulations like this one and pairing them with a fine structure is to encourage compliance with the regulation. You won’t often find that these systems are put in place to generate revenue. The cost of running a fine system includes not only the costs of enforcement, but also the indirect cost of lost productivity (taking employees away from other duties), the cost of prosecuting offenders, the cost of operating a court system and the cost of administering the system (tracking tickets, receiving fine payments, responding to complaints, etc.). Despite the above, a well-designed and well-operated system in the right location can generate revenue. Some cities generate a lot of revenue from illegal parking fines (usually involving cars parked after the time on a parking meter has run out). Fortunately for those of us who enjoy the outdoors, the model of installing hundreds of parking meters and deploying a couple of dozen parking officers to write tickets all day long doesn’t travel well. Trying to duplicate the results of a downtown parking enforcement system by ticketing offenders of the California Fire Permit system out in the country would not be easy. The officers will have to make in-person contact with a lot of people and that will take a lot more time and effort than finding cars at expired meters. Many of the people the officers contact will have permits. Many of those that don't have permits will not have known that there was a permit requirement. It would be reasonable to give them a warning for their first offence. What will it do to the image of your park system if you don't at least give one warning to people who just didn't know? What will it do to the morale of your officers if you direct them not to give warnings? Trying to convince park rangers or conservation officers to do enforcement of regulations where the goal appears to be revenue generation is going to be a serious problem. You can be pretty sure it won’t be a money maker.
  2. When I read that you want to camp in spring and fall in Colorado, I recalled the post below . LoriL posted some great pictures of camping high up in the mountains in October of last year.
  3. Parks Canada has announced that visitors will be able to book reservations for the 2024 season beginning in January. This is months earlier than was possible last year. The actual Parks Canada reservation launch dates are now available on the Parks Canada website. Reservations for certain popular campgrounds go quickly. To avoid disappointment, Oliver owners planning a trip to (or through) Canada should mark their calendars now and make their reservations early on the launch dates. See https://reservation.pc.gc.ca for more information.
  4. Here's three good threads to read. There are, as TopGun2 mentioned, many more. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/8806-freezing-rear-water-lines/ https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/7461-actually-a-375-season-trailer/ https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/7405-winter-camping/
  5. Same here. Great shot of watching the sun go down with your dog on your lap.
  6. Just for interest, I looked at Ford’s website. It looks to me like the F-150 super cab 4X4 meets your criteria. For the 2023 model year they are 19 ft 4 in length, and 6 ft 5 in in height (4X4 model). According to Ford’s website , you can order one with a maximum payload capacity “when properly configured” of 3010 lbs. Properly configured apparently means when equipped with the Max Trailer Tow Package or Heavy-Duty Payload Package. I might have this wrong, I am not a truck guy, but this is what I saw on their website. https://www.wkford.com/research/f-150-towing.htm#22Payload
  7. I can add a bit to Coastal Aggie's post regarding campers "just staying overnight in the many pullouts". Much of the country you will go through on the way to Alaska (and in that great state) is wild and remote. There are many places where you can random camp on public land and not be breaking any regulations. On the other hand, when you are inside a state, provincial, territorial, or national park, you will most likely be required to stay in a designated campground. For example, the route from Banff to Jasper in Alberta, that has been mentioned in this thread, is entirely inside the two national parks. Random camping at roadside pullouts and picnic areas inside the parks is against the regulations. The good news is that Parks Canada operates some great campgrounds along that stretch.
  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome to the forum. I would be more than pleased to help answer questions about travel in Canada, I have seen quite a bit of my home country and worked in national parks in Alberta and British Columbia "in my younger days" as Ian Tyson might have put it.
  9. @SeaDawg Well you nailed the inspiration for my forum name! Ms. Collins did a lovely cover of the original song written by Ian Tyson. Ian died on December 29, 2022 at his ranch in Longview, Alberta.
  10. I have been a regular browser of the forum as a guest for quite some time now. I don't own a travel trailer or any sort of RV. I do, however, dream of travelling with an Oliver trailer and seeing all there is to see in Canada and the USA. My wife wonders why I visit the forum. As I see it, lots of people buy lottery tickets and dream of what they will do if they win. I skip the ticket buying and go straight to the forum to dream about hitting the road with an Ollie in tow! Given the significant number of people visiting the forum as a guest, I might not be the only one who enjoys the forum for this reason. Yesterday I acted on Bill's invitation and I am now a registered user of the forum. I may, from time to time, be able to contribute to the discussions. I am very familiar with national parks in Canada, having lived and worked in them for many years. Perhaps I may be able to provide a bit of trip planning advice to someone considering a trip north of the 49th parallel? Despite my chosen user name, Oliver ownership, for me, is not likely to happen "someday soon".
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