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Found 5 results

  1. I just threw mine in the trash. All it does is catch junk and it is extremely hard to clean behind. After cleaning the gelcoat (wow it was nasty!) I think the trailer looks way better without it. I don't think I will mind it being gone since it never rains around here long enough for me to worry about spending time under a deployed awning while it was coming down ..... I do plan to add a gutter over the side and back windows this winter. BTW, mine came off in one pull in about five seconds, leaving no glue residue behind, but it had only been on there four months.... Has anybody else intentionally removed it? Any regrets? I think this should be a no charge option, to just leave it off during the build..... and to also leave off the permanent ink guidelines the tech drew on the fiberglass as an installation aid! Maybe polishing compound will get them off. ;( John Davies Spokane WA
  2. Looking for ideas about a dead awning. The remote operates the awning lights as expected but the awning won't extend. It's silent--no motor. Tried troubleshooting reset from the manual (kind of, it's a different remote than diagrammed in the manual). Looking for ideas to try. Thanks! 2020 E2, Hull 611
  3. I have a 2009-2010 Oliver Legacy Elite trailer Hull #35. Can anyone that has a similar age Oliver tell me what the model number of the Fiamma Awning is. Mine has no markings on it that are still legible. I lost a plastic outer end cap on my last trip to Lake Ouachita and want to make sure I order the right part. Thanks!
  4. Called Carefree and they suggested to put a small piece of the soft side of velcro along the roller when fully extended. While in the process of doing this I was cleaning the awning and found a fair amount of debris along the top channel of awning. Cleaned out a bunch of leaves and put the velcro piece as well and both sides close flush now!
  5. Hello folks, First off, thank you to fellow newbies and experienced Oliver owners who contribute to this forum, we are continuously learning from everyone during our decision making process. We have been pursuing a TT for three yrs now, becoming aware of Oliver since February 2019. We have short listed Oliver given relentless research including this forum, RV shows, Youtube, competitor deficiencies. We have not seen an Oliver yet and are planning to arrange a "see an Ollie" and plant tour when feasible. Our life has been avid full-on four season tent camping/ canoeing/ hiking through mountains globally, to car camping along highways. Primary TT goal is four season capability and boondocking as far off road as can be efficiently handled. OTT of interest: Elite 2 Anticipated TV: 2019 6.2...or wait for 2020 F250 4x4 7.3L gasser with 430's pending on offered specs. Our first questions: manual adjust awning. We are considering 2 awnings. 2019 brochure appears to show a Dometic awning on front page mounted to E2 with 3 colour options listed, i have read about Carefree as well. Assuming both are available in manual: 1. Under typical usage without considering high wind or extra staking, how would D or CF awning mechanical and fabric performance be rated/ described over long term? 2. Is partial awning opening throughout stroke typical... to utilize as window shade or keep rain out of open windows. If so, would trailer anchored legs adjust close to vertical orientation? Any feedback is appreciated, including how to most efficiently utilize this forum
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